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  1. silverspoons

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    This article gives me slightly more hope about Jasmine and Will. If they both own homes that are far apart and are used to certain routines like both like hanging out with friends on the weekend, I can see being thrown in a random airbnb a stressful issue. Unlike Keith and Kristine who are lucky to have a free place to stay for 8 weeks instead of bunking with the parents or grandma. I can't imagine that Jasmine and Will don't go back and check on their homes , still have to do some upkeep and have a hard time with jobs and filming and get to know each other. I now 100% think they will say together and at least give it a try in the real world without the cameras for awhile. Do I think they are a great match no, but I also do not think Jamie and Doug are and they are still together.
  2. silverspoons

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    He is 30 not 40. The bank account has a few guesses. Colt's dad died when he was under 18. Colt would have had to have a joint account because his mom was a payee for him. Of course why was it still around ten years later? Was it just an edit or did they keep it with a few dollars for years and never close it and start using it again in Vegas? As for living with his mom, if you look at Colt's life, he did not go right to college. I think he got a GED? Then he just worked and traveled and then about 5 years ago he decided to go back to college. He went to one of the for profit expensive colleges and moved in with his mom to avoid too much debt. He graduated in 2017 and got his dream job programming games in Vegas, which paid low for his degree and he had huge debt. His mom turned 65 and agreed to retire to Vegas and they would still share a place so he could pay off his loans. This is what I have read, makes sense. I went to college in the 1990's lived in a dorm and left with 8k in debt. Now my child started college and I have them living at home. No way I would want my child to try and work full time while in college just to pay for a dorm or apartment or go into big debt for school. I never thought I would have my adult child at home, but I don;t want to see them, 44k in debt for room and board fees over 4 years when it really costs nothing to have them stay in their bedroom at home. I'm sad to see that Larissa backed out of her interview with Auntie. From her answer, I think her lawyer is advising her not to talk. Probably smart but I'll miss my entertainment tonight.
  3. silverspoons

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Can anyone explain what happened to Hunter. The first seasons we barely saw him. It seemed like he did not want to be on the show. He was living in NY on his own. Now he is back with his parents and I looked at his SM and he is acting like a college kid partying. Do Babs and Glenn have 2 adult children acting like kids that they are supporting?
  4. silverspoons

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    I live in an area with many national parks and the rescue teams are mostly volunteers. There have been weeks in the hot over 100 degree weather when they have had to work 24/7 rescuing people not obeying rules. It is hard to see restrictions and that not everyone can enjoy all aspects of a national park but the restrictions are not just for safety of the person but the rescue team. I have neighbors that thanklessly spend hundreds of hours in a summer rescuing people without any pay who did not follow the rules and then have to work full time or lose money from not being able to work and have families to support. Signing a waiver does not change what happens in an emergency because waiver or not teams have to go out and rescue.
  5. silverspoons

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Why has the trainer not gone over getting rid of the drinks or if Whitney needs Caffeine (not sure why she would since she seems to have no schedule or regular job to get up for) in the morning, how she can get it with less calories. My son gave up soda and caffeine after high school ended and lost 15lbs (it was what he wanted and all he needed to lose). It is surprising how much those drinks add up. Whitney admitted to eating at night and in huge amounts. It was like multiple pizzas. It is easier then you think to go through your day without eating. She is drinking fancy coffees to give her energy and calories that she does not count. Then when she is settled at night she admits to ordering 3 pizzas and sides and eating them and them going to bed late. She has said she stopped the pizza but then has joked more then once about her pizza apps and how easy it is to order pizza. As much as I like her parents , I do think Dr. Now would call them enablers. She admits to having these pizza binges in college. Her parents giving her enough money , by the amount she said she ordered it have to be over $500 a month on pizza, they were enabling her habit. My parents paid for what my scholarship did not, they made sure my room and board was paid and books were bought, but they did not hand me $500 or more dollars for extra food. It is fine for parents to help but it seems like Whitney's parents helping has hurt her sometimes and now she seems like she is still stuck as a child in adulthood because of it.
  6. silverspoons

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    I did get a laugh out of that and a few other statements. I also think I have the same candy he was eating on my nightstand. I understand not giving too much info, saying I don;t remember every location of a business or every person but he seemed downright mean about his wife? When asked about his wife's horses and if she liked to ride or won awards, he seemed like he just did not care. It was rather cold. he could have said, it is my wife's hobby. I'm not into it, I just pay for it. When asked if his wife was in his business , he could have said just no. Instead he followed up, I am glad she is not, laughing about something like never. He also said he did not care about the charity events he gave money too. I realize people give to charity for tax write offs or favors, but at least say our company gives to many charities and I can''t be involved with all of them. Something does not add up about the wife. This was in March 2017. Bethany admitted to dating Marcus in an interview with E! in April of 2017. I guess that is what threw me off so much was how he did not seem to be nice about his wife. Again I understand you give as little info about your business , but what harm would there be in saying I like my wife or implying in your answers that you care about a spouse of their interests.
  7. silverspoons

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    As I watch each episode now, I wonder why does Marcus want this business. How does it fit into his portifilo. He wants to have his fashion empire and then many of the other business work for his other business (like making signs, lightening fixtures, shirts, promo items etc). Seems like he is using the show to build his empire because lets face it, businesses like this cookie company had nothign unique about them, he rarely invests in some patented one of a kind business. It is like he wants someone to start up a food or fashion business and he just walks in and gives them 200k for 50% and he has a business to add to his empire and employees to run it (I realize he saves the business but if you look at the deals, the business usually keeps 1-2 locations and he gets all the new locations for himself in some sort of loophole?). On my you tube recommended there was a 2 hour deposition Marcus gave in a case against him in 2017. It is Stetler vs Camping world. I have not watched it all yet. I was surprised at how slimy or maybe smug Marcus was. He sure did not recall stuff or really did not want to give out info that was pretty basic. Like name a charity event your company sponsored? or what states does your company do business in? He could not recall his wedding date, even paused a long time to give a year? Does anyone know what the case was about? I just found it fascinating to watch him for a bit when there was no edit or storyline, and he hopefully was being truthful because it was a taped legal proceeding.
  8. silverspoons

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Did anyone get a screenshot of how many people were up on the rock with her at the end. There was a shot from far away and at least 5 other people were up on the rock on the edge, maybe making sure she did not fall and the got the money shot of her making the big moment. They were there in one shot and hen disappeared during the final one. I don't get this trip to Alaska. Have no idea how it will redeem her from having trouble in a 5 or 8k last year. I'm sure she could just run a local race to redeem that. Watching that family by the ton there was a 400lb women a few weeks ago that was 1 month after weight loss surgery doing the spartan games in NC or GA. Whitney could have joined her. I also do not get this obsession with Todd, if she is not talking about Buddy and his blow addiction, she is complaining about Todd. If she complains about him so much why is she begging him to come of the trip and back to her "class". It does not seem like any of her friends are that excited including her parents go to Alaska. I's guessing that it was picked by the producers and not Whitney. The first thing I thought of was the altitude. It is sure is not good for her mom post stroke to travel on a plane for 12 hours and have such a dramatic change in altitude. I have a vascular condition and just to travel between cities where I live sometimes I have no choice but to be above 7,000 feet sometimes as high as 10,000 and it feels like a weight on your chest and makes you feel like just walking is hard until you get used to it(and I have a normal BMI). I can imagne we will see Whitney gasping for breathe like Homer Simpson trying to climb that mountain with his applesauce bars!
  9. silverspoons

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Keith and Kristine, is cooking and cleaning for 2 people in a small apartment that hard? Once a week, cleaning a bathroom, doing laundry, vacuuming and daily kitchen cleanup is way too much for them to handle. If cooking is so hard and cleanup even harder then make sandwiches, a salad, or get a pre-made meal from the grocery store. I wish I could go back to the easy days of cooking for 2 and cleaning an apartment, what will Keith think about cleaning when he gets the baby he wants so badly? or when you have kids that have different diets then you. We are a family of 4 and I or my husband make 3 varations of dinner every night to meet each family members needs, which is not only time but extra cleaning. As energetic as AJ is, I like how into this marriage he is. He was excited to call his in laws mom and dad and be part of the family. Steph's parents are senior citizens but seemed like they were pretty hip and trendy from their home. Maybe AJ fun spirit will fit in with them. I was pretty surprised that Kate Kristine and Dr. Pepper were all pretty negative on Luke on unfiltered. He deserved it but I'm surprised they let these feelings be expressed while the season was still airing. I have been wanting to know the missing pieces of Kristine's story. So tonight we learn her long time boyfriend was wealthy and she left him because he was too controlling and did not do his share of housework. What does this mean for Keith who is broke and does not want to do his share?
  10. silverspoons

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    In those expose party videos, Dee mentions that Omar was promised money by Swaggy. I got some autographs from hearts of reality (and it is a real charity) and they we mailed from a man named Omar. Shame on Swaggy for not giving money to a place that gives free lodging to sick kids going to disney when he stayed at some 12 room airbnb with the money.
  11. silverspoons

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Swaggy better watch out , it looks like cruise gate 2019 is coming next. Swaggy is having a cruise with the Hive. I was wondering if it was still on. I guess it has turned into a mess. He had posted that other season's HG would be attending and now it is overbooked and people are confused. Andy posted he never committed to the cruise and his name was on the flyer and now there is no ticket for him so he is not going, Josh's name was on the flyer and he did not even know about a cruise. The first flyer had about 14 names, now the new one (after fans bought tickets) is just Swaggy , Bayleigh, Fessy, Haleigh and Scottie. One of the 14 names is Mccrae and he was so pissed abut Kevin he offered to turn his twitch channel into a 24/7 expose Swaggy channel. I would love to see them on the same cruise. Fessy , Haleigh and Scottie are in tough spots. Fans could have bought cruise tickets to see them and if they don;t go to distance themselves from Swaggy, fans could be mad. With the live feeds gone, I have streamed the expose Swaggy videos to catch up, now all I keep hearing is Pay Uncle Kevin his money!
  12. I check Nicole's social media once in a awhile to see what she is up to. Her instagram seems to be gone or down? I was not following her, was anyone else? It was under alwayssnicole . She had been dieting recently and posting a lot and then gone?
  13. silverspoons

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    As mentioned the ratings dropped by about 50% from season 1 to season 2 and then stayed steady which means Netflix knew it had a loyal audience but that number is only worth so much to them. I am a fan of any family friendly show I can watch with my kids so I am sad to see it go. I saw some people arguing why are soaps kept on for 50 years but Fuller house cancelled. Soap actors make almost nothing and producing shows is all about money. If the fuller house cast is so sad about the show ending, they should say they will work for much less. I love Days of our lives and I was shocked when a family member died and a long time Days cast member was working at the funeral home. They made less then 50k a year working on Days so in CA you would need a second job to live basically. They still acted on Days because of the fans and keeping the show going for the many generations that watch together.
  14. silverspoons

    S02.E11: She Has To Go

    Brittney story line is at 7-8 weeks since leaving jail. Lizzie was only at like 1 week so they are all at different spots. I don't understand these people getting pregnant out of prison. I guess I am the only one that thinks about insurance, saving up the deductible and being ready. I understand things happen but both Sarah ad Brittney have kids already so this is not their first time.
  15. silverspoons

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    Auntie said she is interviewing Larissa live on Thursday night! She will be asking about her kids, her new boyfriend, and the go fund me money. I can't wait. Auntie will ask all the stuff we have been wanting to know. She has offer Colt an interview if he wants one after Larissa to say his peace.