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  1. Surprised to see 2 year vets chosen for this special occasion over more tenured vets or even group leaders. Wonder who chooses the girls who get to go?
  2. Found out Lexie also got Abby Bear! Game Day girl, Abby Bear, and a Cowboys win! Great night for her!
  3. Yay! She’s my favorite! Solid dancer, beautiful girl, well spoken, doesn’t over promote herself ... like some... an all around great DCC representative.
  4. Heard she changed the wedding date in order to try out!
  5. Lexie DID make show group! They took 17 this year because a vet won't be as available as is required.
  6. Gina was very good. She does, however, need to stay in formation.
  7. Gonna speculate that Show Group is at least the eight vets from last year plus the two new GLs. That makes ten. Since the best dancers are on the outside of the big triangle, maybe Lexie. Probably not Christina or Savannah because of dance ability. Thoughts on other vets? No clue about rookies.
  8. I hear Lindsay B was second cut.
  9. Travis Wall as guest choreographer! Thanks for the Insta info Lauren!