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  1. driver18

    S17.E03: Auditions (3)

    One thing that really struck me was that I found I didn't mind all the stuff with the judges because I could see how that it was helping to calm the nerves of the contestants. Because of that we were able to get better performances out of them.
  2. driver18


    Yeah, I like Shannon myself. I like all of the characters, and I'm glad that we're seeing more of Ben too. I like him. I really do hope the show gets renewed as I find myself laughing quite a bit and that's what I want from a sitcom. It's not breaking any boundaries, but it's enjoyable.
  3. driver18


    Actually, Fam is getting decent ratings (comparatively) in its timeslot and is holding its own compared to other CBS comedies in that timeslot before. It has a pretty good chance of being renewed. The show is gelling pretty nicely as it continues.
  4. driver18

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    I took a different take from the Nic scene with that guy who I can't be bothered to remember his name. I really liked it. She completely avoided addressing it because she wanted to keep things as light as could be and got her ass out of there as quickly as possible because it was just the two of them. She was *uncomfortable* and in a situation that she wasn't expecting with this guy. She didn't look flattered or enticed by the possibility but bothered. She thought they had a good working relationship. She thought they were a good team. She knew that HE knew she had a boyfriend, and then here he was presuming that not only he, but SHE felt like there was something more. And again she felt uncomfortable. I hope I read that right because if so, it looks like she could be an interesting road the rest of this story travels.
  5. driver18


    I think the show is beginning to click pretty well. I'm finding it pretty funny regularly now.
  6. driver18

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    It was weird not seeing as much of the rest of the 99 crew as we usually do, but I still loved this episode. It might be one of my favorites. I legit laughed so long and so hard when Rosa turned to Jake crying, "She reminded me of my mom." I mean, I knew why she made the promise to the vic's mom, but when she turned to Jake with that look and said that all teary-eyed, I just lost it. Jake and Rosa together were just fantastic, and what we did see of the others, well, they were fabulous.
  7. driver18

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    I loved this episode, loved everything about it. I loved Nic and Conrad. I loved Bell and Kit. I loved the older gay couple and how the one chose to make his dreams reality because that was the only way it could be (I mean, it legit made me tear up). I loved how the Raptor is a romantic. I loved Irving and Jessica. I loved how the niece stayed not super nice and didn't suddenly have a personality transplant because that's just how people are. I loved how every story worked together and flowed. I just loved everything. It was a great episode for me.
  8. driver18

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Willow is possibly the worst actress this show has had for a while. I can barely concentrate in any scene she's in. She's just so awful. I am practically in awe of just how truly terrible she is. There is a complete unnaturalism to her "acting" that I almost want to cry. Everything about her makes me long for a scene with anyone else. Even Sonny. Or Carly. Or geez, even Spinelli. She's so bad.
  9. driver18

    S02.E14: Faces

    I am just not enjoying the show as much. This episode was a pretty good reason why. - Firstly, despite her (appreciated) limited appearance, I still don't get why Resnick was made a series regular. She was so thoroughly unlikable last season and simply nothing they've done or--as far as I can think of--they can do, other than completely overhauling the character, can make her likable. And if they do that... well, what's the point of having her on board other than as a villain? And this show doesn't need a villain-like character such as her. I simply can't stand her. I honestly loathe her. I resent any screen time she takes away from the other characters. - I liked Melendez and Lim as friendly/bickering rivals. The episode where they first slept together, I was hoping throughout the whole thing that the show would not go there with them... and then it did. *sigh* And now we're here and it sucks because here is boring. And, in my opinion, Nicholas Gonzalez and Christina Chang just do not have any sexual heat or chemistry. Nada. Their scenes, which once were fun, and full of platonic, one-upmanship banter between long-term rivals based on skill and confidence have been reduced to pathetic 'I like you, but it's making our workplace atmosphere complicated' {sad face} dramaz! Oh noes! - I WANT MORE CLAIRE! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE CLAIRE! - I WANT MORE CLAIRE AND SHAWN! Lordy, I can't even remember the last time they worked on a case together! - Speaking of Shawn... echoing what others have said, yeah, can we get back to Shawn being the center of the show that is titled The Good Doctor, Shawn being the afore-mentioned good doctor? This came on Monday, but I just got around to watching it now because I'm just not as interested anymore. Yes, it's good that the other characters are rounded out, but my goodness, Shawn should be the main character, not just ONE of the characters. And in this episode, he was just a supporting character to Glassman's story. - At least, the Glassman story wasn't FF-worthy, though, if only because Shawn was in it. Thank God for small favors, because normally, yeah, I don't even bother watching Glassman anymore, and I normally enjoy the heck out of watching Richard Schiff, but, man, this story is so dreary and Glassman is so unpleasant. I miss the show I loved so last season. I want that show back.
  10. driver18

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    There were some good moments, but all I kept thinking through most of the episode was: "Thank God she'll be gone for the most part after this episode!"
  11. driver18

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    I'm 99.9% it's NOT truly the end of Nathaniel and Rebecca at all. And I don't think there was anything ambiguous about his breakthrough. He wanted Rebecca to be happy. That was his breakthrough. If that meant moving on and letting her go because she was happy, he was going to do that. So he was letting her go. The fact that there are so many episodes left (and that Rebecca and Greg are getting barely any development despite getting back together and haven't actually talked about their real issues) makes it pretty clear that Nathaniel and Rebecca are more than likely the endgame couple here. Nathaniel has issues just as Rebecca did, but they weren't even remotely as severe as hers. I think that we're just seeing this season him work through his at a much fast pace so that by the end, they'll be healthy together.
  12. driver18

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    I know that. I meant in terms of if the character (who I don't buy as Greg--which is part of my issue) wasn't on the show at all then the writers wouldn't have felt the need to write Rebecca and Darryl NOT in those scenes with the rest of the group because Rebecca wouldn't have had to have been with Faux!Greg because the real Greg is still in Georgia. Instead, Rebecca and Darryl would have been at Paula's game night not-graduation-party. Of course, unless, I'm wrong, I do think they're using F!G's return to lead to a healthier, happier Rebecca with Nathaniel. Which makes his presence a little more palatable for me. (I miss Santino. This guy is no Santino.) :shrugs: We'll see. And because of this episode and that ending, I think the exact opposite. With so many episodes left, I don't think that Rebecca and Greg would have gotten back together if they were endgame and I especially don't think we would have seen (a) Nathaniel bonding so well with all of Rebecca's friends, and (b) overhearing Rebecca and Paula discussing her and Greg, and the episode ending on his heartbroken reaction. If Rebecca is going to have an endgame romance, this episode pointed towards Nathaniel more than anyone else. He was the only one who thought of texting Rebecca knowing that she would want to be there for Paula's night and he didn't make it about himself.
  13. driver18

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    That guy isn't Greg to me so I'm not even remotely torn. If Rebecca is going to end up in a romantic relationship, I want her with Nathaniel and the fact that the episode ended on him hearing about her and Greg to me reads that basically her and this Faux!Greg are not endgame and that works for me. If F!G was her endgame, she wouldn't be getting with him this early and Nathaniel -- who is GOOD! now -- wouldn't be overhearing it and be all heartbroken about it. As for F!G, I kept finding myself thinking 'Ugh, if he wasn't here, Rebecca and Darryl could be at Paula's game night too and part of this fun/awkward night, but instead Darryl's off somewhere else and Rebecca's stuck with lame F!G. Ugh!!' However, I guess Nathaniel and Josh wouldn't have wound up bonding as well as they did and that was awesome. Speaking of... I LOVED the Josh/Nathaniel number -- both SMF and VRIII sounded fabulous singing that style of music -- and I liked Rebecca singing that reprise to Hebbe too. Overall, this was one of the better episodes of the season. I do hope that when I binge the whole series, everything flows and works. The Josh selfie and everyone joining in was great, possibly the best part of the episode.
  14. driver18

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    When Jon said "I'm not a Stark," he was referring to his bastardy. Bran was referring to his mystical powers as the Three-Eyed Raven. My goodness. Those are two very different things.
  15. driver18

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Bran wasn't in the teaser because the teaser was about the Starks and said himself that he is no longer Brandon Stark; he's the Three-Eyed Raven. It's really that simple. He's beyond being a Stark now. He's so much more.