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  1. smartymarty

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I don't think the show wants us to hate all of the Pearsons. So I credit that to bad writing. You must not know any Italians. Naming conventions call for first-born son to be named after baby's grandfather, second son named after baby's father. A third boy? Shift to the baby's mother's father. Many other ethnicities follow similar conventions, including naming conventions for female babies. http://pocketcultures.com/2011/04/13/children-naming-traditions/
  2. smartymarty

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Thank you. Yes, if risk of Kate's death, then definitely the flight out ASAP.
  3. smartymarty

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Was something said in the episode that Kate's life is in jeopardy right now, or is that just speculation on viewers' part? I didn't think the situation merited Randall flying out immediately considering Kate's husband, mother and other brother (and sister-in-law's sister) were already there. Husband and I both rolled our eyes at that. If I felt that Randall and Beth were still really rich, okay, but in our families, most would call and be concerned/pray, but not fly across the country last minute. Of course, in TIU land, money, time and space are not realistic. Also, could Toby not have gotten *any* college official to come to the graduation of four of its students?! Right on campus grounds? Ah, but then we would not have been treated to his silly costume and speech. I did like Rebecca saying to Kate that she thought Kate graduated "right on time." I wished she'd told teen Kate, who wasn't talking to Kevin (but was talking to Randall?) that everyone mourns differently, so STFU about your brother. I did not find it cute that Kevin and Kate had a special twinsies bond. Instead, I felt sorry for Randall. Also, while it's nice that the siblings support each other, make some friends already, people! I think that explains the plot much better than what the writers might have intended. I hope you are right. See comment above about realism in this show.
  4. smartymarty

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    Well, at least in America they would not have to live within the constraints of England's class system. I was okay with Sophie thinking of leaving her son behind when her husband had control of him. But once Victoria made it so that she and her son could live together, I was less convinced. And I thought Joseph was saying she could come back, or her son to America, once the son was no longer a minor, therefore it would only be a few years apart, which I didn't find too terrible, except, yeah, parents should choose their children over their lovers, especially when the other parent is so horrid.
  5. smartymarty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Okay, first, I've been corrected that it's only a three year span. Second, I apologize for not being clear that I don't suspect that everyone who has two children five years apart are not having much sex. I meant it about Jon and Delilah. We know D is quite fertile, getting pregnant in her 40s. We also know she is terrible about birth control. She and Jon got married after a shorter-than-most dating period. And they were not having much sex and/or were not connecting in the last few years (hence, Eddie). So the fact that she and Jon only had two children could be reflective of a bad sex life. The opposite -- that everyone with these conditions has a bad sex life -- is not what I am trying to say.
  6. smartymarty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    I meant to emphasize the five year span between the kids. Usually when people want kids, they have them closer together. On another note, if all four guys were playing hockey together in the airport, then that means that all four had a hockey stick. So why was it such a big deal to give Jon's to (was it) Eddie?
  7. smartymarty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    I was risky surmising about this. I was in a car in Florida, driving from a conference to, at first, the Tampa airport where I had a noon flight. Ended up driving for two days to get back to NJ. So I missed lots of coverage. When the plane went down in LI Sound, the airports didn't know whether it was terrorism or plane failure. They just didn't want subsequent passengers to know about it. On 9/11, other flights took off until the FAA realized terrorism and grounded all flights. Some planes going from A to B had to land at C instead.
  8. smartymarty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Come on -- they even made commented about how the award spelled his name wrong when they spelled it with an H. It's Jon, not John. (Just teasing you). This bothered me very much too. His letter to Delilah was typed, not handwritten, to boot. Yeah, we rolled our eyes too. Come on, show. You could have just had him in a car accident that Jon survived. And while I wasn't in an airport on 9/11 (though was supposed to fly later that day), I recall a friend telling me that when he was in LaGuardia waiting for a flight and another plane went down in Long Island Sound, the airport shut all TVs down immediately. I have trouble believing that Logan airport let people in the airport see that another plane had crashed. eta: I am now convinced that one set of writers wrote the Pilot and another set wrote the rest of the season. The second set might not have even watched the Pilot (seriously). When Gary (and Maggie?) went to Barbara Nelson's house and asked for Barbara Morgan, why wouldn't she or Mitch say "oh yes, that's me/her, that's my/her maiden name." Neither of them knew Gary or Maggie to have any reason to hide from them. Nor was Barbara hiding from them! In the Pilot, she went to the funeral, Second Set of Writers! She sat right behind Delilah. She told Eddie that his eulogy was nice. Had we seen her go through a receiving line, we can imagine her introducing herself to Delilah as an old college friend of Jon's. Not hiding! But from the Pilot on, she doesn't want anyone to know who she is. Why is that? Because the Second Set of Writers thought it would be neat to have TWO "the baby wasn't his" story lines? The Delilah and Eddie storyline was to make us think that was why Jon killed himself, but it was really Barbara/Patrick? The Pilot writers set up Jon's big I Committed Suicide Over It mystery as him fathering a child with his friend's girlfriend. This would all be revealed once Delilah saw the life insurance policy he left for Barbara's son, his son. Mystery solved, proceed with rest of the season (or have that revealed at the end of the season -- I'm flexible). Instead, the Second Set of Writers mangled this all by having Barbara suddenly hide, Ashley hide the papers, Jon tape a heartfelt apology to Barbara but neglect his family with Delilah. Instead of just a baby out of wedlock, he get that the friend dies (and not a mere accident or heart attack, but 9/11), and rather than marry Jon, the girlfriend married a fireman. Jon got back at her by quickly marrying some French chick he met at an airport bar, who he pretends to love while having only two children 5 years apart (bad sex life?), and keeping the old college apartment where his (first) son was conceived, all to the extent that it bankrupts him and, in turn, the family he didn't really like after all (hence them only getting a typed letter without mention of Sophie or Danny, much less explaining Barbara and Patrick). It was all a ruse, viewers of the Second Set of Writers' version! Aside from getting Gary through chemotherapy (just an excuse to put up a painting by his one true love), he wasn't that great a friend. Just a big spender with big words but no true heart. Hope we liked this version. Sure tricked us with the whole "Delilah is pregnant with Eddie's baby thing." Heck, at least we got a much better Katherine out of it.
  9. smartymarty

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I too was bored by Wayne and Amelia's relationship problems. But I appreciated their second "do-over" conversation as paralleling Wayne's dementia as well as the missteps in the investigation (it's Woodard; no forget that, it's Tom; no forget that, it's red-headed cop guy). Each time we're told to forget the past and just move forward. That's the only way Wayne and Amelia could stay together.
  10. smartymarty

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    Haven't seen it commented on, so thinking I'm way off. But is breast cancer surgery really that scary? They seemed to be worried that she wouldn't survive the surgery. But it's not like open heart surgery or anything. If I had a loved one in this surgery, I'd of course be at the hospital, but just reading a book (like Rome), not stressing and praying and everything. Linda's aneurysm didn't happen on the surgeon's table.
  11. smartymarty

    S01.E14: Someday

    I don't like her, but I quibble with your list. She cheated on her husband, yes. She did not break up someone else's marriage, Eddie broke up his marriage by cheating on his wife. Her lying once about the paternity of the child -- meh, it's nobody's business who she had sex with. She did not force someone else to lie, she asked someone else to lie. Eddie does not have to comply with her wishes, and he does not have to give up his rights to his own child. If you meant she's terrible because she asked him to lie and give up rights, then yes, that's terrible. IRL, they wouldn't have set an opening date until they had that secured.
  12. smartymarty

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    I couldn't stand how self-absorbed the main characters are. Not once did anyone say "It must have been terrible for Dad and Uncle Nicky to be estranged." No, it was all about "how dare Dad not let us know we had an uncle." And then when they meet Nicky in dire straits, it's all about their savior complexes instead of "what can we do for you, Nicky?" "Oh, Nick, can you tell me stories about the brother who disowned you?" Nick is a grown-ass man! Kevin particularly should know that he can't make Nick stop drinking -- it has to come from Nick. He can say "here are some VA hospitals. If you're interested, I'd be happy to help you," or "I see your trailer is leaking, may I help you fix it?" And when Nicky doesn't want to do anything, just ask "would you be okay if I checked in with you once a year?" That's how I would have handled it.
  13. smartymarty

    S02.E04: We're Going to the Catskills!

    Itsy-bitsy Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini came out in June 1960, so bikinis are not so far off. I wondered about there being a lake in the Catskills. Well, women certainly didn't because they were discouraged too. Until Title IX passed in 1972, girls/women were not exposed to heavier sports. It was scandalous in 1967 when Kathrine Switzer ran in the Boston Marathon (against the men-only rules). Susie thought that Midge would only be away two weeks, thus didn't think to book her in the Catskills. Once she learned two months though, that was why she went up there -- to book her at other resorts. Leaving the baby in the car and geez, almost everything concerning Abe at this point, are so over the top as to be annoying to me. And Joel came up there to be with his kids but his kids are nowhere to be seen. I guess at "kids' camp" all day. I understand the show not wanting to deal with child/baby actors, but it takes me out of the show sometime for things not to be portrayed realistically. And come on, writers. You really thought people talked about fonts in 1959? 99% of that audience would not know what a font was.
  14. smartymarty

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    That's his issue? So he sympathized with all women everywhere that don't get to give their children their name? Poor man.
  15. smartymarty

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    When he found that out PLUS when he found out he was not dying (he was in remission), he decided to keep the dog. The episode is titled "The Day Before." On that day, Maggie (1) set up a chemo appointment, (2) unpacked all of her things with her father, and (3) went to a cancer survivors support group, where she met Gary. In between (2) and (3) she decided not to do chemo??? The day before, Gary (1) found out he was officially in remission, (2) while at the doctor's office found out Jon had committed suicide, then (3) went to a cancer survivors support group where he met Maggie?? The next morning they went to the funeral together?? Do I have something wrong?