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  1. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Little People in the Media

    Yeah, really sick of Matt pulling the old, tired “I’m thinking about selling the farm” line out of his ass. Really old, really tired. Here’s why I don’t think that will happen. The farm, at this point, is the show. That doesn’t mean it needs to be, it just is. They could retool the whole thing to be the Zak and Tory show, focusing in on how they are raising the next generation of little people and comparing and contrasting it with what we saw as issues in Matt and Amy, or even Zak’s generation. I would watch that and probably enjoy it. It may be more like the original idea for this show, before it became the Amy vs. Matt show. And for that reason, I would not like to see either one of them buy the other out and effectively be pushed out of the show. Of course we know a total sale will NEVER happen, as it will cut off Matt and Amy’s revenue stream and that won’t work. I doubt that Amy can make a sustainable living off of cakes, and Caryn would flat out leave Matt if there were no money for real estate, nice trips and what not. Don’t forget, she would lose her “job” too. OTOH, maybe Matt and Amy may have invested wisely and be ready for this . . .
  2. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    I think we all started watching the show for the same reasons. For me personally, I thought that by watching this show I would get inspiration to keep active, eat right while still having fun (Mr. Warrior and I love our wines, bourbons and cooking all types of foods). What I got was none of that. What TLC needs to provide is something just like that, because I know I’m not alone, and at my age (50s), I want to be healthier and more active and I could use the inspiration. I have gone back and forth between a size 4 and a size 18 my entire life because of fad diets and procedures and there really just isn’t anything on TV to show you just how to live a reasonable life where you can be fit and still enjoy your meals and activities. Who/what network wants to take this on? Here is the problem I see. Twit sees herself as having a disability and the show is now starting to skew itself in that direction, rather than the way we all originally thought it would be. The reason? It sells better. Think about it. If Twit had lost weight during the run of this show and normalized herself, she would have worked herself right out of a job. She doesn’t have the personality or the work ethic to be a life coach or role model to anyone. We don’t all hate her or get disgusted by her because she is fat. We hate and cringe at her because she pees in hot tubs and orders her friends and family around like she is some sort of monarch. Who can get on board with that? I just wish the network would pull the plug already on this dumpster fire that’s is so decidedly uninspirational.
  3. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Where the hell is that damn vomit icon????
  4. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I agree, and I agree that she looks pretty in the pictures above. There is nothing more attractive than happiness and confidence, and it shows on her face. Two things this life style have not afforded her in a long time. The comments about peace, etc. are starting to make me think that one of two things have happened; Kootie has taken her back into the rotation and we are seeing the glow of someone who suddenly feels wanted again 🤢, OR we are seeing the happy glow of someone that has just decided that she has a lot going well for her (i.e., two businesses, gorgeous rental, nothing tying her down) and endless possibilities to find her own happiness. For her sake, I hope it is the latter and I agree that she could probably be a happy drunk and a fun time if separated from the clowns. Hell, even knowing what I know about her passive aggressive tendencies and depressing situation, I’d still party with her and I bet she would be a blast. I can’t help but think it would be a different Mary if she got out on her own. I would even go so far as to say that I would watch a show of her doing just that, way before I would tune into another boring episode of Sister Wives. I would pay half of my life savings to see the look on Kootie and Sobbin’s faces if the network said to them, you are done, but we’ve struck a great deal with Mary and she has a brand new series. Can you see them all falling over themselves to get in her good graces? Hilarious! Not the boss anymore, huh Kootie? Blessed cummupance! Now, what do we call this show, so I can write the proposal to the network?
  5. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S05.E11 Reevaluation Realness

    And was anyone else waiting for the obligatory “shame on me” from Jeanette after she admitted that Jazz couldn’t be trusted and couldn’t take care of herself? I, like many of the others on this board, pride myself that I raised my children to be trustworthy and self sufficient. If Jeanette admits on TV that Jazz is 18 and can’t be trusted with simple self preservation tasks and responsibilities, I would think that Jeanette would have to take part or all of the blame for that. Especially since her other children do not seem to have the same issues. I know that Jazz was/is considered someone that had a special needs childhood, but every child should be raised with the goal of integrity and independence. Those skills weren’t taught to Jazz if she is in this shape now.
  6. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Is there a doctor in the house? Is “arches seizing” the same thing as “plantar fasciitis”? Because, IIRC, that was her go-to excuse in Hawaii as to why she was in agonizing pain. I called BS back then because I’ve actually grappled with plantar fasciitis and wore a boot to bed for a couple months and had a special orthotic in my shoe to get rid of it. It hurt when I first got up out of bed, until I walked it out, then I was fine. Now there is nary a mention of plantar fasciitis this year. She really should keep a book of the excuses she uses and when she used them, if for nothing other than story continuity.
  7. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S06.E09: Hiking and Biking and Bears, Oh My!

    🤢 🤮
  8. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S06.E09: Hiking and Biking and Bears, Oh My!

    Y’all, there are just some things that shouldn’t be done for money. Getting into a hot tub after that pig had just peed in it is certainly one of them. I actually wretched while watching that, especially when they all just climbed in after expressing their disgust. I think that really just went too far. A much better scene would have been to see everyone sitting around the outside of the hot tub, talking and enjoying their drinks while Pissney bobbed around alone in her disgusting piss cocktail, braying and giggling to herself. Unlike anything else on this whole show, THAT would have been reality.
  9. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Mariah Brown: The Only Planet I'm Applying to is Westminster College

    Why, oh why would you dye your hair black, pencil in heavy looking eye brows and stop washing or combing your hair when your natural look was like the picture above? I guess I had forgotten what she used to look like, but her features are actually soft and pretty there. Oh . . . I guess I just answered my own question . . .
  10. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Aftermath in the Media

    Thanks MisterBluxom, I check in on Mike’s blog periodically and I just subscribed. It’s a good way to keep up with things during the off season. I wanted to pass on something that I read about on Mike’s blog today. I will leave it up to the moderators whether this is the correct place to post it or if we can post it on several of the threads to get maximum saturation. I think we have talked about the Aftermath Foundation being an awesome way to help those who have suffered at the hands of Co$ and/or feel trapped. Certainly Aaron’s YouTube video the other day about his most recent brush with “fair gaming” was a good reminder of the good that the foundation is doing. I know that not everyone has a lot of money to give to charity and it might be difficult to budget a contribution to the foundation. But, did you know that the Aftermath Foundation is set up with Amazon.Smile? Just by making your normal Amazon purchases through their charity division, they will donate a portion to the charity of your choice. So you don’t really have to do anything extra to help people. Just designate who you want Amazon to donate to and make your regular purchases. Tell everyone you know that shops on Amazon a lot! Or just make it a goal to tell two people. For those of us wondering what we can do - there you go! I trust the foundation to vet recipients and use my contributions in the best way possible. Thanks for listening.
  11. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Aftermath in the Media

    Just one question y’all: How do we get this entire package of information to the network news stations, AP and American 60 Minutes for further investigation and dissemination to the general public? Aaron needs to go broader than this so it gets picked up and run with and I know that he and Leah’s group have to have the connections. Maybe (as he hinted in the end) they are making an Aftermath episode out of it, but who knows when/if another season will happen. This should be reported on to a larger audience quickly, before Co$ has a chance to cover their tracks. It sounds like they have been caught with their pants down to me. Clearwater police are in a position to have to be honest right now, as soon as it is no longer an active investigation.
  12. HighlandWarriorGrl

    S03.E11: Church and State

    As a Catholic, I would like to get back to talking about Scientology, since that is the purpose of this board. Thanks.
  13. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Aftermath in the Media

    I think the same thing, and I think we have all seen first hand what Co$ is able to do to people, but I think A&E needs to come out to the public and say, for all to see, that they had two other shows filmed and weren’t able to show them for very important reasons. Let the viewers draw their own conclusions - we all can. But to just stop the season early, without saying anything about it allows Co$ to remain cloaked in mystery and power. And isn’t that what we are trying to bring out into the light with this show? Shouldn’t we at least have a wrap up show with discussion about the Foundation, etc.? We are with you Leah and Mike - don’t leave us hanging.
  14. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Aftermath in the Media

    After reading the Tony Ortega article my only question is; who do we contact at A&E and how do we put pressure on them to show the episodes or at least announce publicly why they aren’t? If Co$ is blocking the truth, I at least want that made public so it gets put in the file along with all of the other Co$ “holy deeds.” If a former member threatened to commit suicide if their episode was shown, there is reason. Let’s publicly ask Co$ why and hear their religious answer . . . Damn them!
  15. HighlandWarriorGrl

    Aftermath in the Media

    Sadly, my feeling is that poor Shelly is far beyond the point where they can “clean her up” and trot her out to put the speculation to rest. If by some miracle, she is still well enough, sane enough or presentable enough to put in front of a camera, I’m sure Co$ is afraid she would crack and rat them out. Then everything would come tumbling down and they are NEVER going to allow that. Leah and Mike may not have been doing God’s work while in scientology like they thought they were, but they certainly ARE now. I wish them strength and courage and the continued backing and support of the public/media/law enforcement/government to continue what they are doing. If anyone can save Shelly and so many others, it’s those two and the people that support them and won’t stop until it’s over.