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  1. DEL901

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    Why was Jackson working in the ER and meeting the incoming traumas? Isn’t he plastics?
  2. DEL901

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    Yes, the whole "research" aspect of the show is ludicrous. Not just Maggie's research, but Meredith working on that idea that "came to her in a dream". Researchers spend years making these things happen. She's just making some notes and I have no doubt she'll have a working prototype by the end of the season. I think that Koricick *may* have gotten through Owen's thick head, just a little, when he confronted him about trying to get between him and Teddy. "You've chosen Amelia over her multiple times. I love her and she's my number 1." As for DeLuca and Karev... I was so mad at Karev. He threw DeLuca into the mix (some kind of altruistic gesture because he's dating Meredith?!?!?!) and then didn't like it when he go emotional and then when he fixed everything, still banned him from the surgery. Just because you are worried about Jo, don't be a dick, Karev. And speaking of Jo, her face was in the shadows, but she looked bad... bruised? Something went horribly wrong with the visit.
  3. DEL901

    S17.E01: Premiere

    100% agree!
  4. DEL901


    I was surprised no one challenged his health claim. I've seen multiple vets post that dogs need meat. Of course, they'll eat almost anything, but to get enough nutrition, they need meat. And agree about the annoying kids and product. What happened to meeting your obligations (as appropriate by age)? When they get their first job, are they going to expect stickers from the boss when they show up more or less on time?
  5. DEL901

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    Hated hated hated Owen treating Teddy like she couldn’t do anything because of her pregnancy and hated Koranick walking in on Owen comforting Teddy and misunderstanding....because I felt bad for K So daddy DeLuca’s story line wanover quick. Mer wasn’t a very supportive girlfriend when DeLuca felt so crappy. Mama Karev’s Storyline ended pretty abruptly too. And, seriously, Maggie went on tv to talk about her family history?
  6. DEL901

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    She picked the rapper???.?.?..?..
  7. DEL901

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Okay. The rapper has to go. Now
  8. DEL901


    They didn’t even make the printer. They bought it and r sold bundled with their software.
  9. DEL901

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    I just misread this thread title as "The Women Yell All". And regarding anyone saying I just tell it like it is... that's code for I'll be as rude as I want to and it is your problem if you don't like it. The pacifier stunt as assault as well as asinine. What a bunch they found for him. Colton should have kept going after he jumped the fence and never came back.
  10. DEL901

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Oops wrong thread
  11. DEL901

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    ... especially since someone at the hospital is around six months pregnant...
  12. DEL901

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    As roosters are male, they don't produce any eggs. Definitely eat him first. But I wouldn't even worry about long term egg production. There are usually tribal swaps and merges and whatever and what's yours today might be someone else's tomorrow, so eat up while you can.
  13. DEL901

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    I've always had a soft spot for Owen. Even when he effed up bad, but this is it. The end. I get that he was angry that he wanted to try again and Amelia didn't, but his response was downright nasty. He even brought up the tumor and said that she hadn't changed, ever after surgery. He's going to find life as a single dad challenging, especially when Teddy's baby is born. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. I agree that it is her story, but to announce in a podcast about Richard and Ellis. And she's also worried that it will hurt her father (Tip, Maggie, give him a call and talk to him before he finds out). Baby in a bag? Gee, what could go wrong with that? It's not even Senior DeLucca's medical specialty. I get why DeLucca wants to believe in his father. He grew up with his mother. Whereas Carina grew up with dear old dad and suffered through his illness,, so I understand her position too. Of course the program will be green-lighted. The only question is which baby will they try it on first? Teddy's? Given it is Grey's, there's no doubt in my mind that this project will go south and fast.
  14. DEL901

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    It is a timing thing. Bachelorette starts filming after the Bachelor ends. Bachelor doesn't start filming in until after Paradise ends.
  15. DEL901