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  1. It occurred to me that when I first saw Ricky and heard him say he thought he was not an attractive person, I felt bad for him, having struggled with self esteem issues myself. I thought well, as he said, he's no Brad Pitt but he's certainly not a troll. But now whenever I see him open his mouth I think "Yep, that's a troll!"
  2. I totally agree with the "nothing ever seems to happen" comment and am thinking I should follow the lead of at least one other poster who never watches the "Coming next time" clips. In this last one there is supposedly some stunning revelation about Jon that sets Rachel back, and the clip even shows her saying "I loved you..." as if she no longer does. But the full quote is probably "I loved you...when your beard was longer" and so will be totally unclimactic (sp) and not worth waiting for. But of course that doesn't mean my heart won't start racing as the new episode draws closer. It's like being in an abusive relationship -- next week, it will really turn around and show me the love I deserve!
  3. crabbygrrl

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I'm sad because I get 90 Days on Prime so won't see it until tomorrow! But I'll contribute a Rice a Roni link -- you have to have a weird sense of humor to appreciate it!
  4. crabbygrrl

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    When I say Karine's parents were for the marriage, I don't in any way mean happy about it or excited about it, except for the opportunity it might give their daughter for a better life. But they had chances to strongly voice objections -- for example, when Paul presented them with the details of his criminal record--but they didn't do so, at least not on camera. It was clear they had doubts but they went along with the whole process -- until right after the wedding, when suddenly Paul is dirt under their feet. Now of course there is a ton of stuff we aren't shown and I'm not trying to be an advocate of Paul, I just think Karine's family helped make this marriage happen, whether it was something they were enthusiastic about or not.
  5. crabbygrrl

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I've been a lurker (and admirer) of this forum for awhile and finally decided to add in my observations about this season's cast of characters, for what they are worth. Hazel: Like Anfisa, she was voted by her high school class as most likely to slip into a coma. The woman has NO affect, no matter what she is talking about. Even if Tariq thinks she's a knockout (up for debate, I know) how can he stand her complete lack of personality? Angela: I actually was on her side at first till I learned about the Jerry Springer appearances. I thought she at least tried to be gracious and respectful at first, but of course it didn't last. However, I don't have much sympathy with Michael or really with any of the poverty stricken potential "the ones". They know exactly what they are doing, you only have to look at the seductive poses they post. They also all seem to have better phones than I do. Jon: Big trouble. I regret to say I was once involved with a man who I discovered too late had spent 13 years in prison for bashing his fiance's head in (didn't kill her but permanently maimed her --sound familiar?). Anyway I found out that the story he told most people about why he had been incarcerated was that he stabbed a man in a bar in defense of a woman's honor. Also sounds familiar. I think this must be the bully's go-to excuse for horrible behavior. The more I read about Darcey, the more I think she is Angela with better education and more money to spend on "enhancing" herself. What exactly has she done with her life ("in fashion") Her ex looks like he could be an extra from Hee Haw, if people on Hee Haw were wannabe rappers.. She might not have the accent, but she's a paycheck away from the trailer park. Karine: I think her parents supported the marriage for the sake of the marriage and the fact that Paul would now have some legal/financial responsibility for her. As soon as the vows were said they all want out. Paul is a delusional weirdo, but I don't trust or feel sorry for Karine one bit. Final thought: I am so tired of hearing in all of the 90 day series about how generous, open hearted, family oriented, caring people the non-Americans are. It's a put down and it's abused and I don't like it. You want to send laptops and huge screen TVs to your (lawyer) mom or let your family eat all the food in your house and then act like Americans are just tightfisted jerks. I've dealt with this accusation myself and it infuriates me. Sorry if I sound too judgmental re. the potential fiance's. I frankly think they all deserve one an other. And I speak as someone who (per the above) has made some bad choices romance-wise herself.