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    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    My Bad. Did not know the dates of his source of funds. Nevertheless, that is only one small aspect of his personality that is deficient. My comments stem from his actions on the show.
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    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Eric and Lieda - Eric had plenty of time to Go Home By Himself and clean up that apartment while Lieda stayed with her family (and his ex and kids) in the condo they rented in town. He didn't, and then just shamelessly blamed his daughter for everything. Also, so what if it was dirty? He came in, saw the mess, he should have Started Cleaning It Up Right Then and There! He should have told Lieda to relax in the living room, and he should have sped around and washed dishes, cleaned the table, etc. That was no mansion that needed work -- it is a tiny apartment that he needed to clean. His laziness would not allow that to happen. His complete willingness to kick out Tasha and be a complete jerk to her aided and abetted Lieda's mission to Get Tasha OUT. Lieda had no intention of living with his daughter and did her level best to harp on the dirt to force her out. That was just ridiculous on so many levels. Lieda most likely never cleaned at her parents (or her own when she was married) home. They had servants who did that. So she storms into the tiny, unclean home and instead of addressing her complete and utter disappointment, she rages at Tasha and Loser lets her do it. Anything to take the focus away from the crap apartment. He intentionally made zero effort to clean it, take any responsibility, or mediate the situation which went from bad to worst immediately. His sticking up for Lieda was a ruse to distract from the crap apartment. They deserve each other and I hope their marriage lasts forever. Jonathan and Fernanda -- She came in blazing to that Tell All. What difference did it make to her that Larissa did anything online? Fernanda wanted the attention to be on herself and immediately took the Pao-road to Mean Girl. She brought along Ashley and it was disgusting. Larissa has many faults, but her making light of her legal issues was not Fernanda's business. What was Fernanda's business was Staying In Her Lane and making her marriage work. That didn't happen. She got a good edit during the season, then ruined it all on the Tell All. Brava. Larissa and Coltie - Sad. Sad. Sad. From the looks of things, he never had any intention of making this a Real Marriage with a Real Person. He wanted someone out of his league who he did not have to pay any attention to until he went to bed. He began to gaslight her starting at the airport....."start as you plan to continue," indeed. No flowers, All disappointment. Whatever Fernanda may have thought of Larissa, Larissa put up with a LOT that Fern would not have -- the hot as hell car, the crap furniture, the bait and switch trip to the fancy apartment, the befh sthew, Debbie hanging around taunting her with "do you want a nice dress or do you want your Green Card", the mean cousin who insulted her non-stop, the Goodwill Dress (which she ROCKED!), and Coltie never sticking up for her....ever. Fern would have had Jon's head on a stick at the airport.....So yeah, Larissa "paid" for every minute she's been with Coltie and Debs. It was heartbreaking to hear her say how SHE COMPLIMENTS HIM! How he's got a big head because she always telling him how handsome he is (just like Debbie!). He's a hot mess and totally ungrateful for her Out of League-ness. Hoping she gets to stay and find someone else in Vegas to make her dreams come true.... Jay and Ashley -- she's another one who needed to Stay In Her Lane. The Ugly Talk and disrespect she showered on Jay was not right. Either stay and get over it because it is not a deal-breaker.... or Leave. The threats are not pretty. She was saying words to try to hurt him, but he's got his eye on the Green Card Prize, so that's tough to do. Meanwhile, she is making a mockery of whatever marriage she is going to salvage. It was painful to watch because she is so insecure she thinks that language and attitude are the right way to go. It's not. They need some marital therapy stat. Stephen and Olga - Stephen is still a jerk. How he failed to mention the manner in which he got money to bring them over was very interesting. At a minimum, he should have thanked his donors. His meanness to Olga is there on tape and no one will forget that he intentionally did not apply for her Visa, but tried to convince her that the baby should go home with him. WHAT? That was such an outrage. Olga's relief when he "changed his mind" (found out he could not do that) was horrible to watch. The fact that he put her through that at all is just outrageous. She's happy to be coming to the US, hopefully, she will get friends who will help her emotionally (like that gal in Russia) and she will not put up with his immature crap. His talk of "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" was laughable since he showed little respect for Olga. He showed little respect for the elders on those couches with him. He is full of rage and needs to get over himself. Maybe the responsibility of having to take care of his family will make him grow up (once the gofundme money is gone). Kalani and Asuelo - She needs to Shut It when it comes to him. She probably saw him in his natural habitat and liked him a lot. Probably flattered that he paid her attention. She had no intention of staying with him -- she told him she only wanted to be with a White guy...so then Oliver happened. Regarding his comments that he thought Kalini didn't need his help -- I could see that. While we, as American's, have certain expectations about how an absentee father should act, it is clear that Kalini is not so good with the communication, so I would not be surprised if she never mentioned anything to him, just complained about him to her family. Sending a "box of diapers" is not realistic because shipping is so expensive, but sending a bit of money would have helped....again, not sure she ever communicated her hopes to him...but instead came to visit him as The Rich American who could afford expensive trips to his island. We shall never know.....
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    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    WHY did Lieda have to go with him to get pants? She needed to STAY in her room getting ready. That was just stupid. Him blaming her for not having his pants was stupid also....HE is responsible for his stuff. I thought he'd get married in jeans. Her dress looked awful on her. Not flattering at all. He just says words to act like he wants his daughters around but his actions speak louder and I am glad his daughters did not fall for his begging. He is The Worst, even worse than Lieda who is just trying to constantly get her way. His enabling her makes HIM THE WORST.
  4. Eme

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    I thought it was GREAT that Debs walked Coltie down the aisle....that would help Debs process the Giving Away of her son. I wished my inlaws did that when I got married....
  5. Eme

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    I think Eric and his ex-wife look like they were made for each other. Too bad for the girls they broke up.
  6. Eme

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    Thank goodness Olga has a Friend who is able to see through Steven. Olga needs to keep that friend very close so she can help decipher Steven's motives... Kept wondering where exactly Steven thinks he will leave Myson when he, presumably, goes out to work to feed Myson? His selfishness and immaturity are breathtaking. I am guessing the Producers had to have clued him in on how some of his actions come across because he was, no way - no how, getting there on his own. Olga is leagues above him and he needs to get a grip and realize that soon. Family Kalani appears to have never met Kalani. They take everything she says at face value. I can't get past the fact that Asuelo said she was on him constantly getting her conjugal attention from him. There is absolutely no surprise that she is pregnant...then or now. The only thing I can believe is that she is so repressed that she can't admit that she is into Asuelo and that she wants to be with him and continue to have family with him. She constantly throws him under the bus and talks crap about him. He is what he is, but she chose him, brought him here, and needs to treat him with Respect and talk respectfully about him to her family. She is ridiculous and is doing herself no favors in polarizing her family against her husband. Eric deserves Lieda. Ashley should never have tempted fate when she said she did not care if he cheated on her....well, well, well.....are we supposed to feel bad for her when she puts that out there in the universe? Also, can't Ashley get an annulment since he had no intention of making this a Real Marriage because he immediately started a Dating Profile? Maybe she can get rid of him, and not pay for him for the next 10 years that way......the cops can come indeed.....
  7. Eme

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Other than the VISA, what else had Eric promised Lieda? There is zero chemistry between them. Did he promise her a place to live? Because that junky place with his grown daughter in the next bedroom is not ideal. Why hasn't he explained the LEGALITIES of having to pay child. support? Why is she under the delusion that she can convince him to stop paying it? Why is he telling his ex and the kids Lieda doesn't want to pay -- and making them hate her before they met her? They are both horrid and kinda deserve each other for the lying (I don't think Lieda's family is as "wealthy" as he thinks....money is relative)......but I feel bad for her little boy. I am guessing Larissa gives the eye roll when Coltee wants a kiss because he is Very Demanding in the bedroom and she doesn't want to put up with his "romantic side" outside of the bedroom. (ick). I like Larissa because she was clearly offered a bag of goods and Coltee is mean in not coming through for her. I thought it was very interesting how smug Mother Coltee was at the Tell All given what was going on in real life....she's just happy they are imploding. Asuelo does not deserve the Attitude from Kalani because she is using him completely while he's here. She needs not only to Respect Him but to demand her family Respect the Father of her child. For some unknown reason, she seems to think she is a Prize and he needs to Act Right in order to keep her. So far, I haven't seen any of her prize winning qualities and he may wake up and go back to Samoa when he realizes he is getting set up for a life of criticism and contempt. I never liked Steven, but now I am scared for Olga. He is mean and nasty. I cannot imagine Mr. Eme talking to me like that after my c-section. Are you kidding me? I hope she is unable to get a Visa for her and her baby and he just has to go back to couch surfing in the US. His insecurities are painful to watch.
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    Ghost Adventures

    OK. Full Disclosure: I love this show - It is pure entertainment. I LOVED that they had a 4-hour LIVE episode on Halloween! My beef with them (there are a few) is that he even has that Box in his possession. That is not a smart thing. The only smart thing he did was to NOT OPEN IT! Sheesh! There are some strange things attached to it and he should leave it alone....it was best buried, but there it is in his museum. My Main Beef is that they go places....they rile up the entities....then they LEAVE without any resolution....no help to the people who live there. Nada. That is bad. Really Bad Karma for them and Really Bad Karma for the people who they abandon with the riled up entities.... Nonetheless, I enjoy Aaron running around being scared. I enjoy Zac's voiceovers sending Aaron to crazy places alone. I would love to see a show about the house in Gary that Zac supposedly bought -- whatever happened to that? I LOVED that Josh Gates hosted!! I love him and I thought it was HILARIOUS that he did not step foot in that museum and kept his distance....I feel you Josh!!
  9. Haven't read anything about the following, but I may have missed it....when I heard Angela "talking" to Michael and ordering him to Take It Easy on HER.....after he asked her to quit snapping at him.....all I could do was to imagine Angela as a Man talking to a Woman like that. She is so over the line. Rude and horrid. She seems to think that he may not be Man Enough to "handle" her.....you can see it in his eyes that he is holding back big time, and that she probably really does NOT want to see him "acting like a Man". He would most definitely put a STOP to her rudeness to him. She would not like that. She keeps telling us that she is rethinking her relationship with Micheal -- Micheal, on the other hand, is Closing His Eyes and ONLY Thinking of 'Merica. In every interview he mentions Angela AND America. They go hand in hand for him, and he's not going to let her off the hook until he's safely back in the US of A. I have my popcorn out watching with bated breath on this hot mess.
  10. This 24 yo Dutchman telling the 38 yo American how to eat NY pizza and being RUDE about it, is just too much. Nothing is too small for them to argue about. He is gaslighting her in the worst way. Condescending tone, arguing, pushing all of her insecurity buttons, then telling her how much he loves her? He needs to tell her he will never marry her; he never really loved her as she is; and he doesn't want to have anything to do with her ever again. That would be the kindest thing he could do. Let her make a clean break without any illusions and move on with her life. As for Ricky, I can feel zero sympathy for him because he is looking for someone so out of his league. Melissa is a Kylie K. wannabe who wants to keep the Ricky$$$ coming in. This is his chance to wake up and realize nothing will ever happen between them. If he weren't so delusional, I might feel sorry for him, but I can't. Tarik got a nice look into his future with Hazel. That religion is part of her package....he'd better run before he commits to those marathon services every week..... Michael also got a nice look into his future with Angela. Her inability to let him Be The Man should be a dealbreaker for him, but his love for his Idea of America might be greater than his pride....we shall see.
  11. 24 hours before, Hazel was animated and excited to meet Michael....THEN he stayed in Bangkok overnight and That Was The End. She was dismayed and distrustful from that moment on. Very unfortunate turn of events because if there had not been the airline snafu in that particular city, she would probably have been excited when he finally arrived. She is probably used to smaller, slim men and Michael may have seemed a bit overwhelming to her. His going on and on about her beauty was not cool. He seems a bit on the spectrum to keep focusing on that and making those crazy faces (which were hilarious!) but off-putting to her - she even hid her face in a cloth in embarrassment. He seriously needed some chill at that moment and did not have any. I like her and loved that she put the barrier up. I like her honesty and willingness to take the leap to get into a better situation. I don't get the Terrible, Scary Stepmom vibe from her, she seems shy, he was a bit much, and meeting the Virtual Love has to take some shifts from computer to reality.....which brings me to Angela.... Wow is Angela clueless. Her grabbiness was just so embarrassing. She said she'd be "able to tell" if he was scamming her....HOW? She was all over him and did not let him up for air. Micheal, you get what you deserve with that one. Making sure I am stocked up with popcorn for next week....although, to be honest, if I never see Angela on the screen again, i would be fine with it. Ricky....oh Ricky. You need to go home and cut your losses. Take care of your sweet girl and find a divorced Mom who is in your league.....and Be Grateful! Rachel needed some sleep! She needed some time alone with Jon and not in his Mom's house. Going over there with little money is just such a Bad Idea. This forcing a stranger to be Daddy is so NEEDY and SAD, I just can't. Why is she so concerned he be a Daddy That Same Day? Her expectations are crazy and she needs to take a Giant Step Back. All of them, with the exception of Ricky, need to GET TO A HOTEL RIGHT AFTER LANDING....TAKE A LONG HOT SHOWER, SLEEP For 8 HOURS, and EAT and THEN meet up with the Love Of Their Internet Lives. Sheesh! Who can make decisions and the Best Impression all tired out from travel? As a viewer, I want to see more rational meetings, not these hot messes where everyone is over tired.
  12. Eme

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Lexus is looking for love in all the wrong places. Her Mother needs to stop rolling her eyes and judging Shady - and get Lexus into some therapy to love herself. She's young and has a long life ahead of her, some therapy now will go a long way to helping her be the best Mom she can be for her little girl. She breaks my heart because she is so willing to bend to Shady's demands. A part time J.O.B. and some therapy would work wonders for her. Even if the girls are already pregnant, their parents still have a right to be outraged that they might get pregnant again, under their roof, and then the parents are on the hook for more money, support, babysitting, etc. I can only imagine the incredible disappointment and sadness in seeing all their dreams go up in smoke in an instant. Very sad, yet they can help the girls get self-esteem through therapy and support them emotionally since they are still quite young themselves.
  13. Darcy and El Comandante trigger each other in such a bad way, it is painful to watch. They really don't LISTEN when the other talks. They have so much they want to spew, they can't take in what the other is saying, nor do they take a half second to absorb what was said and make a proper response. There is a Lot of Baggage in those comments and landmines in the answers. Darce is determined to keep her boitoi at the expense of her self-esteem. El Comandante wants to visit the US and Darce is in the way. Ricky is waiting for a gal who is way out of his league and he's hoping she is overwhelmed by this personality, like he was with hers, obviously. Jon seems to be a little "off" personality-wise. Can't wait to see what happens next week with the baby on board....
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    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    McKayla never got to bond with her mother when she was young, thanks to Shannon's irresponsibility. McK is desperate for her love and will kick everyone to the curb in order to spend time with Shannon and get her approval. Sad. The grandparents -- especially Grandma - is a Shannon Enabler so there is no good guidance from that front where Shannon is concerned. McK is still quite young and I give her a lot of slack while she tries to make Adult decisions with a world of petty, selfish people around her. The gal who wanted her BF to come watch her pack her bag...only wanted Some Attention From Him and he was having none of that. She used the bag as an excuse to bring them together, but he saw right through it, plus he had no interest in going over. She's got a long haul in front of her, she should play hard to get for a minute and he may get interested. The level of Controlling BF's is so sad. Little losers who can't control themselves and force control over young girls. The boy shushing the GF was too much. Hope she finds some spirit to stand up for herself.
  15. Again Josh -- Thanks for the heads up that Joe is no longer in the picture. Joe was tough to watch. Kudos on them having their own place -- it looked quite nice. I've seen that brawl a few times and it looks like to me that BrotherChantel was talking smack to Pedro. Pedro got up to beat his chest. BrotherChantel then got up and swung the light fixture at Pedro. That, to me, was the first aggressive move. BrotherChantel started with the talk then aggressively hit the light fixture -- not caring if it hit Pedro. Pedro THEN stormed over and challenged BrotherChantel. Not saying Pedro was right in any of this, but BrotherChantel needs to check himself. He is constantly challenging his brother in law and he needs to Just Quit It. Whatever FamilyChantel thinks of Pedro they are not hurting Pedro -- they are hurting Chantel. They need to Stay In Their Lane and let Chantel figure out if she likes AmericaPedro or not. FamiyChantel is just confusing the situation.
  16. Josh!! Thank you for showing us your teeth!! That was the funniest part of the evening! You know he reads this -- so I am going to say he needs to spend every single penny they get from this show to pay for the IVF. His wife is already in her later 30s and time is ticking. She really wants children and will never forgive him if he's not able to give her one. I hope they are successful in getting that worked out. Why does Pao keep saying "I don't want to choose between my Best Friend and my Husband"? She already PICKED -- When she married Russ. HE was her PICK. She needs to realize that and get over it. There is No Way she would EVER put up with Russ having a female "best friend" who treated her like Juan treats Russ. Someone needs to point that out to her. Russ had a good point on this show -- he wanted Everyone to see how Juan acts hoping Pao would also see it. It must be very frustrating for him to have to deal with that Joker and to have a wife he adores never stand up for him. The Mean Girl way Pao acted on the last Tell All with Lauren was horrid - Anfisa has a right to be upset. Annie talked smack about David's daughter then she stood behind her comments. Annie is no joke. Anfisa has her hands full with trying to figure out truth with Jorge. Good luck to her on all that. Still like Pedro and Chantel although they seriously need a some couples therapy en Espanol! Her Spanish is so weak and his English is not good, their inability to communicate because they don't understand anything other than "Baby" could be their downfall and that would be a shame because they really do seem to love each other. Oh yes, THANK YOU PRODUCERS for some more Andreiiiiii Eye Candy! He needs to drag Lizzy to Moldova and keep her there - let's see what Daddy has to say then.....
  17. Chris said that there was no kitchen, but there was a kitchen area with a full sized fridge and a microwave. She lamented no stove/oven, but they can get a couple of burners to heat up pans. It was quite nice, overall....especially for a couple with No Job and no motivation to get one. Chris said he could move there and pay rent OR he could work there and get the place rent-free. I don't recall any discussion of $10/hr. Nope, David Poor actually has to WORK there to get the place included. No one said anything about a salary on top of that...so yeah, don't look down your nose so quickly at a "$10/hr" job because this J.O.B. sounds like a barter for the apartment. Just saying......
  18. I would imagine he could pay Chris $500/mo and Chris would agree to that. Seems like Chris is only asking for $1,000 to put the fire under David Poor...and we see how that's working. All those meals out have to be paid by TLC. No way can they afford to eat out all the time. Hopefully Annie got all her groceries for the week with that $58.....at least she could have bought enough food to make leftovers..... I can't help but feel sorry for Annie. She has to have been in a very desperate situation and David Poor was her lifeline out of it. Her parents pressuring her, her Magical Thinking that "surely" David Poor could easily get a job in the US! (He CAN, but he Won't!) -- all of that makes her sympathetic despite what she's had to say to defend herself in this series. Whatever "job" she had in Thailand....whatever she did to survive -- none of that is a problem with David Poor either - so she shouldn't feel guilty about it.
  19. Thanks Mothra for the video link! I thought it was very informative. Makes me like both of them better than what was shown on the show. Confirmed some of my suspicions re: egging people on and cutting and pasting "answers." We knew that DavidPoor does not want to work, but the fact that Chris offered him many jobs, and David Poor is completely not interested in working -- well, Annie got sold a bill of goods didn't she? Very interesting that Nikki is a huge 90-day Fan -- Just Like Us!! Wish she'd come on and give us some Back Stage Gossip!!
  20. Well, she may have apologized to try to keep the peace, but Pedro certainly did not understand it, because their communication is so sketchy he had no clue what her intentions were. If that makes you feel better, it wasn't taken as an apology, so it's like it never happened. Yes! About Sister Poor's bottom teeth -- very distracting. Hope she gets some work on those instead of EVER lending David Poor any money. Both Annie and Anfisa are in it for the Long Game. They both know what's up and Annie made some comments about Chris being on the hook for her, so she's staying as long as she wants. Loved how she turned it on Daughter Poor re: her Line Of Work in Thailand. She got all loud and offended. HA! Just what Daughter Poor needed since she keeps coming at her every chance she gets. Yes, Daughter Poor, we get it - -you will ALWAYS hate Annie -- so quit hanging around with her. Quit challenging her and let her live her life. Daughter Poor needs to stop making David Poor's bad decisions and take care of her own family so in the future they will not dog her like she does David Poor. Annie's parents -- especially her Mom - appeared to be quite calculating in terms of "We will miss you giving us money. Go to the US and SEND US MONEY!" so there it that pressure. I'd guess Annie worked someplace where she met David Poor and it was so unsavory that David Poor looked like a good option. She's not having all this No Money stuff so she's going strong on the Get a Job thing. She knows the TLC money is what is supporting them...she also knows that there has to be come controversy to keep them on the show. I get the feeling they are both pretty lazy and happy to be living and chilling at the Fire House. Anfisa was simply horrid last season. This season she's done a 180. She can't stand George, but she's remaking her Brand so that she comes off better than last season. So be it. Don't believe a word she says about caring for George...do believe she wants a divorce and is trying to look sympathetic to the teevee audience. PaoPao has no interest whatsoever in having a child. Sadly, she's using her miscarriage to get sympathy, but since her laser focus before and after has been taking revealing photos, thwarting Ross, and giggling evilly with Juan, it comes as a shock that it happened and that she is upset. We can only take her word for it that she is, because her actions on screen are contrary. I think we are all waiting with baited breath to see Azan's female relatives see her American Style dress. ACK! The Horror! The Horror! They will never be able to unsee that! Azan's family appears to be nice, but they are also likely putting up with whatever Nicole does because of the $$$ she's sent Azan. Why didn't we see Azan giving Nicole The Business for shortchanging him his cash before she went to Morocco? What happened with that conversation? It sounded like he was very angry and she was trying to appease him and told him to not talk about it while she was on screen. Nicole is all soft voiced and clingy until she doesn't get her way then Baby Huey gets all loud and pushy. The transformation is riveting. Does anyone else think it is interesting that May doesn't talk much for her age?
  21. Eme

    Ghost Adventures

    So last night in one episode went to a Reservation in NM (I've seen it before) and they had some creepy experiences (naturally). At the beginning, Zac says a tribal Shaman told the family to build a house on another spot on the land. So a Shaman had already been consulted. Zac and Crew figured out there is a magnetic field from a spot in the yard directly to the mobile home outside the house. In the mobile home the family had all seen a demon and had all experienced some paranormal. So they go there, Zac and crew rile up the entitles then leave. Seriously? At the credits, Zac says, we left them knowing that they had paranormal things, and that they need to get it cleansed. Really Zac? That in a nutshell is my problem with Zac going to a place where a family lives. THEY DO NOT HELP THEM! They only rile up the entities, get their info, scream Dude! a few times, then leave. This family needed Amy and Steve from the Dead Files over there. And it is very likely that Amy will tell them to leave since even Zac acknowledged that THE LAND was BAD. Okey then. If the Natives can't cleanse it....um, no one can. IMO. The second episode last night returned to the LV space where they had previously investigated with that couple -- the one where the murder-suicide happened. So Very Sad! So Billy is overcome and is crying and his machine records the woman saying "Billy is upset." YIKES! Even I could hear her voice. WHY OH WHY didn't they ask her More Questions? If she is still hanging around, she needs to GO INTO THE LIGHT!! Why didn't they help her move on? That was just crazy.
  22. "Who invites your PARENTS to a modeling shoot where you are nude with paint on you? WHO DOES THAT?" The person whose parents think that modeling in paint is ART! The person whose parents encouraged her to defy her husband and pose in lingerie because it is HER JOB. Because, obviously, we ALL do Things Our Spouses Do Not Approve Of When We Are Getting Paid, right? Right?
  23. Russ was pressured into giving up a lucrative engineering job by Pao because she didn't want him to leave her for 3 months. I recall he said (much to his detriment) "I can get another engineering job, I can't get another Pao." Well, he has her and she has no respect for his opinions. It is painful to watch. I think it is reasonable for him to have reservations about all those very seedy photo shots -- and there is no talk of the $$$ she is bringing in. Their relationship, at least at the beginning, was such that she did not "allow" him to make a living so what is good for the goose and all that.... Chantal calling him out in front of his sister was a Bad Scene. No way can his machismo allow him to let her yell at him in front of his sister -- he will be the laughingstock of DR in no time. Chantal might know that if she paid any kind of attention to his culture and the expectations of men in it. She can't be bothered to do that since she is constantly trying to appease her family -- when she's not lying to them about something. Family counseling for those two with a Latino Counselor is what is needed asap.
  24. FatherPao defending the nearlynude "photoshoot" was disgusting. Seriously? I loved that she was too embarrassed to walk around in front of him with the paint -- what? Isn't it all so artistic? Why the shyness? This is something Honorable, right? The ripped up daisy dukes were the icing on the cake of classlessness. Why the hair covering everything up? Art is art, right? They all knew that this is the opposite of Art, but they were bound and determined to gaslight Ross. He must like the TLC $$ because he keeps hanging around. Her looks with Juan are so disrespectful. She has zero interest in remaining with Ross unless he does exactly what she wants and doesn't bug her too much. She is exhausting. So is Ross for putting up with her and allowing himself to be drug along her path of havoc. Melanie and Devar - Devar is from Jamaica, fyi. Anfisa sure did have Her Story down pat. We can see how she's been treated poorly by Jorge, but she is Playing The Long Game....getting her therapy on film....getting all her stories out there so that she can divorce him and Stay in The US. Brava Anfisa...he deserves you. Nicole doesn't listen to anyone. I am pretty sure Azan never agreed to much of her Magical Thinking, but he's in it for the $$$, so whatevs.... Pedro was giving some major Controlling Vibes. Chantel is stuck because she doesn't stick up for herself with him or her family. She gets what she gets for being so bad at communicating.
  25. Eme

    Jersey Shore

    Ron trying to make it all about himself was typical. He's selfish and needy. Jenn defending him was rich -- no way would she defend her own man if he did that to her. So yeah. My best guess is that this was a ReMake Proposal so that it could get on camera and they could make it a Thing for the Cast to Be In On. Good for them. It was fun to watch them running around. On the other hand, no way would it be cool to have Nicole yelling obscenities when they are about to walk in so that she can hog the camera time. Such bad form....even for Them. Like Laurens and am surprised she hung in there with him when he was so promiscuous during the previous seasons -- considering they have been together since College. So yeah, she waited him out and it looks like it's going to work. Good for them.