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  1. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Maybe Geno is willing to take the fall? It seems like most of them are willing to act fake stories for the show. Did Josh really meet a baby talent person at the chipped furniture barn (or whatever he called it)? Geno is a handyman, nothing against handyman but there are some that just do some side jobs for money, and some that have successful businesses with multiple employees. Since Geno has a record is he really licensed and bonded and has full workers comp and runs a real handyman business? or does he put out ads and do odd jobs? I think the show and other media money is supporting Geno so he might just take the blame , do a little time and try and help June keep her money rolling in? The saw the ad that said WEtv was monitoring stuff and pumpkin saying thanks for the support and to stay tuned to see the story unfold. What other announcements did I miss? Is there confirmation that Pumpkin moved out of the home? I saw on facebook live she was calling a different place home now?
  2. silverspoons

    Little People in the Media

    I would suspect them leaving was mutual or more TLC. Not only are they an average size family, They do not live on the farm. That is a production cost to have their home set up for filming and have a crew travel to other locations. I wonder if they wanted air time for their books or beliefs and TLC wants to stay out of that side of their lives? I agree no way they sell the whole farm. It is a money maker. I am moving back to New England and looked at a cape cod house that had acres on a road that people drive to see the tree change in the fall, and there was a small pumpkin patch and a few barns and out buildings , I thought about it for a minute, plant more pumpkins, turn the barn into a little store, not saying it is not work but it is just 6-8 weeks a year. Matt and Amy are lucky to have such a business, fools to give it up. Our local pumpkin patch and corn maze made 7 figures last year and it is nothing compared to Matt and Amy's set up.
  3. I know many people fell like Karine has been pregnant forever. It is being reported she is finally in labor at the hospital. She is having the baby in Brazil. It says her labor has been almost 2 days, I hope everything goes okay.
  4. silverspoons

    Little People in the Media

    It is almost like crying wolf about selling the farm. Matt has been talking about selling the farm since Jacob was around 14-15 and he was still married to Amy.. There have been so many, this could be the last pumpkin season, or Jeremy saying how sad he would be if he can't take his kids to the farm. Are they really selling it his time? Is it kind of weird if they both marry the first person they dated after their divorce? I always thought after a 20+ year marriage you should date at least a few different people. Amy has said how she jumped into marriage after only spending a short time with Matt. I was divorced years ago, I took over a year just for me, then I dated a variety of people and found "forever" husband who was very different then what I thought I needed or wanted.
  5. silverspoons

    S02.E11: Swanson's Fish Market

    I was surprised when Marcus did the closer look episode last night. There has been so much back and forth negativity about what happened, why rehash it? Plus did the owner die? I was confused if it was the original owner (the father) or the son? I was waiting to see an in memory at the end. Amber sure defended Marcus. Marcus said he was concerned about the negative social media. Then Amber says no one cares of listens to social media stuff. She was like a pit bull defending Marcus! Of course I am sitting watching with Larissa's social media posts and comparing them to Marcus' story he is retelling. I still do not know who was telling the truth.
  6. silverspoons

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Someone confirmed what I posted earlier. Dr. Viviana is the new expert for the next season. Any ideas on how she will fit in or change the show.
  7. I guess Angela's daughter was convicted of her sexual criminal charges. She got sentenced to 20 years. I wonder if we will see Angela again on the show. I guess we know we will never see Scottie again on 90 day or Maury! I wonder if Angela has her kids? Didn't she have like 4-5 kids, that could be an instant family for her and Michael.
  8. silverspoons

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    I saw someone post on another site about applying in NC. They mentioned Dr. Jessica was not there. It was a Dr. Viviana. I remembered when I was searching for one of those therapist Dr. Now uses for his my 600 lb life patients , seeing a Dr. Viviana in Houston that was marriage and sex therapist. I remembered the page, because usually therapist pages have the insurance info and office hours but this page looked like the therapist wanted to be known, kind of as a brand. I wonder if this is our new expert for the next season?
  9. silverspoons

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    Is there a reason her friends and family have to travel with her every where? I wondered again this week what is Glenn thinking? She has been complaining for a few months about having to do this big no barriers thing and all the work it will take. I assume part of the work she was suppose to do ahead of time is learn how to teach people with different abilities ? and that did not seem to happen. Poor Glenn can count so I'm sure he knows how few people showed up. When she blamed her dad, I do not understand it at all. I only real meal I eat is dinner. I have a delayed gastric empty so my daily calories besides dinner are not normally consumed. My husband I know skips lunch every work day to come home early. This did not make either of our kids have eating disorders. In fact we eat dinner as a family, and even as teens my kids always have fruits and vegies on their plate (even if it is a pizza night). I always thought having family dinner was suppose to be positive for eating habits and social well being of your kids? Buddy is choosing stand up as a career and Whitney is encouraging him? Should this not be a hobby for him? He needs to focus on getting a job with structure and benefits? Whitney probably thinks it is great because she will have an unemployed struggling friend to hang with her all day. Plus she wants him to live in Greensboro. I don't know the city well but I assume it is not a mecca for stand up comedy clubs? Maybe DC with his brother would be a better choice.
  10. silverspoons

    Don't Be Tardy

    I believe it was Kashmere, it was boxes and they had inside a jar of like moisturizer or some sort of cream or mask stuff? It was not makeup like eye shadow or foundation. They had been marked down from like $12-15 to $4 (Ross prices) but has msrp of $30-50?
  11. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Does she have a mortgage on the house? Houses are not as expensive in GA and I thought she paid cash for it? I wonder now with what has happen if she was telling the truth but she said she was worried about being poor again and bought a reasonable priced home outright (i believe it was in the 200k range) and that is why is did not have fancy decor. She had the same Black SUV since TLC days. I hope she was honest and saved the money. For some reason I do not get good vibes from that Gina, the manager. It seems like she pushed story lines for money.
  12. silverspoons

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I listened again to AJ's life story and the accident. The time frame seems to be he was working for someone else till about 30 and decided to go out on his own. he seems to have some savings or maybe 401k to use to live on while he went out on his own. The next four years it is unknown how well or what his business status was. About 2 years ago he started up the staffing agency he has today. Hopefully his over 5 years of not dating and living alone was just hard work to start up his business? Trying to see things in a positive way. It can not be easy to start up a successful staffing agency. You have to make so many connections and work at them and have a lot of follow up. I know where I live staffing agencies are very popular to use and news ones are popping up. It takes a lot or work but also follow up and good record keeping. It is a very stressful business. My husband 16 years ago was paid via staffing company for 9 months and they did not send in his FICA and it took years to fix but because of one computer error , it tuned into huge legal trouble for that staffing company.
  13. silverspoons

    Don't Be Tardy

    I don't know where she normally sells her beauty line. I found it for $4 a Ross! My daughter was searching TJmaxx and Ross for someone makeup from a you tube video and I came across piles of it at Ross. Even at $4 my daughter and I passed on it.
  14. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I just watched a facebook live Pumpkin did. It was filmed while Mama June was in Alabama with her legal issues. Alana was with Pumpkin. Pumpkin referred to the place she was at as her home and it was not her mom's house. I can't say watching her, she is ideal, but it does seem Alana was staying with her and her husband and Ella at a different house. I just got the feeling, that Pumpkin is a 18 year old with a kid that has little education and not much real world experience that is trying her best but is so immature and has had no real role model to aspire to be like or to learn from.
  15. silverspoons

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    TLC (or the production companies are so cheap). Very few people get paid on these shows and usually there is just one paycheck made to the family, under some sort of LLC account. I do not know about Jazz, but the Duggar's Gosselins, and Sisrer Wives all just got one check for the season into a account. Now we all hope the families use the money for college and their kids too, but the kids have no right to the money. It is a big issue, along with unregulated working conditions, that Jon Gosselin tried to fight for along with some other kids TV actors that saw no money from their time on TV. Now in Jazz's case, I can totally see her wanting all the money and I can see her parents putting it away for her medical and educational needs. There was a polygamist show on TLC filmed in my area. They wanted kids to play "friends" on the show. They came to my kids high school, and found kids to act like friends for the series, not just one episode , the kids traveled to 3 states and over 1,000 miles filming. They got paid nothing and these kids were acting, not actual friends. Enough people want to be on TV, TLC can find free very easily. I would have hoped Jazz and her family would have helped more then $150, lets all hope it is in secret. I very much doubt TLC will give a nickel. Not only are the cheap, but discovery communications through the Duggar scandal proved to have some very conservative ties.