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  1. Hanahope

    S44.E12: Halsey

    I love that the current cast has enough people for the Dem Trumps skit.
  2. Hanahope

    S04.E03: The Bad News Bear

    Yeah I seem to recall having the impression that Fogg used the memory potion primarily to get "those meddling kids" out of the way. didn't want to kill them, but didn't want them ganging up together to "fix" things.
  3. Hanahope

    The Defenders

    Well, a lot more answers after 4 episodes. Weaver already got the rebirth, she's just been alive so damn long her body is finally breaking down. So....not really immortal? I presume the Hand wants the IF so he can knock down the mysterious wall? One still wonders what the very deep hole from DD is for. Clearly K'un Lun doesn't train their people with brain knowledge, just how to fight. Bad idea. And given how easy it is to overwhelm Danny, could he really have fought them all off at K'un Lun' s pass? Will Matt get through to Elektra? I really can't tell what she's thinking, if she is still buying the Hand's bullshit, or just playing along.
  4. Hanahope

    The Defenders

    Started this series now. It will be nice to see them all work together. Its sure a rough beginning. So I guess if its a normal human who gets the rebirth process, they retain their memories, but not a 'black sky'? How is a 'black sky' born/discovered? Sigourney Weaver makes a great villian. I guess they don't have time to drain more people to rebirth her? Why not? she's known about her illness for quite some time, it appears. Its kindof funny seeing Mme. Gao be so subserviant to Weaver. I wonder what Weaver thought happened to Gao while she was captured by Danny/Hand? Was the other Hand working with Weaver too? Or just Gao's Hand?
  5. Hanahope

    Iron Fist

    Ok, the ending made little sense. Joy is now so anti-Danny she's considering killing him? The Hand abandoned their fortress and left Gao there? Davos is now so anti-Danny he's willing to join forces with Gao/Hand to kill him? I guess cremation works as well as beheading.
  6. Hanahope

    S44.E12: Halsey

    I thought Halsey did a fine job, both acting and singing. I enjoyed the show. Riverdale was sort of meh to me, but the other skits were pretty good. Of course they skewered VA a lot this week, and devote the cold open to Bezos. Have to show "balance", lol, yeah sure. Also, while I appreciated the thought behind the valentines day song, "I don't want to think about you", I think its fine for parents to give young kids valentine stuff. But yeah, once they move out, I think its done.
  7. Hanahope

    Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

    Finally saw this yesterday on DVD. Overall, it was good, but I still prefer the first movie. Lily James did an outstanding job and really sold Donna, definitely the best part of the movie, other than Cher's performance/song. and the finale was fun too, with the whole cast. The retconing of Harry, though, really took me out of his story. How hard would it have been to dress him up with a long hair wig and some real heavy metal accoutrements? Really, all the young men looked like present day young men, as opposed to young men in 1979 or 80. Sure the women's clothes were appropriate for the time, but the men's sure were not. My understanding as to why Donna/Meryl was not much in the movie/had to die was because Meryl didn't really want to do a full movie sequel (as she's never done a sequel before). It certainly made the movie more emotional, especially the christening scene. I did lol at the passport control guy still there after 20+ years. I liked how they incorporated Waterloo and got the cameo of Benny.
  8. Hanahope

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    Last month, I heard about a podcast, Mueller She Wrote, which is a weekly review of the lastest Mueller investigation activities.
  9. Hanahope

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    Yup, seen those. and Pearl's ending.
  10. Hanahope

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    So I finally finished watching this via On Demand. Having never seen a stage version of Rent, only the film done by most of the original cast, I thought it was decent enough. I was only familiar with Vanessa Hudgens and I recognized the actor who played Tom from JCS, both of whom I thought were really good. I agree that Angel and Mimi were definitely weak links, the rest of the cast was decent enough. I thought in general the acting was well done. Since I've never seen a stage version, I did wonder about the staging of Seasons of Love, because I assumed it was always the iconic line. With the way Fox did it, I wondered if it was in order to give Kealy Settle the main female voice (again, partly because the cast as a whole only ok at singing). I thought it was an interesting way to stage the song, different, but effective with the message they were trying to convey. Agree with others that the live finale was nice to see the original cast, but definitely Adam Pascal and the new Roger got screwed with being stuck back on the table while everyone else moved significantly further away from them. That could have been handled a lot better.
  11. Hanahope

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    So it looks like Fogg does know its Julia as Kim? He got such a quick look before his spyglass broke, I wasn't sure. But then when he talked to her again in his office (and letting her stay in the first place despite her apparent failure of the test), he sure seemed like he knew who she was. So why is he keeping her at Brakebills? Is he realizing that his agreement with the Library was ultimately a bad one? He wants magic to return to its former ways and sees Julia as a way to do that (since she does have inherent magic)? Can't wait to find out! And I loved the rest of the group (minus Q and E) getting together from the comic book. Kady as a detective, lol. Of course Margo would be in fashion and I loved how she blinged up the eyepatch. Poor Margo flung back to Fillory with no knowledge of what happened. Hopefully the fairies will help her out there. And Marina!!! I'm so glad they brought the character back (even if its a slightly different version of her). I do wonder how hedge witches even have magic if its so restricted by the library. They have to explain that. And finally Q and E, poor Q watching E kill the ice cream vendor over jimmies/sprinkles.
  12. Hanahope

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    I spent a few hours over a couple of days trying to get different stories. Looks like I got all except Stefan killing the video game company owner and Colin's wife. I'm pretty sure I know how to get to at least one of those, but I've seen the show enough that I don't think it makes much of a difference in the end, he still ends up in prison, and probably just an extra line or two of dialogue during the TV show about the other murder. If I'm wrong, and there's more that's different to the story, please someone let me know. I may go back and work towards that ending at some point, I was able to do a little bit of FF through some parts, which helped. I thought it was a cool idea, though it did seem that some of the choices either made no difference, or you had to eventually choose regardless. But I guess that's what made Stefan's game finally do well.
  13. Hanahope

    S44.E11: James McAvoy / Meek Mill

    When Stone came on, I'm trying to figure out who it was. At first I thought DeNiro, but then I remembered how much he sleepwalks through Mueller and Stone was much more animated. I finally figured out it was Martin. Cecilly does a great Jeanine Piro and Kate was hilarious as Wilbur Ross. and I lol'd at Alex's open-mouthed Tucker. I've never watched the Bachelor, but from seeing the SNL skits, I just have to wonder, wtf with the 5 second 'conversations' and the "missed you." Ugh, glad I never watched the real show. I was surprised that I actually understood most of the Scottish ATC. I guess that's from listening a lot to my husband's french family speak English, so I'm used to figuring out the word from a heavy accent. I didn't quite see the need to do the whole "kylie jenner" part though. The Charmin commercial was hilarious. McAvoy was a wonderful Philadelphian. Narnia was a bit weird, I was definitely into Narnia as a kid/teen and I never heard anyone have such "thoughts" about Mr. Tumnus. Ah, Nawlins bringing back the "Coooooba" WE always great, especially since the jokes are pretty easy with trump. Liked Soulja, Cathy Ann is okay. Yeah, the two boys with the hose, I'm kinda done with that skit. I also really liked the dog rap and Leslie's UES bit. McAvoy as the German baker was funny. Yeah, another rapper. so FF.
  14. Hanahope

    Bird Box (2018)

    Haven't read the book yet. I liked the movie. Sure had some leaps there, though. Like how the minions were able to find Mallory and Tom at the home they went to forage, and almost found Mallory in another one, yet never seemed to find them in the home they actually lived in. Were the creatures telling the minions where to go, but somehow the creatures never saw M and T at the home? And it sure seemed like there were a lot of the creatures, if they continued to hang around places that seemingly looked unhabitated. And why did the cop and punker leave? Really, they thought it was better to leave a place with food, shelter, etc? Considering the boat they were in, even looking wouldn't have prevented their fall into the water, so good call Mallory. Agreed that there was a bit of leap with both kids surviving (who presumably never had swim lessons) as well as the box of birds. I don't know if the book went back and forth like the movie did, but I presumed the movie started with the later scenes so we knew what "bird box" meant. Agreed that Tom kindof blew it by not letting Malkovich out of the garage first. He did see the drawings, so he knew something bad was up with Gary. I didn't realize that really was Malkovich at first. I kept thinking, boy they sure got someone who sounds a lot like Malkovich for the show. Hah! I had assumed that Gary waited till the women gave birth because they'd be fairly incapacitated, so two less people to deal with right away. I assumed that the Blind School had a front entrance with a road, and that the woods/river area where Mallory entered was the back door. I did wonder how they got enough food for everyone there.
  15. Hanahope

    Selma (2014)

    I finally saw this last night from a Netflix DVD. given recent events, I find it very important to be reminded of history. That the Voting Rights Act, which took these heruclean efforts by Dr. King and others is now practically gutted is a crime, as violations of voting rights continue to this day. It also depicts how civil war 'memoriabilia' was and is always used for intimidation. Wonderful performances. I think this is a movie that should be shown in schools.