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  1. Thisgirllovespasta


    I never even heard about this until I watched 20/20 the other day. so sad for the father. Losing his wife and now his only daughter. How can anyone believe Liam??? You see the police body cam and see the poor dog in the crate. How would he know the dog was in the crate if he wasn't there??? They reported the dog was never crated and had free run of the house. His mother with the crocodile tears... The way she sobbed about sarah but she couldn't muster up one tear? She must have known something.
  2. Thisgirllovespasta

    Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    She is doing blog now. She is super sweet. Here insta is: https://www.instagram.com/terranewell and she has one for cash https://www.instagram.com/cashmoneythepuppy
  3. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    isn't Adrian a hippie and a vegan? Why would he move a sea slug?
  4. Thisgirllovespasta

    Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    I follow Terra on instagram and she looks great!
  5. Thisgirllovespasta

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Yes they let the dog stay with her in the hospital. if I recall from the podcast she said something like that the only way she would go to the hospital is if she could bring her dog.
  6. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    You made my day... I always thought I was the only one who thought Dave should have won. And that description is SPOT on!
  7. Thisgirllovespasta

    S01.E07: Chivalry

    It was so he could watch Debra's every move.
  8. Thisgirllovespasta

    S01.E07: Part 7

    Thank you!!! I had no idea!!!
  9. Thisgirllovespasta

    S01.E07: Part 7

    I thought the entire series was amazing. Thank you for posting the investigation .doc. When I first watched the real interview with Tilly, I kind of felt a little sorry for her but that went out as soon as I read the NYS findings. Does anyone know what they were sprinkling in the woods? It looks like it was something to maybe cover their scent? They weren't too concerned about wiping away finger prints from any thing they touched. When Sweat told Matt to make it look like a branch hit through the bathroom window... I couldn't help but think, your fingerprints are every where! anyone else think they should have put flatulence sounds after Matt drank the tainted water? When I first saw him walking in the woods and he was walking a little funny, I thought he was soiling himself...
  10. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    I don't know if you all saw this. But this was on instagram... https://instagram.com/p/BqI-BjCjzmH/
  11. Thisgirllovespasta

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    When ever I see him, he looks like a young John Goodman
  12. Thisgirllovespasta

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    Anyone see DJ khaled's instagram?? he's cutting a steak and I am pretty sure you hear Darcey in the background... Give it a watch and listen....
  13. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E02: Young and Restless

    LOL To be honest... when I was little we used to dress our cat but it would render it powerless and it's equilibrium would be off so it would just lay their like a slug.
  14. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E02: Young and Restless

    Yes so funny because every time she said "sam-wah" it reminded me people who try and class up Target with Tar-jay.
  15. Thisgirllovespasta

    S06.E02: Young and Restless

    When Leida kept saying "that's not proper... that's not proper..." I couldn't believe that was someone who wants to be a doctor. I have a family member who has special needs and they don't even act like that.