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  1. I prefer Maddie, hands down and poms down to Gina.
  2. Maybe we will get LUCKY and neither Shannon or Courtney will be hosting.
  3. Can we add to the title of this thread PodCast suggestions and irritations?! Courtney gets more annoying each week. Shannon has been a "no-show", Jinelle has been awesome as guest co-host and Courtney sounds like an amateur host, giggles constantly, interrupts and answers questions directed at the guests! UGH!
  4. HaHa! I suppose I should have watched with the sound on!
  5. Did anyone catch on KaShara's (I think) InstaStroy, she and Lacey will be All Stars.
  6. Right?! I always liked her. She is still adorable albeit not easy to recognize. I always forget about this thread. I need to check in more often.
  7. Is she the cute blonde from several seasons ago that messed up quite a bit but was really cute?
  8. Back to guessing who is retiring: 1- Lacey confirmed 2- KaShara confirmed 3- Kelli 4- Khalyn 5- Tasha 6- Yuko 7- Lauren 8- Maddie 9- Christina 10- ?
  9. Agree, Agree, Agree Auditions; Please, we do not need to see the girls that obviously are not going to make it. For example, the girls that the judges laugh and snicker and roll their eyes at. It is not only a waste of time for viewers but rude and disrespectful to the girls. I would like to see more of the solo routines. Longer snips of the solos and the name of the person performing the solo. The Season: I think someone else also noted, I would like to see more regarding choosing the formation of the triangle.
  10. I have been away from my desk all day but was thinking all of the above. Thank you for starting this topic. I hope TPTB will follow along take some of our suggestions.
  11. I would if I could....but would not be able to make it work. I will happily follow along though...
  12. I would love to see more dancing/rehearsal time and having the camera focus on them dancing for longer than a split second.
  13. I am sure she is very nice and I would not want anyone to lose their job either but she has been doing the podcast for who long now and she still doesn't get it. Lauren kept mum and whoever she was on with kept mum too. I forget who the other person was.