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  1. sonder

    The First 48

    The first episode on 3/7/19 had an officer on a case at a gas station who pulled up the sheet on the murder victim named Levaugnte and realized it was his owncousin. They seemed quick to run to the suspect Willie’s house and grab him before having a case. While it seems Willie is the shooter and all, it appears the case has gone no where. No info available at all about the victim, charges or about Willie. Anybody know?
  2. sonder

    Season 5 Discussion

    David is so annoying. He is an officer? That’s scary.
  3. sonder

    The People's Court

    The landlady does not seem mentally stable. NYC is already a hard move and I’m sure she has devastated many people who moved to NYC and had the horrible experience of renting from her.
  4. Peeing in a hot tub while you know you’re being filmed for tv and while your friends are about to get in. That’s normal in Whitney’s dirty world.
  5. Is Ryan Andreas even straight?
  6. sonder

    Live PD

    It took me this long to think, where’s officer Zendejas from El Paso. I googled and found that her and her officer husband (also on the show) divorced...any gossip?
  7. One more post. i thought of Benjamin Kyle, the man who had amnesia after being found at Burger King. So I googled and see a lady found his family from dna matching. He reunited with a brother who said Benjamin is Bill (William) and he disappeared from the family 4 decades prior. As of the date of the story I read from 2016, no one could trace him from when he disappeared at 25 until found at 65. Something is still missing here. This story always seemed fishy. Any other update? Did Dr. Phil ever follow up acter his identify came out? TIA.
  8. I haven’t watched in a while but I want to ask something that has probably been asked, sorry. That Dr. Phil family, Alex, her mom, her sister, and dad I think named Marty? I forget the names. Whats the latest update on them? I tried googling. I think Alex had a second kid, a husband and had gotten off drugs what else? TIA.
  9. I wasn’t going to watch it but you made me want to see it.
  10. sonder

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Oh, thanks. Didn’t know they are sequestered. I thought it has been a final 2 for the past years and then they bring back the 3rd surprise chef from last chance kitchen. It’s been a while. Oh, thanks. Didn’t know they are sequestered. I thought it has been a final 2 for the past years and then they bring back the 3rd surprise chef from last chance kitchen. It’s been a while.
  11. sonder

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    How long are the chefs away from home if they make it all the way to the top 2? I know before the finale they get to go home, so I mean before that time. I’m behind episodes but I see the chef who left her ten month old at home and I just wondered how long would it be for if she made it all the way to top 2? Thanks.
  12. sonder

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Is something wrong with Aseulu? He has no control of his emotions. When Larissa was yelling, Asuelu started hitting himself in the head and yelling. That’s odd.
  13. sonder

    Live PD

    Friday night Salina CA officers trying to find the male running the streets undressing. There was a male officer who was running and trying to find the suspect. Then he catches up to and passes two officers-one a blonde female. She was just walking as he ran and he seemed to ask her for a description twice. He then starts running again after they hear his location and the female officer says to him “why are you running?” I have seen the blonde officer on before. Her attitude is no good. Why wouldn’t the officer run? They’re trying to find someone. She realizes she is on national tv right? 🙄
  14. sonder

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    The showering with the bathroom door and curtain fully opened just steps from an unlocked front door (as it seems Buddy walked straight in) Anyway, I wish TLC just let shows be real.
  15. sonder

    Live PD