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  1. blackwing

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Office recently moved and my commute is longer than it used to be. So I decided to listen to an audio book and decided to choose a classic. I picked “Rebecca”. I’m about halfway through and I suppose the word I would use to describe it is “irritating”. I’m annoyed that the new Mrs. de Winter doesn’t stand up for herself against the sinister housekeeper and assert her authority as the lady of the house. I’m annoyed that we haven’t yet learned her first name (she says that it is unusual and that Maxim always called her by her first name during their courtship lunches... I imagine that it is Daphne). Above all, I am angry at how this housekeeper Mrs. Danvers treats her. I wonder if a book like this about a weak woman would be written today, let alone achieve “classic” status.
  2. blackwing

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Hah, I think I am right there with you. I do think any EoEr that made it back in and managed to win would have overcome some huge obstacles (chiefly, the people still in the game proper who think it is unfair and want to vote them out again but never did) and therefore would be deserving. But whether I like the EoE winner truly depends on who it is. If Chris comes back from EoE and ends up winning, as far as I'm concerned... greatest twist ever, he deserved it, will make people think twice about voting out the strong muscle in the early episodes. But if it was someone like Keith or Reem... what?!, this sucks, why didn't people vote them out right away, there's a reason why they voted them out in the first place, etc. LOL. I think that whoever made it back in, depending on who it is, might stand a pretty good chance of getting dragged to the finals as a goat. There could be a perception that nobody will vote for them because they only were back in because of a twist (the Boy Scout Lill factor). I'm still unclear on what is going to happen as the game keeps going. How many EoE people get back in? Are all 20 people on the jury?
  3. blackwing

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I don’t see why a win by an EoEr would be considered any less “valid” than a win by any of the people who are still in the game proper. That is the twist of this season. Just like how in past seasons with Redemption or Exile Island. Someone gets back in the game. It doesn’t prevent those that were still in the game proper from voting the retuning EoEr right out again. If that person manages to form alliances or go on an immunity run to keep himself/herself in the game, then I don’t see why a win is any less deserving. The person would have earned his way back in and would have earned his continued right to stay in by avoiding getting voted out again. The twist isn’t any different that planting a hidden advantage for the final challenge or immunity idol. All of the people have a chance to find those. Now where I think a win isn’t valid is when there is a suggestion of producer manipulation to keep someone in the game. Example, the “new final four firemaking challenge” (which I don’t believe was announced by Jeffy in media articles before it happened) and the constantly appearing hidden idols that resulted in Ben the producer’s favourite damaged PTSD heroic marine winning the game.
  4. blackwing

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Reem is hilariously awful. Chris didn't do anything wrong... he pointed out that Reem told Keith about the box in the water and she went from zero to crazy in about two seconds. "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME I GAVE IT AWAY GO $#@! YOURSELF." I really hope she watched this episode at home with family and friends (if she has any) and right after she pointed out the box to Keith they turned to her and said "why would you give it away like that". Reem's voice makes my ears bleed. It's so gratingly annoying. Like Sue Hawk ("SOUNA" hahaha) without the nasalness. Since they've been whining about how there's no food, I can't understand why nobody but David even tried to look for food. He definitely found a large clam but I guess it was firmly stuck to the ocean floor. But why not help him try to find crabs, or maybe snails? They just sat there and accepted that they had no food. Also, "we have no shelter". Why not at least try to build something better? I get it, they are tired and hungry. But they made zero effort.
  5. blackwing

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Or pick up anything heavy (snake in the water cage) or light (David). He's going to claim post-show that he was really physically spent because they were on a new beach and had no shelter and no food and whatnot. But it really doesn't explain why he was terrible even towards the beginning of the game.
  6. blackwing

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I was surprised at how badly Aubry misread the situation. She had just talked the previous episode about how she and Joe are on the outs and it didn't even occur to her that she was in the slightest bit of danger? This is her third time playing, you'd think she would have had an idea. I was really bored by the second tribal. For all the anticipation of rocks and something exciting happening, I really thought it was going to be more interesting than the expected Wendy boot. Wendy was a pain, yes, but why vote her out? Kelly Wentworth and David have been on the show before. Couldn't they have counted the numbers? There were 20 people to start and 13 people left. Wouldn't it be natural for them to think a merge was going to happen in the next round or two? I just don't get why Kelly and David wouldn't have taken the opportunity to get rid of Dan. In fact, I actually thought that when David asked to talk with Wendy, he was telling her "three of us are voting out The Warthog, join with us and he will go home for sure". I absolutely loved that David pointed out that Dan is terrible at everything but particularly that he "kinda sucks in physical challenges". I guess it doesn't matter since they lost the challenge anyways, but wasn't the point of that bolo toss to hang onto one ball and toss the other into the hoop so you can pull the hoop down? Dan let both balls go and then Jeff let him run over and grab one and pull it. I would have made him redo it. I have never been a fan of Joe. Yes he is good in challenges but his social game has always been not so great. Most people get confessionals that last for about 10 seconds or less but Joe's weepy confessional about how "this is so HARD I have nobody here with me and I miss my family and I really appreciate them blah blah blah" seemed to go on forever. The show clearly loves him. It's funny to me when he's in camp and on challenges he has his long hair all neatly tied and pinned up into a neat little man bun but when he gets confessionals it's like they purposely instruct him to let down his luscious flowing frizzy locks for the entire world to see. I agree that none of the returning players are that great, I would have preferred to have seen others before any of these. As long as none of them are named Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. One of the most overrated players in Survivor history.
  7. blackwing

    S04. E15. Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence

    I loved Rich's board game and would definitely buy it. I did find it interesting that per the statistics on each agent's card, I think Weller might have rated higher in each of the three categories than Jane. He got 8, 8, 7. The first one was definitely Strength. I think the other two might have been Stamina and Tactics, or something like that? Jane is a better fighter than he is. Each of the agent's cards had three "special powers" on the left. I forget what most of them were, but we saw Weller, Jane and Reade's cards. I cracked up that one of Reade's powers was "Red Tape". Weller should have had "Growling Voice" or "Neck Beard" as one of his. I didn't fully understand what the plan was with selling the suitcase nuke, or whatever it was. Patterson and Clay Aiken were in a room on the second floor trying to make the bomb a dud. Weller and Jane were on the third floor negotiating the sale. Then at some point, Patterson and Clay were supposed to switch the deactivated bomb with Weller and Jane's fake? Why didn't they deactivate it in their HQ first? And what was with Rich making the elevator with Greta and LongHair stop at 2 instead of 3? Wouldn't Greta have noticed she got off on the wrong floor? I couldn't care less about Tasha at all, and I don't care for all the angst about her wondering if the FBI is still her home. Reade should be removed as Assistant Director because he lacks judgment. Weller used to be Assistant Director and gave it up to go look for Jane (I think?). Why can't he get the job back? Reade sucks. He should have lost his job ages ago, for many reasons, but chief among them that whole thing with the coach who molested him and this Tasha debacle. I'm pretty sure sleeping with a subordinate is one of the bigger no-nos at the FBI.
  8. blackwing

    S38 Julia Carter

    The first tweet in the realityblurred article posted above has her saying "As Jeff Probst said, I went on #Survivor knowing I may be a role model & inspire someone to play despite NOT fitting the archetype. Therefore, in S38, in which there are only 2 Black castaways, it’s disheartening to see the lack of equitable airtime defeating my goal." She is the one that mentioned the fact that she is black. I don't know if you are trying to say there is a distinction between "I'm not getting airtime because I am black" (which I think is what you are saying most everyone is erroneously saying) or "I'm black and I'm not getting airtime and that's unfair". To me there isn't much of a difference. It seems clear to me reading her tweet that she seems to believe that she thinks that she's not getting her share of airtime, she is black, and that's discriminatory. But I know that mileage varies. Frankly I think that if you are on the show and you don't get any airtime (like the auburn woman apparently named Chelsea from two seasons ago), I think that sucks for everyone. Regardless of race. She could called attention to the fact that she isn't getting any airtime and she was promised by Jeff that she would be a role model, and that sucks. She could have done that without saying the "only 2 black castaways" part. The fact that she brought her race into it is why people are saying she's complaining that the producers are unfair towards black contestants. Keith is black and he has gotten plenty of airtime. Even while he is on EoE. I stand by my belief that she has gotten little airtime because she hasn't done anything notable. With respect to your assertion that when only 2 black people are on the show and one is invisible and therefore the producers should get questioned... does that apply to everyone else too then? Should the blonde named Aurora start questioning the producers? "I came on Survivor to show everyone that blondes that look like Virginia Madsen aren't all airheads and the fact that I am getting no airtime is defeating my goal." What about the brunette named Julie? Should she start questioning the producers? "Jewish women don't have a good track record on this show. The last one was that nasty Corinne Kaplan (twice). I want to show the world that a Jewish woman can be a good person on this show and the fact that I am getting no airtime is discriminatory towards Jewish women." At least Julia is on the show. Even if it is as the token black female contestant. At least she's there. Should we be questioning the producers every season as to where all the Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern male contestants are? In some seasons we might get the token Asian female (crying Gabby from last season), Hispanic female (Big Wendy) or Middle Eastern female (Shirin) but the seasons with males of these races are few and far between. My point I suppose is that she opened up the discussion to race so I don't think it is unfair that we are criticising her for looking like she is complaining that she is getting no airtime because she is black.
  9. blackwing

    S38 Julia Carter

    I'd be more sympathetic if there was any actual evidence that the fact that she is black has played any role at all in ignoring her. I didn't fully read her rants but does she also explain why the dark haired woman (Julie?) and the Virginia Madsen-ish blonde (apparently named Aurora) have also been ignored? She has been on the winning tribe every week so there is never as much focus on the winning tribe. The fox faced kid Gavin hasn't said much, nor has that alpha male looking one. Maybe she's just boring. JP the firefighter from a few seasons back did well in challenges but he never got many confessionals or said much at tribal because he apparently didn't talk much. There was that other woman from two seasons ago (can't think of her name... auburnish hair) that was really really mute and was an enigma even though she advanced pretty far. Which would she prefer? At this point in the game, would she rather get an invisible edit or would she rather get a negative edit? At this point in the game last year, a black woman named Natalie was rather reviled already. Would she rather be like Natalie? This Julia is not getting airtime because she really hasn't said or done anything worth noting.
  10. blackwing

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Agreed. Chris said that they haven't been given any information about what they are supposed to be doing there. Whether they are supposed to be a new tribe, or what. Tell them now and start the in-fighting. I do think that the producers need to make things harsher. I suggested last week that it should be just like "Naked and Afraid". Who really wants it the most? I think most of them would drop out pretty much immediately. They had no qualms about voting out their physically strongest player so I don't see why they need to keep The Warthog around anymore. There's fourteen people left, they just have to last a few more rounds and then there is a merge. So dump him now before he turns on them. It's not like it seems like he is contributing all that much physically. Chris was really strong. This guy looks like he should be strong and athletic but doesn't seem to be helping all that much.
  11. blackwing

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Question... I know the show is filmed entirely in Prague. But are there times when they take a camera and go to the places the episode is supposed to be set in and shoot some footage without any of the stars etc. There was one scene where the catering van passed what looked like the Colosseum in the background. Or are some background locations getting CGI'd into the footage? Awww... are the ratings bad? That's too bad, I really enjoy this show and I agree that it seems that half of the new shows that have interesting concepts I really enjoy end up cancelled. And on ABC. Weren't "Forever" with Ioan Grufudd and Alana De La Garza and "Time After Time" with Freddie Stroma and Josh Bowman also on ABC. Both really unique shows and both didn't last. I feel for the daughter, but her dad made all kinds of poor choices that directly led to his death. In the first place, he could have gotten the CIA involved on his own when his daughter was kidnapped, rather than letting them apprehend him only to find out that he was being coeerced. Then they specifically asked him to stay put and he shouted and called attention to himself. It appears they were never going to let him or his daughter live since he had finished the bomb. I'm kind of wondering why they didn't kill him and his daughter as soon as the bomb was done, but I guess... drama. I'm assuming Datta is the Indian guy? Thanks, I didn't know that was his last name. I think they just call him "Jay". I agree that Standish was just some hacker guy or something that they brought onto the team after the events in the first episode so I don't understand why they aren't putting him through field training. But Susan is FBI so she is field trained and gets a gun? She is a psychiatrist, I think. That worked behind a desk. Seems odd that all of a sudden they decided she was a field agent.
  12. blackwing

    TAR in the Media

    I agree that this probably points to suicide... if it was medical related like a stroke they would have said. If there was foul play they would have said. Just like with Kristoff St. John and how "cause of death is not released" because they don't want to admit that Kristoff overdosed, whether accidentally or on purpose. I actively despised the guy when he was on the show, I thought he was supremely arrogant. But he was a human being, and if he did indeed take his own life, wow, that's sad news. I am surprised to see he was only 42, he looked like he was in his late 40s several years ago when he was on the show.
  13. blackwing

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Oh I have despised Jeffy for years. He always acts like hosting Survivor is the equivalent of curing cancer. During the IC, he said one of his favourite phrases that he seems to say once every season that is one of my most hated of his sayings.... “THIS is why you play Survivor!!!!!!” He needs to get over himself.
  14. blackwing

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Chris mentioned that they haven't been given any information about exactly what is happening on EoE. I really want them to find out soon how it is going to work. As I said last episode, I want some drama on that island apart from "you voted us out, we hate you". In the prior episode we were shown the individual messages in a bottle which turned out to be identical maps to the same small bit of rice. Did they not get bottles this episode? I really want them to figure out soon that these people are their competition. I want there to be a race to the rice and I want one person to take it all. I want them to decide who they want to work with and I want to see splintered groups of people. I want Chris to catch fish and eat it all. It's really boring watching them sit around. We have heard before about how production picks every stitch of a contestant's clothing including underwear, and Angelina said it again in interviews after many commented about her ugly yoga pants. It seems to me that the show wanted to play up Rick's identity as a TV newscaster by putting him in a suitcoat, dress shirt and tie. Seems uncomfortable and not practical for a tropical island. But it doesn't explain why he actually wears the tie to Tribal Council, unless they are highly suggesting that he wear it because of the "Tribal Council is formal, let's dress up" aspect. On the other hand, after listening incessantly about how cold Angelina was last season, I noticed that several of the contestants were given sweatshirts or hoodies, like Reem and Chris. I wonder why some get clothes that are more practical than others. For example, Chris' outfit. They gave him jeans which are horrible in water and just overall horrible in a tropical climate, which I suppose is to encourage him to walk around pretty much all the time in his brightly coloured boxer briefs. But they also gave him a baseball-style long sleeve T-shirt as well as a very comfortable looking lightweight hoodie. Very versatile, he can wear either separately or he can layer them together for more warmth. His outfit actually seems very practical for surviving on EoE where I can't really tell if they have an actual shelter or not or if they are just sleeping amongst that broken ship. I actually really like those two pieces, especially the colour combo of the t-shirt, they are something I would actually wear myself and now I am going to look on the internet to see if I can find them or something similar. Going to pay more attention to people's outfits next week to see if there is some disparity in what each has been given to wear.
  15. blackwing

    S38 Reem Daly

    I don't think it's fair to say they voted her out simply because she was moving their clothes. They voted her out because she was bossy and irritating and they just didn't want to deal with her. When they mentioned something she got really argumentative really quickly.