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  1. lynxfx

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    It's worth it, they have had some solid original programs lately. I'll update on that Selling Sunset show once I watch.
  2. lynxfx

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    My wife took that literally and thought he was only 26. I would only add that he also has the dry sense of humor of an old Brit. Off topic, but has anyone seen the new Netflix series "Selling Sunset"? It looks like Million Dollar Listing LA had a baby with Housewives of Beverly Hills. One real estate agency owned by two guys whom also happen to only employ attractive and catty women agents.
  3. lynxfx

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Having gone through a couple hundred homes in Las Vegas, I can say I've never seen a home modeled in their "Vegas glam" style. Most homes are in the brown/beige color schemes. Ranch style. Most remodels are in your typical grey/white tones. Even the model homes which tend to have more bold styling don't go that crazy other than some questionable feature walls, most of which can be easily repainted.
  4. lynxfx

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    The No Sex and the City exploration of Dubai was pretty boring. For the amount of money and so-called best in class condos weren't that impressive at all. For starters, the finishes didn't look that great. The kitchen cabinets were straight out of IKEA for all that I could tell. At first I was thinking that the outdoor spaces would be useless, but looking at the averages they are lower than Vegas which really only has 3 months of extreme heat. The coolest thing they showed was that interactive physical 3D model. Anyway, don't really care for this storyline. The hunt for the garage basically had no pay off. What a waste and I'm a huge car guy. While it does include very cool technology to protect the vehicles, the layout and design couldn't be more boring for a garage/museum. Even the floors were builder grade garage epoxy. Plus for that scratch they could have at least built a killer house section even if it was still 1 bed. The land is all you are buying. I am jealous of the location. I've driven thousands of miles on the Malibu canyon roads. It is unbelievable and worth a go if you are ever in LA. Agree with the above saying that Kelly Roland still picked a house where your only two neighbors can look right in. Those trees have a few years before blocking the view. Nice house though. I did like the 3rd house Josh and Bobby looked at. Sure the location makes it harder to commute but they would get a pretty large plot. Was also glad to see Josh say about the second home that even though he could turn it into something more valuable and livable, it wasn't worth stressing their marriage over. Is he actually growing up? ha The previews show it isn't over though. This season went quick and some of it turned out to be filmed a couple years ago. I wish we got to see a bit more real estate porn. Pretty surprised that Heather stayed pretty much off camera the entire season.
  5. lynxfx

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    I didn't realize he did improv before that. They only have season 7-10 on hulu. He had a guest spot in season 9.
  6. lynxfx

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    I've been watching the last few seasons of the original British version on Hulu. Hadn't seen them in decades but still remember scenes as they played. A few of the brit regulars were good but there were definitely some really bad guest players. The worst being Stephen Fry. He is a funny guy but really had no idea what was going on. Heck he stood around laughing and commenting at the other players at times forgetting that he was still in the scene. Wayne Brady's first appearance was on the last season and on his first episode he took the singing games to another level. Josie Lawrence is probably second. Starting a rewatch of the Drew Carrey years. Seen them so many times but they still crack me up. Can't wait for the Richard Simmons ep.
  7. lynxfx

    S10.E09: Episode 9

    Oh that's right. I would bet that the deal fell through during the due diligence phase. No way he would have taken the company after seeing how many knock offs there were already available. Man that must have been a rollercoaster of emotions for them. Thinking you just got out of your business only to lose out on the deal and still need to fight the knock offs.
  8. lynxfx


    Probably why Mark Cuban brought up items like the cryotherapy which were fads a few years ago and are quickly replaced by the next fad. Like fashion, it just keeps repeating. It will get a spur of popularity and then people get bored with it. That bothered me too. He started to say that dog food is only chicken beaks and feet as being his only defense. However there are plenty of higher and medium end foods that have real meat from the good parts of animals. Same with cat food. I would never put a natural carnivore on a vegan diet. And kids talking like adults are creepy. I was done with them well before the kid tried arguing about their margins.
  9. lynxfx

    S10.E09: Episode 9

    The couple that made the Moki doorstep found out all too well how easy their product was to knock off. https://fox61.com/2019/03/17/couple-makes-it-to-shark-tank-with-invention-to-later-find-knock-off-products-selling-on-amazon/
  10. lynxfx

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    My office did some redecorating and they did that same 3 color 70's stripe around the entire warehouse. It looked horrible and was the only element with those colors or a 70's theme. No one liked it. I couldn't imagine it in my house. I pretty much just watch TS for the train wrecks (bad reveals) and the DIY artwork/elements that can be useful. This episode, it was the sputnik chandelier. Although it did look a lot like the trendy IKEA lights, only cheaper.
  11. lynxfx

    S09.E14 Scars

    It was too subtle. I think I only noticed it once when they opened the gate it had a yellower tint. To this day I think LOST still has the best indicator for a flashback, the wooooooooosh sound effect before the scene starts.
  12. lynxfx

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    Very good interview with Monica. Growing up during that time I also remember all of the late night jokes and Halloween costumes especially (blue dress with a stain was always a groaner hit.) I do believe that things would have gone differently for her if it happened after social media became big. I could see people jumping to her side. The public would have enough pull to change or alter the conversation. In the 90's you basically just had a couple people in late night that kept the conversation firmly on that she was a slut/joke. At the very least she would have a vocal group of supporters. I'm with John, I don't think I could ever make it through something like what she did. It was taking a long time for my wife to understand why that aunt wasn't the "worst aunt ever". After explaining again I basically just said she wouldn't need to sue if we had universal health care and ended it.
  13. lynxfx

    Flip or Flop Nashville

    I'm liking this couple more and more as well. Their designs can be hit or miss but every once in awhile they make a really nice design that I even want to copy. There was a house a couple weeks ago where they used hexagon tile in the kitchen. That was a really nice flip. The most recent bungalow was pretty small so not much they could do with it. What surprised me most about the house though was the 10' ceilings. You normally don't see that height unless they have vaulted ceilings. From some of the camera angles it almost made it look like a studio set. Plus 1 to the know drama even though they aren't a couple anymore. I always forget that while watching. I do wish they would show more of the construction process. They show a lot of demo, then reworking the framing. Insert a problem or additional siding work, then suddenly we are ready to stage. Never really get to see their process for designing the kitchen or even a bathroom. This past episode had the most with showing the refinishing of the tub, but then the reveal with it sitting inside the funky shower was out of nowhere. That is one thing I like about the original flip or flop and even the vegas one. They show getting the materials and picking out designs more. It feels more like an after thought with P&D.
  14. lynxfx

    S10.E17: The Wild

    I just like that the actor will always be referred to as Big Head.
  15. lynxfx


    Yeah at the time it was just a cool hack someone did to get revenge on telemarketers or scammers. The complicated method wasn't an issue for the few of us that did it because it was something they just whipped up. Never would have thought they would make a company of it and if so wouldn't remove the manual aspect of it.