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  1. hatchetgirl

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    Thank you, i was going to ask but...
  2. hatchetgirl

    S06:E10 Smithlfly Designs

    Marcus is totally going for items he can consolidate under his umbrella. Not a bad way to go really, very Amazon like.
  3. hatchetgirl

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    This made me so happy. Lol. I teach train for lawyers and i use the msj every time. It's one of my favorites. (I'm such a legal nerd) Sandoval is seriously a pussy. While i get that Swartz is milquetoast, Sandoval is so quick to forgive. Let's see him hear james call ariana something shit and "let it go." Please, he'd lose his mind. Again, just look at all the crap james has said and continues to say! Why wouldn't lisa say "wait, i thought you were working on this and i now have to take time out of my day to escort you out and try to calm you down?" But no, she can't see that. And Sandoval get freaking over it! James is a shit! He's not going to change with people like you enabling him. Grrrr. A friend of ny hubby called me a bitch once and i walked. I don't need to listen to that shit and eat it. My hubby asked him to leave. But i will say "stop inviting the kid to invite him!" Jaysus! I was so happy to see less scheana but did I really have to be subjected to her sparkle bra and stupid leotard pj? LAME! I loved the waxing scene. Hilarious. Schwartz needs to wax his low belly though. That path of hair from his bellybutton was not nice to look at. The triplets came in for 1 night? Why didn't they come for the opening of the bar?
  4. hatchetgirl

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    I've seen more than one person in multiple thread say that Katie was called fat and she immediately ran to LVP to complain but I didn't see that. Lala called her fat in previous seasons and she didn't run to LVP. James has done it more than once and she didn't run to LVP. Yes, we did see her go to LVP this year and give the ultimatum, but she hasn't run to LVP every time James or anyone else has done it. Having said that, I honestly don't think she was really bothered when James called her fat this year. I think she went to LVP to push the subject on someone she and her friends don't like. It was a shit move but at the same time, they are in a business and every member of staff has the right to a harassment free workplace. LVP should have done it without any ultimatum. She saw James act like a drunk lunatic, making awful comments over the mic while dj'ing, LVP should have pulled her dang big girl panties on and fired him ages ago! As much as I can't stand James (and I do feel sorry for him with that awful mom of his), I'm over people inviting him and dis-inviting him. That's cruel and mean. Scheana asking him to move her to Marina del Rey and then telling him he can't come to her party was such a shit move! But then the cast of VPR aren't exactly the arbiters of good taste and decorum!
  5. hatchetgirl

    Season 5 Discussion

    I just wish David would be a decent human being and own it. He screwed up. Own up to your shit. People will be angry, sure, but they'll have a whole lot more respect for you than listening to you hmmm and haw over why you did or didn't say whatever. Grrrr. I'm looking forward to the reunion. I think Mark deserves a big pat on the back for handling it far better than most of us expected him to. LOL The ladies. Meh. They all were weird and awkward, but I think all of the ladies in that jail appeared to be weird and awkward. As much as I hate Brooke's views, she gained some respect from me for standing up to that one gal who kept calling her a snitch. I appreciated that she didn't just complain and bitch, but finally faced up to it. That lady was so cowed! Cracked me up how she backtracked. So lame.
  6. hatchetgirl

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Nope. Remember he's her SOULMATE! They'll neva bweak up eva eva!
  7. hatchetgirl

    S07.E12: PJs on the PJ

    We have a house around that corner that looks exactly the same, white siding, black gutters, i was so mad they bought here! I drove by and the windows are not sashed black. Phew did a bullet. Lol Lala... sigh. Of course that's all you are worth to that cheater. T&T - you chuckleheads... that is all...
  8. hatchetgirl

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    You said it! That swagger would have made Travolta faint in Saturday Night Fever!
  9. hatchetgirl

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Ah! Thank you. I'm half Mexican and i look like a northern Irish gal with pasty skin, blue eyes and black hair but i talk about my path often. Being raised to be embarrassed about my Mexican side by a racist mom causes me to feel like a fraud but dang it, i am who i am and i won't continue the life of embarrassed. I never knew those characters had that background and it's disappointing that they haven't discussed it. I do not like that they have so little representation of poc and lgbtq+ considering where they are located. The chefs get their little tags here and there for entertainment and honestly, it seems the same for lgbtq+ - look at kevin lee and that guy james would hang it with. They can have catch phrases as long as we can laugh but they won't ever be a cast member or a friend of. As for Billie Lee, my older sister is transgendered. She began the process in the 80's and she dealt with so much hell. She's a pilot and at one point, the mechanics beat the crap out of her and she was let go from an excellent job. I'm a huge outspoken alliy, but i don't groove on the transphobic thing Billie has made this into. It cheapens her and the other ladies.
  10. hatchetgirl

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Wait, these are people of color? I guess i'm out of the loop then because i thought they were all white or white washed or my poc meter is terrible. Lala needs to do a little more with her eyes because she ends up looking like she has tiny piggie eyes.
  11. hatchetgirl

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    First prize! Yes. She thinks she's not getting enough screen time so "i support james, i have his back" and "i want included, those mean fat girls are transphobic!" Made me so angry when she said "cis privilege!"
  12. hatchetgirl

    Season 5 Discussion

    Bounty hunter guy is creeptastically bad! He's in the 3, what, 30 minutes? I think i'd let him sweat. I'd say on the phone "feel free, light it up brother!" I like abner, but he's getting far too involved in politics. The girls. Sigh. I think they are fine. The women do seem to buddy up and mix around, so i don't think it's a big deal but blondie is driving me batty. I just can't stand her. I knew racism runs jail but dang it's so freaking in your face. Wow!
  13. hatchetgirl

    Season 5 Discussion

    I guess, but she was called in for the "gang" mission. She doesn't know blue and red? Hasn't watched the movie Colors? Has she seen the show? I would probably read at least 1 jail article is i was going into such a foreign place. Heck, when i travel, i TRY to gear up for the area i'm going.
  14. hatchetgirl

    Season 5 Discussion

    Blonde lady will end up friendly with white Aryan resistance... Maybe even come out as a skinhead. Lol
  15. hatchetgirl

    SURly Staff In The Media

    It looks like he does, but during a reunion, Andy asked if any ladies had had lesbian relationships and she raised her hand. Scheana said "doesn't everyone?" Poor "tries so hard" trying to fit in and remain relevant.