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    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    The fact that Amelia is bringing Betty (or whatever her name is) around the baby will count against Owen in a custody hearing too, especially when it's discovered that his addict mother has relapsed repeatedly.
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    Home Town

    I bet the main bath was simply cosmetic, with generic updates, which would save a lot, but wouldn't be good TV. I think in that house you would be fine with tiling the bathroom floor, replacing toilet, and replumbing, then doing a generic tub insert, and vanity with top. That would be a couple of thousand, as opposed to full tile, and all new everything like the master bath. A few postings on the FB page for the episode are really mean also.
  3. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    The funeral sisters were so lucky that Mom didn't fall for the TV insurance policies for final expenses. A friend's father died, leaving a bunch of the mass market advertising policies. His adult kids went to the funeral home thinking they had enough money from the policies for a funeral to rival a movie star's, and with lots left over. Unfortunately, they were the type that only paid off on an accidental death, and that's why there is no medical exam required to get the insurance, and why they will give anyone a policy. The novice driver who whacked the car really needs to accept blame, and not follow her father's example of whining about the bill, or else hit cheaper cars. I had to laugh at the furniture plaintiff's attempt to get a bonanza off of some used furniture she didn't pick up. I can see why the seller was so emotional. She wanted to get the bedroom set from her marriage out of the house, and these people jerked her around until she resold it to someone who actually picked it up. The buyers were fools, that nightstand, and heavy furniture was worth a lot more than hiring a couple of moving men, and their truck for an hour.
  4. On the Sean and Dottie update thread, it is reported that on the FB group for 600 lb Life, that Sean passed away. Sad news.
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    The enablers and even the poundticipants always seem to find a new person to move on to when there's a breakup. So I'm sure Lisa will find her way, as others have.
  6. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    How sad. He never had a chance did he? May he rest in peace, and find the happiness he never had in this life.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    Hoarding: Buried Alive

    I don't know why they clean the fridges out, in many situations like that they just seal it, and haul it out closed to a haz mat location, and bury it or something similar. The 17 year old was very smart to stay at grandma's, because you know that woman will always choose her hoard over him. Look at how she reacted to him moving next door to grandma's when he was twelve, when she hoarded his room full the second he left. Plus, after the clean up (I suspect it's usually going into storage sheds, not the dump) when the same nasty bedding and mattresses were on the bunk beds that said everything about how little she cared about him. Very few hoarders actually clean up and stay that way, and since the episodes we're older (the filming dates on the end of the episodes were 2012 mostly yesterday), I'm sure all of the houses are just as bad within a year or two. I can't forgive the people who inflict their hoard on children and animals.
  8. CrazyInAlabama

    Home Town

    The youngest clients ever. Both 21. I loved the house, and can't believe how bad the brick foundation was before, and the sewer pipe under the house. I loved the kitchen, and that great old sink. The master bath was wonderful, and I loved that the front porch is still screened, and has that porch bed. The reading nook was so cozy.
  9. CrazyInAlabama

    Hoarding: Buried Alive

    That was a former grocery store or clothes store in downtown Colorado Springs, and judging from the area, was probably empty for a long time before she rented it. I'm betting it didn't cost much more than the storage units did, because that is a terrible area of town. You notice that there weren't any glass doors or windows that a regular storefront would have? That's the part of town it's in. She's lucky she survived that place. I guess she handled the household bills, and he never saw the checking account. Did they ever say that the son's basement mom had hoarded out was cleared out?
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    So that's who the defendant reminded me of! Just from commercials too, I've never watched that show. Ms. Reyes only has one kid under 18, so my guess when the 16 year old has that 18th birthday, she'll get her eviction papers along with the cake. I guess it was cheaper than paying child support for 4 kids, and soon that won't be an issue. I'm glad the plaintiff was awarded $5k. I love Jose, the man she blocked out of the driveway, who had to haul all of his stuff from much further away. And when she said Jose told her she could wait for him to move, I started laughing. I don't know Jose, but I really like him. I really wonder where she works, starting at 5 p.m., and in 'sports entertainment'.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    Hoarding: Buried Alive

    I'm watching the Buried alive with Lynn and Kyle, and it's amazing. I would not be surprised to see the two 'stars' rolling on the ground punching and kicking. Note to Lynn, nail polish does go bad, and even if it's not opened, the second you open it then it's going to dry virtually instantly. Lynn is another one who lost her dentures in the hoard, they found them, and she popped them right in her mouth. I have to go lose my lunch now. The boyfriend or husband is just as bad. His 'valuable' computers are so old they take the old disks. He actually called a home inspector, because their house is a duplex, and he wanted to rent out the other side. He will never get a certificate of occupancy for that place, even if they gut it. The fact their own side has a wall heater with a bunch of clothes and paper right next to it makes the entire place a death trap. I feel sorry for the man's grown daughters, who have never been inside the house until they came for the clean up. After the clean up, the daughter brings her tiny baby to visit,. Is she nuts? No mention of the thousands of back taxes, utility bills, and everything else. I'm not sure I can keep watching Barbara who lived in D.C. during 9/11, and couldn't cope so she moved to Ohio, and created a hoard in her entire first floor, and basement. The entire house is full of cat hair, and I wouldn't call them dust bunnies, more like dust coyotes. The barn is disgusting too, and there are old, unrepaired cars in the driveway, barn/storage, and everywhere else. They had garage sales and made very little. Professional auctioneers came in and looked at the storage/workshop/barn, and house, and found very little of value. I remember this one now, with Tommy the musician who dumpster dives in L.A., after some kind of disabling aneurysm. His two bedroom apartment is horrific. His daughter says if Tommy can't live on his own any longer, or gets evicted then if he comes to live with her, that his hoarding will stop then. Good luck with that , it really doesn't stop them. I used to live in Colorado Springs, and the woman who had hoarded the entire house, her son's basement, huge storage units, and rented an old store downtown was out of her mind. I know exactly where that old storefront is, and her husband was right, I wouldn't go to that part of town in daylight, let alone after dark. He is more understanding than I would be, because the second I found out about all of the storage fees, junk in them, the storefront, and at the son's house, and the lying, I would have filed for divorce. The woman who hoarded her house, and her son moved out at 12 to live with grandma next door will never change. My guess (it was a 2012 episode from the date on the end of the show) is that she had the place hoarded again, because it happens that way with hoarders over and over. I felt so sorry for the son.
  12. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    I watched the rerun too, and concentrated on the financials, and the final meeting with Marcus, where he walked. He had said no fraud in his opinion (and I'm assuming other legal and financial experts were consulted also), and in the last scene with Michael, Rachel and David, Marcus did say that if he had known about the eviction pending, that he never would have tried to do a deal. I think this was a case of growing way too fast, skipping steps, and thinking no one can replace what you've always done, and do it just as well. I would have walked when the arguing happened at the co-packer meeting. Michael the accountant had a pretty good poker face, but every time Marcus talked about the COGS, the mismanagement, the loans/investments, and at the last meeting, when Marcus said they were through, you could see Michael trying hard to keep a straight face. Michael definitely knew that David was full of it, and you could see that he was enjoying David finally being told what a phony he is. That's just how Sweet Pete started, where he wanted to do everything himself, and realized that he would have control but not have to do every single candy by himself.
  13. CrazyInAlabama

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    I think they use Cypress Lake for the Assumption Parish animals, and a closer vet for the city location. Yes, Matt married his girlfriend and stayed in NYC. In fact they both came down and filmed a couple of hound adoption episode a couple of years ago. He also came down and was working with his brother a few episodes or so, so maybe this was all filmed around the same time.
  14. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    Another case of family members (two sisters this time) fighting over funeral costs. How sad. I don't think it helped when the one sister proudly proclaimed that the money people gave her for the funeral costs, went for her vacation. I hope the vacation was worth losing her relationship with her sister, and any other family member that sided against her. I did enjoy the woman and hubby, who bought a bedroom set from a lady, didn't pick it up, and 30 days later the woman resold it. The homeowner/seller said that she wasn't baby sitting the buyer's multiple kids during the pick up either. The woman and her husband claimed they were going to disassemble the dresser and bed to take it out with the husband's help. There is no way they were going to take that huge dresser apart, just the bed. And they never said anything about the kids staying home either. I totally agree with the defendant reselling the bedroom set after 30 days, and had to laugh that the plaintiffs thought you could get a full refund on used furniture.
  15. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E05: Karina's Story

    On her FB page, Karina now has a job. Good for her! Unless Karina actually said boyfriend, then it could just be they know each other, and have a picture at the same time.
  16. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    I think Dr. Now does the gastric sleeve on people who can't spend a lot of time under anesthesia. Some he's talked about doing a later procedure of the gastric bypass, if their weight loss slows, and they can stand the surgery then. Some, like Holly that are in better shape, he does the gastric bypass, because it is more effective. and she could stay under anesthesia longer. I also recall he had to fix the portion damaged by the previous WLS, stapling. I'm hoping Holly puts her efforts into finishing more college, or technical training, so she can make her own way in the world. She had such a great attitude after getting into the program, and I hope she keeps on with finding fulfilling hobbies, and meeting people in Houston.
  17. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18

    Was Andrew Renteria the new man in her life? Because he suddenly passed away the end of January. How sad. Plus, it said that Lupe has been in the hospital, and I hope she's doing better. I hope the doctors will be able to fix her hip and leg issues. She must be in a lot of pain, and the limits to her mobility must be awful for her.
  18. CrazyInAlabama

    S06.E05: Karina's Story

    Is that really Lupe's Gilbert? I hope you're kidding. If I have the right facebook for her, she started a job last month. Good for her.
  19. CrazyInAlabama

    House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    I think the purpose of the high tile kitchen back splash is to add to the visual interest in the kitchen, as well as to protect the wall. Unfortunately, totally white tile, with white grout doesn't do that for me. It would have been so much more interesting to have a subtle color tile, or if white was something besides the scallops. They should have the designer lead them on a selection tour at the local tile store. When I was shopping for my bathroom and kitchen back splash tile (no not to the ceiling), I must have stopped to look at the tile place at least 20 times. There are hundreds of choices, and picking from one or two is ridiculous. I really liked the homeowners this time. Many times I really don't. I like that both of them did so much work themselves.
  20. CrazyInAlabama

    Home Town

    Some of the people I know that have put in the wall ovens have a conventional one, and a smaller, built in convection oven. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be the fashion around here. I am not a big baker, so my oven/stove combination works fine for me, and I have a smaller kitchen than anyone on Home Town, but I can see someone who bakes more often would love the convenience of having ovens at eye level.
  21. CrazyInAlabama

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Poor Diane! The look on her face when she saw Jan's face was so sad. I really hope one of the cats was rehomed, before Cloudy gets hurt again. Unfortunately, I've known too many people that think animal conflicts in the house like that will eventually settle down, and they just don't.
  22. CrazyInAlabama

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    At least Humperdink had a great life, in a home, no matter how short a time it was. 14 is a very old dog for an animal of his size. I love that the adopter could come back and get Anthony. She's a wonderful woman to only get senior dogs.
  23. CrazyInAlabama

    House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Would they still have gone 25k over budget if they didn't add that useless soaking tub, brass everything, and kitchen hardware, plus the lights? I bet that would have shaved a few thousand off the overage. If they would have used porcelain or ceramic marble look tile in both baths, they would have saved a lot also, and wouldn't have to worry about staining on the marble either. That freestanding tub will be a nightmare to clean behind. The kitchen back splash wasn't my favorite, but the white grout was better than a color grout would have been. There are so many other tile options that would have looked better in the kitchen.
  24. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    My guess is that the 'fire lane' was there because the fire department access pipe (standpipe or something like that), that they hook fire hoses up to is on that side. That way the fire department can hook up to them, and have roof access quickly in case of a fire.
  25. I loved all three homes they looked at tonight. The couple were so hysterical. The condo was way too small, the second was fabulous. The second I saw the third one was furnished, and then the pool and casita that were so fantastic I knew it was their house, I knew we would hear the magic phrase "can we get it with the furnishings". I loved the third house, it was so lovely that I would have been really sad if it wasn't their choice. With a $15 million win, even after taxes, if the third houses wouldn't have been their pick they could have bought it anyway.