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    My guess, the family is doing the minimum fix ups, so Linda will stop bothering them. There is nothing they can do about her, and with her health issues, moving back into that toxic environment that she created, will probably end the situation from one too many health crises. Or there will be one too many wind storms, and the house will fall right over, or cave in from the floor joists collapsing, and that will be the end too.
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    I can't see anything except a dementia unit taking someone like Linda, that's very expensive. I bet the mother said if she couldn't move into her old house, then she would move back in with the daughter, and that would be over her dead body if it was my house. Actually, I'm heartless about these sob stories like Linda, she wouldn't have set foot in my house, ever. I feel sorry for the neighbors, who have that disgusting outhouse of a house of hers next door, with that awful woman sitting there (almost typed another word) and thinking of ways to fill the house back up with trash. Hopefully, Linda will have one too many illnesses, before the house is full, and free everyone in her life from her reign of terror. Then someone with a bulldozer, and a dump truck can solve the issue for the neighbors, and her family of victims. I don't feel sorry for Linda. I feel sorry for her daughter, the grandchildren who went to school smelling like poo, and slept in that disgusting outhouse of their grandmother, the animals she abused, and neighbors who now know what that stench is in the neighborhood. Plus, from the father's (Linda's husband) obituary, there are a bunch of other kids in the family, and Kristen (or whatever her name is) is the only one who showed up for this.
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    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    From what I read, the break was very bad, and involved several surgeries, and several months non-weight bearing, and lots of pain.
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    True Tori

    They probably don't unpack, and should just buy a semi trailer, and leave everything on it. From reports, Tori's mother pays the $13,000 a month rent, and school fees for the kids, and everything else.
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    Someone on the Facebook Hoarders page said that around the time the kids were with grandma, there was a big issue with staffing, at CPS or DCS or whatever it is there, so there were a lot of bad supervision of dependent children. I thought the BSOJ said that the daughter's husband (some kind of contractor), had bought and hooked up appliances, and was going to do structural work soon. Backwards, but the house will probably outlast Linda. My personal view is Linda doesn't have dementia, unless she's had it for her child's entire life, since the woman was always a hoarder. I think Linda's just mean, rotten, and cruel.
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    My guess is Linda wanted to move in with the daughter again, unless she could move home, and the daughter just gave up and let the woman do what she wants. I'm assuming the daughter kept the two dogs. I bet no structural work will be done (it should have been done first), and Linda will die and the house will be bulldozed. I'm hoping people in the city this happened in (I never caught the location) bombard the city authorities, code enforcement, and animal control about what was said last night. There is no way that Linda can even stay in anything but a locked ward, and I don't think it's dementia since it's been going on for years, I think she's just mean and rotten. My guess is the outcome will be the house will collapse on her, from bad supports, and the hoard you know she's building up again, or she'll just die.
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    Drugs of some kind. Kristen got 2 1/2 years. Linda obviously will never be helped, and is still lying about what her condition is. By the way, a note to the contractor, you do structural floor repairs first, then move in. I can't believe the city authorities haven't acted on this disgusting house, and condemned it. It's structurally compromised. At least the daughter didn't let her move back in. I don't think the daughter will let the dogs go back, and hopefully animal control will drop in tomorrow to reinforce that fact.
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    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    That is one rough mug shot of June, and what ever his name is looks almost as bad.
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    If the daughter lets that woman back into her house, then she's crazy too. Until that overhead shot, I couldn't see how close that dump was to the house next door. If the realtor is giving an estimate on the land only, why is he looking in the windows? So Linda the BSC hoarder wants to demolish the house, and put a trailer or pre-fab house there? Bet the city codes people will be dropping by tomorrow morning with the condemned sign, and mention that she won't be allowed to build what she wants in it's place. Tell me that Zasio isn't going to try to get the daughter to take that hideous, cruel woman back into her house.
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    Why are they even filming Linda (tonight's hoarder) ? The house is a tear down, and all of it should go to the Haz-mat section of the dump. The way she acted at her daughter's house was horrible, with the same disgusting behavior that she had at her house. When the grandchildren lived with her and CPS showed up, how could Linda keep lying about the conditions? I agree with the grandson, gasoline, and a match would be the only solution for this place, and Linda needs a locked ward. I love it, Dorothy shows up, and Linda is reasonable, which won't last past the next commercial. Why are the workers not wearing haz mat suits, and better respirators? Thank heavens the dogs are living with the daughter. The local animal control should cite that woman for cruelty. An embedded collar? I officially hate this woman so much. Why haven't the authorities stepped in? My guess is where ever she lives, the city officials will be getting a lot of phone calls. Bet she would have chained the kids to the wall too, if she could have. I have no sympathy for Linda, and the fact that she can't even use a toilet in her daughter's house shows she's not depressed, she's evil, and rotten. I don't know why they're shocked about the dog, since on the first walk through they Zasio saw the chain, and was told what it was for, and that the dog had an embedded collar. Zasio is as full of c$&% as the house is, she's lying that moving back in was ever a choice. I can't believe that the workers shoveled human feces, and it all went in regular dumpsters, and not to Haz-mat. How can the organizers and producers have people working with nothing but flimsy masks, and gloves. I would love to see them dump Linda in that living room, and leave her. There is no where she can live in human society. Linda has been doing this bizarre behavior for years, and there is no helping her. Poor Corey, getting thrown to the wolves for TV ratings.
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    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I think the issue with the feds going after people, is that many are on wiretaps after the scheme was uncovered, apparently by someone trying to save their own fanny in another investigation. The biggest issue with transcripts being frozen is that the students can't try to transfer to other schools, unless they start over, and that would be a big red flag for any admissions process.
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    Buddy vs. Duff

    I think Buddy is jealous that Duff has continuing judging jobs with Food Network, and Buddy's shows have gone bye-bye. The Next Cake Boss (or whatever it was) has gone, Cake Boss is finally gone, the Bakery makeover one didn't last too long. Plus Duff still has his original cake shop, another outlet or more in Los Angeles, that are doing very well, and has been on a bunch of other shows, and apparently is well liked by fans.
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    Killing Eve

    The returns on BBC America in the U.S. on Sunday April 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. I can't wait.
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. reruns- Best Man Limo Disaster!-Plaintiff is suing limo company owner for damages he was charged for limo damages after a bachelor party. Limo owner says the limo had interior damage, illicit drug use, cigarette burns, and can with cigarette ashes. (no smoking in the limo). The plaintiff claims the smoker only smoked outside the limo. Plaintiff wants $775 for damages back, because the limo driver isn't present, or any other witnesses. Manager who checks in limos saw the damages, including lots of empty beer cans, knocked over beer cans, etc. Credit card company upheld the charges of $775. I want to see the video of the plaintiffs all getting armpit hairs pulled (except Colin the smoker) , for a drug test. Plaintiff's case was dismissed. Black Lab Leftovers-Plaintiff wants $460 back for black lab puppy, that defendant sold her. Plaintiff didn't want the puppy after two days. Defendant took puppy back, and said if she sold the puppy, then she would give the plaintiff her money back. Defendant did not resell the puppy, she gave the puppy away after a month. No money for puppy, equals no money for idiot puppy buyer. Luxury Car Lemon!?-Plaintiff bought a lemon Lexus, and wants repair, tow fees, and diagnostic on the 1997 ES300 Lexus. (this was probably filmed in 2015), and plaintiff spent thousands ($1700) to fix the car, and mechanics $3850 more. Car only cost $1500, and ran for two weeks, then she spent $1700 on the repairs. The car was at the garage for months, awaiting money for repairs, and finally drove it home in April. Then plaintiff took the car to the Lexus dealership, and had it towed for a diagnostic (towed to and back from the dealer a month later). JJ dismisses the defendant's counter claim for repairs, storage, and harassment. The original $1500 was a replacement motor. Plaintiff gets $1700 so Sainted SIngle Mother of One gets her mechanical work back. Austin Freebie!-Plaintiff suing defendant for ticket to Austin, an iPhone (bought one for woman after knowing her for a month, and upgraded to the new phone, but didn't return the original phone). Defendant claims she returned the first iPhone, and had it credited to plaintiff's account. Defendant took first trip to Austin, and cancelled the second flight, and she claims she told him a month before, but plaintiff says she broke up with him a week or so before. Defendant went to Austin anyway, and went bar hopping. $201 for plaintiff for the second ticket. Honestly, I don't like either litigant. Grandma the Car Thief?!-Grandma defendant brings up she baby sat the plaintiff's child (her grandchild) the entire time they were in Florida. Grandma has zero answer when JJ asks what that has to do with the down payment on a car for her. Daughter/plaintiff had a down payment for the car, and put the car in grandma's (defendant) name (better credit than daughter). Grandma got upset when friend of plaintiff drove the car (bet it was a man friend), and claimed the car wasn't insured for that other driver. Grandma left, and took the car. However, the grandma claims she made the payments on the car, but she took it a week later. $1500 down payment back to the plaintiff. 5 p.m. shows- New- He'll Never Find Me in Egypt!-Plaintiff pays $3k for a car (Suburban) to plaintiff, car is stolen, and police find the car. Car is recovered, but broken windshield, rekeyed, etc., car was put in friend of defendant's friend, and defendant never gave the $3k back. Defendant was still advertising it for sale too. When defendant came back from Egypt she took the car back, but she still didn't pay $3k, but did a promissory note for car. Three months later (agreed on date with plaintiff), no payments, and she has rotten car. PLaintiff got paid, and defendant is still a passive/aggressive jerk, and scammer. Oh No! Judge Judy's Making a Call!-Plaintiff was bitten by defendant's dog (she's ex-girlfriend of plaintiff's son). Plaintiff went to defendant's house to pick up son, Outside garage door was open, and when inside garage door opened, the dog got out, and bit the plaintiff. Defendant claims mother didn't take kids out, and woman was bitten, but instead plaintiff went into the house. JJ is going to call defendant's Mom, and Mom says the story was exactly as the plaintiff said. Defendant looks queasy, and she should. The defendant's mother confirmed the plaintiff's story, and the amount the plaintiff is suing for is minimal, but the defendant sent very nasty messages to the plaintiff. Dog was put down after it bit another woman a month later. $1500 to plaintiff. Rerun- Wedding Dress Distress-(the rerun where the plaintiff designer/seamstress did the wedding dress, and is wearing what looks like a bunch of black garbage bags, including a huge bow for court)-Plaintiff actually was on a local TV news program in a modified dress to claim it's very ugly, and it was after plaintiff changed it. The defendant has a picture of the dress when it was finished, and the plaintiff removed the nice touches, and it looked awful when she claimed on TV the dress was nothing like she ordered. Plaintiff paid less for the dress than because it was not totally finished. $490 was owed, and paid $300. Designer says the plaintiff and mother caused a big scene at pick up. This is a completed contract at the reduced price, because plaintiff took the dress, and she will be getting money. Apparently, it's one of the wedding dress, and reception dress two dress situation. Defendant says the dress was ripped apart, posted on social media slamming the designer, and went on the local TV news show. The designer picture is lovely, and the plaintiff's picture after she took the dress apart was hideous. By the way, cramming too much person into a satin dress is a bad idea. Momzilla took the beady piece off of the dress, and put it on the wedding dress, but it's still fraud, Plaintiff gets nothing, and defendant gets $2500. Pregnant and Panicked!-Plaintiff suing family friend for unpaid loans. When defendant's hours were cut back, she couldn't pay her insurance ($280). Defendant claims the plaintiff wanted her policy number, to pay her insurance. Defendant backed into a neighbor's vehicle, and then left the scene. She also claims that when she had the accident she panicked, and left, parked the car at Brake Master's, and plaintiff paid that bill too. The accident cost plaintiff $500, then loaned her another $200, equaling $980. $780 for the plaintiff, no proof of the extra $200. I wonder if the neighbor saw this, and figured out who whacked their car and left? I hope so.
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    Windy City Rehab

    How can the company even afford all of the unsold properties? With the initial purchase price, plus carrying costs, and rehab money, everything must be in the tens of millions by now.
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    Years ago, it was horrible to inherit a hoard like the ones on the show. There were few resources, and you had to search around to find clean out help, and haul away services. Like Dale's son said, clean up now and don't leave this for me to do. I wonder how many people find out after the hoarder is deceased, that they have inherited a hoard that will eat up the entire estate in clean up, and any buildings on the property are tear downs. Now there are junk removal companies, and others like Matt Paxton's company that handle clean out, auction, and other services for inherited estates. I have read 1 in 25 households are some type of hoard, so it's a problem that a lot of people will be facing in the future, the clean up of other people's garbage. The preview for tonight's episode looks horrifying.
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    Home Town

    The nice thing about Formica brand laminate, is they have a lot of retro designs available. Of course, the granite look is popular in laminate, but they still have the older patterns that fit a vintage look, like the kitchen Erin did in that lovely house last night. I'm hoping the second house shows up on a future episode, because I'm sure Erin would do a lovely job with it also.
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    Home Town

    I loved the house, and everything Erin and Ben did to bring it back to life, and stay on budget. I loved the homebuyer, who had a budget, stuck to it. and ended up with a lovely home.
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I used to watch Dr. 90210, and they usually attach the new appendages to the chest muscle, so they stay in place. I bet that's exactly what her job is, because there aren't many jobs that end at 1 a.m. Going to Mexico for plastic surgery may be cheaper, but not always a great idea. I hope the bargain price is worth it.
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    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    After Destinee's sperm donor (I refuse to call a man who abandoned three little kids a father) reacted so badly to their one meeting, and died a week later, then I totally understand why Destinee didn't want to talk publicly about anything else as personal as her feelings. I hope that Destinee continues on the path to health, and happiness.
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    S05.E09: Nicole's Story

    YEs, there was a follow-up episode. Nicole and Charlie (boyfriend's name I think?), moved back to Ohio. The father was in prison, and terminally ill. Looking up Juggalos can seriously hurt your brain I'm a mean person, and I was surprised when Nicole said the police that raided their place made her lift her belly FUPA, to see if she had a gun or drugs hidden there.
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    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    Wasn't Brookhaven the one where a patient was filmed hoisting pizza or other food orders up by rope from their window?
  23. My guess is the show doesn't pay for housing, but probably has a list of apartment complexes that allow filming, and will tolerate the disruption of the filming.
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. Rerun- Kid named Wyld or WIld, was bitten by dog, he was riding his bike at the off leash dog park, and the defendant and his witness claim the kid constantly harassed the dogs in the park. The defendant has a transcript from the dangerous dog hearing, and brought one witness. Unfortunately, the witness saw other teasing by the kid, and of the dogs on other occasions, so he has nothing relevant to say. The defendant says the kid actually went very close to the dog with his bike, and almost hit the dog. Even though the plaintiff will get his out-of-pocket fees, I think the kid is as big a problem as the defendant says. The suit is for damages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. JJ rules dog was not under owner control, and owner has to pay $250. Defendant says dog has poked dogs in the eyes, and other acts, unsupervised by the father at the dog park. DJ being sued for $1,000 for not showing up for wedding. Don't know how this came out, because I got interrupted to answer the door. The only receipt the plaintiff had was for $200. Plaintiff wants her two English Bulldogs back from defendant, after plaintiff gave the dogs to them to keep them because she couldn't afford them. Plaintiff wants $4100 for the dogs. Defendants gave away one dog, and have the other dog. Defendant's witness (renter of plaintiff's home, that was later evicted) says plaintiff dumped the dogs on her, and three days later the plaintiff's picked them up, but wanted them rehomed. The defendant's witness posted online to find a new home, and the defendants agreed to take the dogs. JJ says the people had no right to rehome the one dog. Plaintiff said that if the people and dogs fell in love, they could stay. Defendants say plaintiff abandoned the dogs, plaintiff says she might want the dogs back. The dog that was given away was later resold on craigslist, after three days, and plaintiff got the dog back. I'm so confused. Plaintiff can get her dog back, or $1500, she chooses the money. 5 p.m. New show- Stop Laughing! Your Dog is Dead-Defendant invited over to plaintiff woman's apartment for visit. He accidentally stepped on woman's Pomeranian. Plaintiff starts laughing when man says it was an accident. JJ doesn't believe that woman said, "Please don't step on my dog". Plaintiff also tries to make the man out to be drunk when he arrived, and other apparent lies. Plaintiff case dismissed. Accused of Crashing His Friend's New Mini-Bike (JJ has defendant jump on one foot, and he does)-Plaintiff suing former friend for crashing his brand new mini-bike. Defendant was a beginning rider, hit a curb and flew off. Defendant is a fool, and is lucky he wasn't hurt worse. Plaintiff actually has all of the evidence JJ asks for, how refreshing that is. Defendant says "It was fun before I crashed" Plaintiff gets $1,089, and wrecked bike goes to defendant, and then plaintiff gets the bike. Rerun- Endangered Child Rescue!-Child gets locked in car, and passes out as adults frantically try to open vehicle. Defendant (daughter of live in of plaintiff, with her two little kids) got her kid locked his car, and plaintiff smashed the car window to get the kids out. Defendant says her mother locked the kids in the car, not her. Locksmith can't get in the car, baby is in distress, plaintiff broke his window, and the grandmother takes car of the baby, not the mother. Plaintiff had the window replaced, and had more keys made so the lock in couldn't happen again. Text message from daughter (kid's mother) says she'll pay with her tax refund for the window and keys. Daughter (mother of kids) left a lot of junk behind when she moved, and they had to get a dumpster to get rid of mattresses, and other junk she left behind. The defendant says she's underage, so nothing is her fault. Defendant moved in with shack up, and left all kinds of junk behind, and stuff that she moved in and abandoned. $400 for plaintiff (Defendant's boyfriend says they replaced everything, and don't need anything but the money, so they get nothing). Child Surrogacy Meets Plastic Surgery!-Plaintiff suing sister defendant for two loans, $2150, and $2350. Too bad the plaintiff didn't loan her enough to get those awful looking roots done. Plaintiff needs only one loan back, to pay lawyer fees for her own suit against surrogate parents she suing for not paying her everything. In July defendant went for plastic surgery consultation, to get a bigger rack. Defendant says that there is a condo inherited from late mom, and the proceeds will pay for the new boobs for her, and claims her sister doesn't need money. JJ brings up the fact that the defendants three kids, have no college fund either, except what the grandma put in for the kids. but mommy can get bigger boobs. Why do I think that the bigger boobs will be used at her evening job until 1 a.m.? $2350 for plaintiff. I hate both of these women. (Tomorrow is the dress case where the defendant is wearing what looks like hefty bags, including a giant bow).
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    Buddy vs. Duff

    Most of the time, the show cakes like this are almost all Rice Krispie treats, or other things that just aren't edible.