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  1. KillBill

    S01.E08: Milk

    Hmm... little girls killing other little girls just for the fun of it, and getting away with it. I needed more... the story seems unfinished...so many unanswered questions. When Amma realizes Camille has figured it out, does she just allow her to call the police? And Amma loved Adora so much that she let her poison her but allowed her to take the downfall for her murders? I don't believe Alan was innocent and he's technically an accomplice to Marian's murder and the poisoning of Amma and Camille, so why is he not in jail? Although I wish we had more episodes, I can appreciate the finale because it leaves Amma's motive open to interpretation and creates a since of intrigue around all the characters and their actions.
  2. KillBill

    S01.E04: Ripe

    Does anyone else feel the need to watch each episode twice, maybe three times? I feel like there's so many little details i miss the first viewing. Why has Camille just forgiven Amma after she was a complete bitch to her last episode? Showing off for her friends and being disrespectful to her older sister is unacceptable and she'll likely do it again. I can't picture Amma hanging out with the two dead girls in the shed at all! She seems like the shallow type and even admitted they weren't the cool/ popular girls. Her scene with the weird teacher was a little mysterious...if we're going with the theory of Amma leading girls to the killer then maybe it could be him? seeing as she's dying for his attention. The "sex scene" between Camille and the detective was laughable (Oh no don't kiss me but its totally ok to finger me in the forest) and juvenile but i guess the shock of her scarred body would have ruined the mood. Her reaction to the detectives opinion of what happened to the cheerleaders in the forest makes me think she believes she wasn't gang raped. Maybe something else happened to her which lead to her cutting. She masturbated to the memories of the creepy shed in a previous episode but now she seems afraid to be in the shed (why is she so confusing?). Just a thought but is it possible the flashbacks of being in the forest with the football team aren't bad memories for Camille but maybe she's reminiscing of her first sexual experience? It just doesn't make sense that she thinks she wasn't raped but then cuts herself because of it. I think Camille's cutting is most definitely connected to Adora's behavior. The final scene when Camille rushes home to find Amma but she's not in her room, she runs down the stairs and there's a girl sitting on the level above? is that Amma? or a ghost figure of her dead sister? I was so confused, I watched the scene three times because i couldn't make out who it was and how Camille could miss the person sitting right infront of her.
  3. KillBill

    S01.E03: Fix

    I'm curious as to why Adora hates Camille so much and why she blames her for everything. It seems reckless to blame her own daughter for random things knowing she cuts herself. I'm fascinated by this show and the quick glimpses of the past but its so annoying not having any back story. Why did Adora visit Camille at the facility but was so angry that she threw the roses to the ground? Adora criticizes Camille's every action but rewards Amma with affection while she displays the same behavior (sneaking out, drinking). How does Adora notice Camille sneaking out and excessive drinking but never Amma...strange. Amma seems to have a bit of a split personality. One second she's a perfect pretty doll, the next she's the ultimate bad girl. Also how weird was her confrontation with Camille when she found her with the detective!? Amma is such a bully
  4. KillBill

    S02.E13: The Word

    I get June's logic in staying even though it was the dumbest decision she made yet. I highly doubt Waterford's offer still stands after she kidnapped Nichole. What if she gets pregnant again or is sent to the colonies? Staying wouldn't have helped one bit. June's escape attempts were orchestrated by other people who risked their lives for her. She cannot come up with a plan on her own so how does she intend to save Hannah and herself when she has no power? Next season, maybe Commander Lawrence will help her get into contact with Hannah without the Waterford's help.
  5. KillBill

    S02.E10: The Last Ceremony

    Serena Joy is batshit crazy! I couldn't believe she would even suggest such a thing. She looked like a spoilt little brat when the doctor said he wouldn't induce the labor. She thinks she should have complete control over June, even over something as natural as giving birth.How does she feel holding down another woman while she's being raped?....so nauseating. I wonder who came up with the idea for the wives to pretend to be in labor and why the rest of them agreed it was an excellent idea? Cause they all look ridiculous. The scene with Hannah and June broke my heart, how cruel to let her only see her daughter for ten minutes! Its almost like the Waterfords' plan to get the baby out is to put June through more hell than usual. Poor Hannah, I can't imagine as a child being stripped away from my family and everything I know. And i totally sympathize with her blaming June for not finding her. She most likely doesn't completely understand the whole dynamic of Gilead. When Hannah left and another car drove up, i thought "Yessssss, Nick came through with another escape plan!" but nope....Why did they have to shoot Nick? it wasn't necessary and why wouldn't they check the rest of the house to see if anyone else was there? A part of me believes it was a set up because the whole deduction that he was lying from one question, shooting and throwing him into the car so quickly seemed like a show for June. Also does Karma not exist in this show? The Waterfords are overdue.
  6. KillBill

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    I felt disappointed with this episode on so many levels. Why would June ever think Serena was her friend ? I knew she would take out her anger on June after Waterford beat her. Luke and Nick's scene seemed so rushed! A lot more questions should have been asked on Luke's part and it was the perfect opportunity to make an escape plan for June or at least set up a way for communication between them. Nick has got to be my favourite character in the show...but why was it necessary for him to go on the trip to Canada? The Waterford's were provided with a driver and security so why not leave him at home? . It seemed unlikely he would be able to locate Luke in the first place and travel with the letters undetected. He also worked with the resistance in an attempt to free June and was the only person never caught or even suspected. With the way this show goes I don't think Nick's invincibility will last much longer. I sense that Eden knows there is something going on between them and will get Nick in to trouble.