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  1. My guess is the bed and baths were fine, and maybe needed paint, or else they simply couldn't afford to do everything right now.   

    Good point about being ready to downsize.   I live in a new street of houses aimed at smaller families, with small lots, and a couple of people have downsized from acreage, and huge houses, and it hasn't gone well for them.  

  2. No way she could be an emergency dispatcher of any kind.   Maybe for a moving company, or something like that, but not emergency stuff.    Unless she only lasted one day.  

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  3. I loved the house last night.   I had to laugh at the downsizing, it was only the yard that was downsized, not the house.    I loved the kitchen, and the pavilion.       I hope someone buys the other house though, I think it could have been wonderful too.    I love that Ben repurposed so much of that wood.  

    I know the Texas yard was three acres.     Did they say how big the previous house was?  

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  4. 3 p.m. rerun-

    Females, Filth and Liquor?!-Two female college students move into rental house near college, and ex-landlady thinks the women will pay for refurbishing the rental house that had been rented continuously to other college students.   The Landlady/defendant put it on the market to sell a month after the women moved out.    Defendant not only wants to keep the entire security and pet deposit, but wants $3k more.  Defendant claims she is only charging the two students for damage they did, and their pet did.   Rent was $3900 a month.     

    Why don't new tenants, and landlords take photos on move in and move out?   Defendant kept $2500 out of security deposit.  

    Plaintiffs get $2000 back.   

    Trucker's Sin of Omission-Married man's lover sues him for repayment of the loan that sent him to trucking school.   Defendant went to trucking school, financed by plaintiff.    Defendant said he was living with his cousin, but it was apparently his wife, and child. 

     Plaintiff took money out of student loans, and man needed it for rent.   Plaintiff had $1700, he repaid $600 or $700, and she loaned him more after this, and plaintiff got a title loan for $1100 for trucking school for a Class A license, and more for his child support.    Defendant says all of the money was a gift, and they were only friends.       Plaintiff seems to be hugely pregnant, and I hope it's not defendant's since he's already a deadbeat.   

    Plaintiff supports herself and child on child support, and student loans.     

    Plaintiff had no expectation of being repaid, so she gets nothing.   

    Pro Squatters vs. Slumlords?-Landlord and property manager accuse former tenants of squatting and owing for rent, then the tenants sue for water damage (don't they always?).    Plaintiffs bought an old house for a bargain basement price, and did virtually nothing to fix it.   As JJ said, why didn't the defendants move if it was so awful?     Tenants only paid two months rent, out of three months, and were short on the third month.    Landlord says they didn't pay the third month, or fourth.    

    There was water damage, tenants claim the basement leaks, but landlord says the tenant used a washing machine that leaked and flooded the basement.    The home owner says there was an apparently non-working washer in the basement, and claims the tenant installed washer, and dryer, and the washer discharge line was laying on the floor and flooded.     

    Tenant claims water came in through the walls in the house, and he has video of that.    Landlord says the basement did have a damp wall, and sealed walls again.    Why did they leave tons of junk in the basement?    And the tenants want money for the ruined stored junk in the basement.   There are piles of clothes, and stuff in the basement.     I agree with JJ, the tenants hooked a washer up that they bought, and that ran the basement at least an inch deep in water.   

    Landlord/plaintiff took out renter's insurance with State Farm, and the tenants were supposed to pay that monthly, and never did either.    Tenant claims he didn't file with insurance for damages, but there is a letter from State Farm stating that the tenant needs to call them about the claim.   Former tenant claims State Farm said the house was unsafe to live in.    Defendant woman says bathroom was a death trap of mold, and is a total pain, and won't shut up.    Defendants were taken to housing court, after eviction notice, and moved out.    Defendant woman claims the landlord showed a fake rent in housing court.   

    Defendant woman claims the renter's insurance claim is still in process.    Their counter-claim is for $5k, isn't it always?  

    Defendant told to stuff it. so $0.   Plaintiff gets renter's insurance payments, no back rent, late fees $0 , and they keep the $725 security deposit.

    I think the description in the episode title is exactly right, another couple of pro squatters.  I hope the insurance company denied their claim, since they didn't pay the premiums. 

    5 p.m. reruns-

    Wild Tequila Bar Catfight!-Plaintiff suing for medical bills and damages after defendant assaulted her after a bar hopping night (five bars/clubs the same night).    They can't agree on if they went to the club together or not.    They got to the club/bar at 10 p.m., and the fight was after 1 a.m. at closing time.      The two went out for a cigarette, talking to two new men,    The two drunken women started arguing, plaintiff claims defendant smacked her first, and they were rolling around on the ground.    Plaintiff has photos of her injuries, a swollen lip, scraped knee, and two broken nails.    No medical report of plaintiff's injuries.     

    Nothing for either litigant.  Why didn't they show the video?   

    Older Woman Takes Advantage of Young Partner?!-Plaintiff suing former business partner for damages from dissolving their salon business.    Defendant suing for stolen and damaged property.   Plaintiff (who has huge, woolly bear caterpillar eyelashes) didn't bring the contract, and never signed it, so no contract is in force.      

    Property is mostly salon furniture, and plaintiff wants wall paint expenses, etc.     Very dense plaintiff.     Defendant will give back three chairs.   However, no receipts for two sofas, or hair dryer.   Plaintiff wants new chairs, not used chairs, and she can forget that.    Plaintiff wants her bonnet dryer, attached to sofa back, but doesn't only paid $900, and she gets that back.   

    Plaintiff gets the three chairs she doesn't want back, dryer/sofa, microwave, refrigerator, and $900 back.     Dryer was to replace dryers, styling station, microwave and fridge the plaintiff got rid of when she moved into the salon.     I don't think anyone gets anything.   

    Teenager's Night in Prison!-Plaintiff buys car from defendant.    Defendant reports car stolen, and she gets arrested and 24 hours in jail.     Plaintiff suing for car cost, and for having her arrested falsely.     A 2008 Pontiac G-6, for $2000, and plaintiff never paid her according to defendant.  Plaintiff says they agreed on $1700, and she paid the defendant in cash.       Cute Mumu  on defendant but too tight.    Defendant claims she gave the plaintiff the car for a test drive, and to get a notarized statement.      Defendant wanted her license plates back, and her work badge, title, and stuff in the car, so she reported the plates stolen instead of calling the plaintiff. 

    Plaintiff buys and resells cars for profit (car flipper), and wanted to buy G-6 for $1700, and resell for $2,000.      Defendant claims she received no money, but she's obviously a naughty liar.   Defendant's mother called the police, and claims the car was stolen, and the plaintiff did it.   I guess the car was in mother's name?   

    Plaintiff gets car back, with a marshal's assistance.      Plaintiff told officer who stopped her that she knew the plates would be reported stolen.  The message to the plaintiff by defendant says, drop off my license plate, and work badge.    Car was impounded, and defendant wants impound fees, and she can forget that, and the cost of a new title.     Plaintiff gets the car, defendant gets nothing, and deserves less.  

    Completely Hideous Bridal Gown?!-Bridezilla plaintiff suing defendant fashion designer for fee to do wedding dress for Bridezilla.   Plaintiff wants money for emotional distress, new dress, cost of making first dress.    $350 and materials for dress were paid by plaintiff.    Plaintiff spent $1500 for new dress she actually wore to her wedding.   Contract states that the contract is closed (complete) on the final payment for the dress, when the dress is picked up.  

    Bridezilla / plaintiff has picture of what she wanted, and the original dress in court.    I remember this, it's a sheer shirt, with a body suit that isn't sheer, and the original designer dress is on a model who is very pale, and the sheerness of the skirt isn't as visible.   The skirt doesn't even fasten except at the waistband, and the skirt front is open to the waist.      The plaintiff is a different contrast, with the chiffon layered skirt, so the dress, skirt looks a lot more see through and skimpy.     

    There is nothing wrong in the construction of what the defendant made, except it's in horrible taste for a wedding.  The defendant made what she was asked to do, but it's really tacky in my opinion.    I can't believe any one would be daring enough to appear at a church wedding dressed like the bride wanted to appear in the first dress.          

    Nothing for anyone.     

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  5. On the Great Food Truck Race a few season ago, there was a Waffle truck that sold those, and they looked yummy.    The brothers who ran it were from Utah, and they still have two or three Waffle trucks, so it's a sustainable business if it's done correctly.       I think the waffles from the show will be a big seller.  

  6. Personally, I would love to hear the back story of the foot hopper ex-con, and his fool girlfriend.   

    That poor woman that had her arm shattered should move far away from the brother, his awful girlfriend, and the relatives that kept telling her that she couldn't prosecute family. 

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  7. I can't believe how fast the outside counsel for Nike went to the feds, and that Avenatti fell for the recorded phone call.    Mark Geragos as an unindicted co-conspirator make me scream with laughter, since I've loathed him for many years.   I wonder who the client is that Avenatti was accused of embezzling from will turn out to be?   

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  8. The Silkroll women were loony if they thought that was a decent valuation.     There is nothing proprietary or unique about their company, and I didn't like either one of them.

    I can't believe Barbara made that deal, that woman will be a nightmare partner.    And whoever said that there is nothing stopping a parent from stuffing that carrier full of junk food was right.    Stop with the sob stories!    

    The pickup pool looked like fun, and if they get the price down to $60 the way the inventor wanted to, then I bet he sells a lot of them.    Mark will be a great partner for him.    There was a valve on the bottom to open to drain the water out.   Lori could have sold millions of the pools on QVC.         Where I am, half the people in my neighborhood have pickups, and would love to get something like the pools.   

    I loved the waffle idea.    They looked yummy, but due to federal regulations, they will have to put calorie counts on them.    

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  9. There is also another parent that paid about $6.5 million to Singer, but that person hasn't been named yet.   It will be interesting to see how eager the arrested parents, are to rat out their friends for a reduced sentence.  

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  10. There was also a reality show about this set in Great Britain, and many of those people had to have their house walls cut out with chain saws to get them out.    I remember one young woman that needed to be taken to hospital, and there was so much damage to the house from taking down walls, that the house had to be razed to the ground.    I think there were some stories like that where the patient went to some of the long term weight loss camps or schools for help.     I remember that one, fairly young man died in the hospital.   

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  11. 3 p.m. reruns-

    Collision Caught on tape!-Plaintiff says accident was defendant's fault, defendant says plaintiff was moving over to make a right hand turn at the corner.     Plaintiff has video and photo to show that he was making left hand turn, but defendant hit him while in a lane that wasn't for cars, and she was speeding.   Plaintiff's bumper is ripped off.    Photo shows defendant was actually on the lane next to park cars, and bike lane.    Both litigants were judged by insurance as 50% at fault, and they both received only 50% of damages.    CHIP officer said defendant was at fault, and speeding.    

    However, plaintiff was making a left, and a pickup stopped for him, so he didn't have a clear view, however the defendant didn't either.    I think the insurance company decided correctly, they were both at fault.   Nothing for either one. 

    Show Car Craziness!-An Alleged drunk woman on a motorized scooter crashed into a 1983 DeLorean.   DeLorean owner is a back to the future fan, and will have a funny hallterview too.    Defendant was drunk, driving a motorized scooter, and DeLorean was parked for a car show in a field, and she rammed his car.   

    DeLorean owner has before, and after photos.    Plaintiff seems a little fuzzy on everything, and her boyfriend/witness is a liar.      Defendant doesn't know who owned the scooter she was riding.     $813 for plaintiff.      

    Restraining Order Scam?-Plaintiff hit hard times, and gave his Crown Vic title to girlfriend/defendant.   Defendant bought bar, and moved in with plaintiff, leaving daughter at defendant's old house.     Plaintiff only lived with defendant for one month, and he turned over the Crown Vic title to defendant, because he was liquidating assets, and wanted to sell car.    Plaintiff gave the title to defendant in return for five months rent at the defendant's rental house they were living in.    Defendant gave car to her brother.    The two litigants were shacked up while all of this happened, and previously.   

    Defendant also says that she would drop the restraining order application against plaintiff, but didn't.     Plaintiff moved out, and defendant got restraining order, so plaintiff couldn't get any of his belongings, log bed, 42" TV, and other stuff.  Defendant claims plaintiff and witness were allowed to get all of his stuff even after the restraining order.     $2,000 for car value to plaintiff.     

    Defendant wanted a permanent protection order against the plaintiff, but it's actually an Emergency order, and the permanent order was granted, but defendant dropped the order two months later.    Defendant said in order drop request that the restraining order ruined her business, because plaintiff was saying mean things about her and her business.   Counterclaim dismissed.  

    Cologne Loan or Theft?!-Two men suing each other over theft of personal items by defendant when they broke up, and though they didn't live together, but plaintiff claims defendant stole his cologne, and watches, among other stuff.     Plaintiff claims defendant stole two watches from plaintiff's apartment.      Plaintiff claims defendant has a past criminal history, and gets a little back.

    Teenage Attention Span Fail!-Plaintiff is suing neighbors and her 20 year old daughter, when she rear-ended him at a stop sign.    Defendant driver was uninsured, and claims the plaintiff stopped right in the street, and backed up into her. 

    The plaintiff has a huge old Jeep truck, and was stopped at a stop sign when he was hit from behind by the defendant.

    $1,500 to the plaintiff..   I think he should have received the entire $3k.  

    5 p.m. reruns-

    My Brother Broke My Arm!-Plaintiff sold a 2007 Impala to her brother, with money down, and $225 payments every two weeks until it was paid off.   Defendant stopped paying the regular payments on the car, plaintiff says it was more than one payment left.     Plaintiff says the defendant slammed her arm in the screen door (I suspect one of those metal screened security doors), and broke her arm in two places.    Defendant says plaintiff came in his house, and he hurt her arm getting her out of his house. 

    How cute, defendant brother, and his girlfriend have matching dye jobs.    Oops!   Apparently defendant girlfriend is wear a cheap wig, not just a bad dye job.     

    Plaintiff was foolish enough to keep the car under her insurance.    Plaintiff says $1.050 left on car payment, and man wasn't paying her for insurance either.    Plaintiff finally got $225 back, and title, and registration were taken from her purse by defendant.    Defendant says case was thrown out when plaintiff didn't go to court, because of family pressures.     

    Defendant girlfriend claims she saw the plaintiff slash the Impala tires, no police report available.   Vandalism in police report is a month after the lying defendant says.   

    The pictures of the arm, and the X-rays are horrible.    The defendants also applied for a restraining order against the plaintiff.    $5,000 for the plaintiff.    She should move far away from the defendants, and cut off anyone who told her that you don't prosecute family. 

    Ex-Con Hops on One Foot for Judge Judy-Plaintiff suing ex-boyfriend for car damage, bail, and assault, and sadly JJ doesn't want to get into the strange relationship between the two people.

    Defendant was in jail for five years, plaintiff had three kids during his incarceration (not his), and started up the star crossed relationship after he got out of prison.    

    Defendant was driving plaintiff's car (no license), when he had an accident.    Plaintiff has some stupid story about defendant forcing his way into the car, and the driver's seat right before the accident.     Car had insurance, but defendant wasn't insured.     JJ has fool defendant hop on one foot, after he says he drove the car without a license because plaintiff told him too.    

    Plaintiff says she was driving defendant and others to the probation office, and defendant to the DMV, and it varies dramatically from her sworn statement.  She claims when she got out of the car the defendant hopped in the driver's seat, and took off with the car.    Defendant claims she asked him to drive.   Insurance company refused to cover the accident, and plaintiff has nothing to show that, and plaintiff was arrested for letting defendant drive. 

    $0 for anyone.

    Man Ejected From His Own Home!-Plaintiff has home, defendant gets restraining order against him, and he's ejected from his own home.  Plaintiff woman suing ex-boyfriend defendant (brief relationship), She started moving into his home three months later.   In July, there was an altercation, and plaintiff filed for a restraining order.    There is no police report for July, and JJ wants to read the protective order application, and police report.    The woman did receive a restraining order, and the man was barred from living in, or going to his own house.    

    A former employee claimed defendant threatened him, but it was dropped.    Plaintiff called the parenting consultant (custody mediator for children of defendant's previous marriage), and made all kinds of allegations.    Plaintiff claims she works in the medical field, and is a mandated reporter (Tell me she's not another caregiver to vulnerable people).    

    They both had no contact orders, but plaintiff kept contacting defendant (it's very common to pull this, to get the other person arrested, but it failed this time, and blew up in plaintiff's face).     Plaintiff got arrested for violation of the No Contact / Protective Order.      

    Plaintiff's case is dismissed.    Defendant gets nothing.     

    Father Son Car Project Fail!-Plaintiff and son buy car to work on as a family project.   When the car was finished, ex-wife, mother of son needs the car, and claims she'll pay the son for it, but doesn't .  Defendant titled car in her name, and son's name, and she would be renting the car from the son, for $55 a week.     

    Defendant was supposed to pay $55 a week, (after her previous car was repossessed), she still has the car for 5 months, and son should have $1,000 plus, and claims she had to get used tires for the car, and other lame excuses.   Defendant is still driving the car with bad ball joints!    At least defendant has full insurance, but I wonder if she's really paying for it?     Plaintiff's get the car back, and resell the car.      Defendant only paid $500 total for a car she had for five months.  

     Another Mother of the Year candidate?   

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  12. I'm sure they've gone to the Netherlands several times in the past few years.   He's quite the celebrity there from what I've read.      The Galapagos trip sounds wonderful.    However, I'm worried about the upcoming ankle replacement, and hope it goes well, and stops his pain.   

    The poor horse with the rupture was so sad.    I found the pus fountain fascinating, but am very glad that they don't have smell a vision TV yet.    The Alpaca baby was so cute!   

    My understanding is that vet school can be super difficult to get into right out of undergrad, so many of the prospective vet students do an associated Master's program to strengthen their credentials, and get them into school.   

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  13. I bet the apartment complexes have a relationship with furniture rental places that can deliver quickly to their residents.    Around here many of the complexes have a relationship with the sales people at the furniture rental places, so I'm guessing the big complexes in Houston would have similar arrangements they could make.   

  14.  I thought Doug's room looked like it was done in a couple of hours, and the bedding looked like the cheapest stuff ever.     I hated the green, and thought the silver leaf was a very bad application job.     The nice thing is that I'm sure the second the show was done, the homeowners pitched in, redid the paint, removed the silver leaf (probably with a vacuum off the floor, because it looked like it was coming off), and bought new bedding that wasn't shiny and cheap looking.  

    I hated the wall panels in Doug's room too.    It was like wainscoting on steroids.   

    My guess is that people that are applying to be on this show watched a lot of the old shows, and know that if you throw a fit, and say you hate everything in the room, that you'll be ripped to pieces all over the internet.    You'll also probably end up on a clip show of participants who are the most unhappy (Crying Pam, Sunrise something house with a woman who hated everything in her room), and be shown endlessly and ridiculed.  So even if you hate the room, you suck it up, and don't say a word about it.  Then the second the show people have left, you fix your room.    

    I still remember the cardboard room Hildi did, with Liquid Nails used to bind the cardboard to every surface of the room, and the cardboard smell horrible, plus the adhesive.    My understanding is the only way to fix the room was to rip the cardboard, and dry wall off, and replace the dry wall, and fix the room.    The budget then was $1k or $2k per room, and it took over $5k to fix the room.   Those homeowners just looked in shock, and said nothing.   Then fixed their room.  If you Google "Crying Pam" you'll get her scenes where they left her mike open while she was crying off camera.  

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  15. I wonder how long the silver foil took to start falling off?  I thought the colors in Doug's room looked disgusting, and I bet the second they could the homeowners changed everything.     I think enough people have watched what happens to people who pitch a fit about a their hideous rooms on this show, to know they should act like they like it, even if they don't.    Remember Crying Pam? And the other woman that tackled her neighbor for doing a hideous room in her house?   And the one that Paige asked if there was anything she could stand in her room, and the homeowner said no?  (That was Sunrise something).

    Frank certainly has changed his decorating style, hasn't he?    To change that room, they just have to put the painting somewhere else, or auction it off for charity, and that room will be nice.    I thought the husband was going to hug the TV.    I liked the wall color, the bed spread, and everything Frank did, except the painting.    

    The woman who baked the cake should never set foot in a kitchen again.  

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  16. They had bought a new bed, couch, and TV when they moved to Houston, it was a brief scene after they arrived at the apartment.      

    I don't know if they said what happened to his stuff from the apartment when they moved out, if it was stored, or sold, but either way it would be worth it to leave Maja's abuse behind.

    I'm guessing that Christian left home, and was living on the streets at some point.   But I'm guessing that was a long time ago, since Christian and Maja had lived together so long, about four years as I recall.  

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  17. The Patricia Bean rerun was just as good today, as the first time it was on.    I'm sure the plaintiff saying it's a nice neighborhood except for Pat is very true.   

    For some reason, where I live they suddenly have an older episode on Saturday afternoon, on the same channel that shows (two hours on weekdays now) here.     Check your local cable guide for the channel that runs JJ, and you might get lucky. 

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  18. My afternoon rerun is Patricia Bean too!   And thanks to everyone on here, I'm going to DVR it and keep it forever.  It was actually good for me to learn how to keep things on the DVR until I erase too.    I can't wait until it runs at 4 p.m., and I love the hallterview with the old bat too.     

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