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  1. NotthebadVictoria

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    Rookie, Erin, Madeline, Ashlee, Bridget and Caroline all confirmed they are going to the calendar shoot soon on their insta so they are returning. Alana did too I believe.
  2. NotthebadVictoria

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    You are likely right, I didn’t even think of that!
  3. NotthebadVictoria

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    Regrettably watched this atrocity and have some thoughts! -Jessa spent so much time trying to be cute she’s essentially useless. I guess instead of teaching the Hoard of kids they figured “accuracy by volume” the more they have the more likely they are to grow skills.... they are morons after all. I like her less and less as she ages -Jana, I love Jana, and I am sad for her being the family slave and her only escape is to be her husbands slave -Poor Felicity, can’t believe she hasn’t gotten shaken baby syndrome yet. But damn if she isn’t cute I like Jessas kids -Lauren- I cant even...... I have had a MC after years of unsuccessful fertility treatments so I know it’s hard. What annoyed me most was when she was cooking and said she was nauseous/had to vomit repeatedly.... we get it, you’re pregnant but it’s the cult clan for pregnancy everyone is pregnant you’re not a special snowflake. Her need for attention and to remind the little girls she was pregnant was exhausting. She’s going to be insufferable when she gets knocked up again.
  4. NotthebadVictoria

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    This is hilarious! I was just commenting to someone how they and the bates are out of control with their shilling, I give her 2 months.
  5. NotthebadVictoria

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    Is the story gone? I cannot see it
  6. Between Gina’s face and Tasha’s body I hope neither of those happen. Trying to post the pics from the DCC Cheerleaders insta but can’t for some reason. Gina looks so fake and just awful, Tasha is really beefing up.
  7. I’ve been rewatching season 12 out of boredom because it’s my least favorite of all time and I can’t figure out why. But I have to say, I’m so sad Holly was promiscuous and left the team. She was one of my all time favorites. She’d have been an amazing point. She’s lost so much weight and looks even better now which makes me even sadder 😢.
  8. It’s probably her overall look. She looks like a child and very immature and it doesn’t work well with the style.
  9. I know I’m in the extreme minority here but I like Rachel W. And I hope she stays awhile!
  10. I think everyone freaking out over Maddie having a “stocky build” forgets she was small her first year trying out and the second year she made it, she’s been gaining. And maintaing weight isn’t impossible when you hold yourself Accountable.
  11. Just.... how..... how is she on the field. I love Maddie, however, if you care so much about the brand why on earth would you allow this.
  12. Thanks! And, For me she’s like Christina, a blender and just blah, but I also think she gets heavier and older looking (like haggard) every year. I know they’ve cut vets for less so idk how she’s managed to fly under the radar.
  13. Can we just add Jessika to this list and will it into existence.
  14. Smile or not that girl has a face for radio.
  15. NotthebadVictoria

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    She said they were both diplomats