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  1. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S06.16: There Can Be Only One Highlander Club

    Loved___ this episode, many LOL moments.
  2. One4Sorrow2TooBad


    I really enjoyed this episode too. Coach Mellor actor deserves a nomination next year during awards shows. I hope this role leads to some awesome movie roles in the future. The show is a gem compared to some of the other crapshows out there. The clips at the end are so__ cool !
  3. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S23.E07: Week 7

    Is that the Bachelor season where they had the older guy (40's?) . I was thinking the women in that season were 20's and early 30's? I do remember they had a Bachelorette season once with a older woman(40's?) and 20's and early 30's something men? Honestly can't remember any followup later on the outcomes.
  4. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Live PD

    Yep, the dipshit wanted to act like he didn't understand English when the police were telling him what to do, then he decided to drop his hands down in front of his body. The police didn't know if he possibly had a gun tucked in his waistband. Guess what, play stupid games ,. win stupid prizes , thus the slam to the ground. The police put their lives on the line every day and more and more we keep reading about idiots out there wanting to kill them.
  5. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    I really was hoping Chip Coffey was going to be the ghost hunter on the episode. 😀
  6. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S23.E07: Week 7

    Ok, I'll throw this out there, honestly, when I saw the previews of the hometowns last night, I got a negative vibe when they showed Caelynn's tribe, just sayin.
  7. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Am I the only one who wonders why the Hell Colton keeps giving Tayshia a rose????
  8. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    I thought the Evine Ocean Voyage cruise started Monday night, but the ship doesn't sail til Friday.
  9. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    JTV: Jewelry Shopping From The Comfort Of Home

    Casey was one of my favs on JTV, it was nice to see her finally get a few solo shows .
  10. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    I figured out it was Body and Soul ,but I'm not sure who's playing it. What a great tune and wonderful dance number.
  11. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S05.E14: Cupid's Crossbow

    You're right rmontro, I was also under the impression Trent said he had sisters(3?) . So it made sense one of them wrote the note.
  12. One4Sorrow2TooBad


    That was so funny when he said Narc! I'm outta here.
  13. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    Loved the 40's music they played in the NYC scene. Would have been so sweet to hear Vera Lynn singing The white Cliffs Of Dover. Was the first song an Artie Shaw redition?
  14. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    Who are the other 3 women they have on the show chatting it up with Kim about the toys etc....?
  15. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    Hmmm, well, there was a 2 hour After Dark show from midnight to 2 am. featuring Kimberley Wells and 3 or 4 other seasoned ladies chatting it up about dildos, sex lube,skin lotions and the joy of bringing sex toys to spice things up . Did anyone else tune in for this? What was up with all their legs being shiny like they had been oiled up??? I could definitely see ol' Skunky ending up hosting this show if she ever got canned at HSN.