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  1. Clawdette

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I love all these images - the poses mean business and so many characters are included. I especially love Jon's poster. It's less broody and more taking names.
  2. Clawdette

    Outlander In The Media

    What I thought of when I heard the "eight episodes in" comment was that episode eight of Season 1 was the one after the wedding where Claire is captured by the British soldiers and thus begins the cliffhanger hiatus. I remember those lonnng months before we got episode nine.
  3. Clawdette

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    My late husband's niece has just been admitted into the Cross Creek Pipes and Drums. She received a bagpipe in the spring and has practiced energetically since then. The group is invitation only so I think she must have some aptitude. I live about three hours away from that area so I haven't heard her play. The Highland Scot heritage is still nurtured in that environs. Cross Creek Pipes and Drums Yes, it's that Cross Creek. The area around what is now Fayetteville, North Carolina was originally called Cross Creek and it's still a regional moniker. One of the shopping malls in Fayetteville is called Cross Creek Mall. The Cape Fear River runs from southwest of Raleigh to Wilmington. So after Jamie and Claire ventured to Aunt Jocosta's from Wilmington by way of the Cape Fear River, they had to turn to the northwest and travel about 200 miles to reach the area of Fraser's Mountain.
  4. Clawdette

    S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    To summarize, I: - love, love that our show has come to sit a spell. - hate, hate the wig, the faux river set, and the anachronistic music Carry on
  5. Clawdette

    S04.E06: Episode 6

    I loved this episode. No sturm and drang for Ross and Demelza. Elizabeth showing some backbone. Dwight and Caroline and their banter. A worthwhile community project. Off to London! A lot happened and it wasn’t all a rehash. And anytime Aidan Turner gets to actually laugh is a winner.
  6. Clawdette

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    I saw a similar ad with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka inviting you on a double date with them in Central Park. I wonder who many of these ads there are.
  7. Clawdette

    S04.E05: Episode 5

    Yes, Harry Harry, whom we can only assume is Tom Harry's brother, has slithered into Tom's odious and toady role. Elizabeth, pay more attention to your husband. You're clever enough to know George is always working an angle and can't be trusted.
  8. Clawdette

    Outlander In The Media

    Diana was on last week, too, and Outlander was discussed. For those of you who have not watched, each week the books are grouped in categories. The Outlander series was included with the fantasy/science fiction books if I remember correctly. Diana talked a little and then a few readers told why they loved Outlander and urged folks to vote for it as the favorite American read. (That’s the format used for all featured books.) Tomorrow night is the big reveal. The 100 book list is quite diverse, ranging from Gulliver’s Travels to Twilight. I have no guess which book got the most votes.
  9. Clawdette

    S04.E04: Episode 4

    I can't speak for Season Four, but with PBS's airing of Seasons One-Three, we didn't get the entire episodes. They were cut down for US airing (most get in contributors and promos for additional series). When you buy the DVDs though, the ones labeled the BBC version have all the content. Because it's been a while I can't remember most of the deleted content. The one that I do remember is the scene where Ross visits Elizabeth. There is a lot more sparring going on before getting it on. It's my guess that Emma and Sam's scene fell prey to the PBS knife.
  10. Clawdette

    S04.E03: Episode 3

    I have a professional relationship with a man who loves many of the same movies and shows that I do. I see him once or twice a year and we always have fun discussing the past seasons of television shows. Last spring, one of the topics was season three of Poldark. We both commented on the plunge Demelza's necklines had taken in that season. To us, it seemed most unusual given that Demelza does so much farm work. Wouldn't one think a higher neckline would be more conducive to keeping assets covered during myriad chores? Surely the costumers didn't lower the bustlines in an effort to make Demelza look more mature. If that's the case, I think it's an odd choice.
  11. Clawdette

    Outlander In The Media

    As a native North Carolinian, I love the way Sam prounounces our state’s name. Might start saying it that way myself. Affected much?
  12. Clawdette

    Book 9: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

    Another excerpt: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqe7jf
  13. Clawdette

    Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Wow - the actor who portrayed Willie has really grown since his Helwater days. He's still a cutie pie.
  14. Clawdette

    S03.E13: Eye of the Storm

    Georgia has a coastline that runs from Savannah to Jacksonville, Florida. Plenty of places to wash ashore.
  15. Clawdette

    S03.E13: Eye of the Storm

    I know Lotte has a dance background but don’t know if she was a ballet devotee. Some ballerinas tend to have sparse hair around their hairlines from years of pulling their hair severely back into buns. I’ve always thought of this when looking at Lotte.