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  1. I was at the game today. I was in a private suite on the third (I think) level so I couldn't see up close and did use the Jumbotron, but I thought everyone looked amazing and performed beautifully (especially Christina, Erin and Brennan). I brought a group of journalists from out-of-town and they were all very impressed. It is unbelievable how hard these women work and what they do on gamedays, not to mention all the prep.
  2. Holly85, I too would love to know about show group. Thanks!
  3. I may not remember correctly, but I don't think they asked the candidate how she felt about the wall. Instead they asked her what Trump was planning to do about immigration. My recollection was that the question was to see whether or not she had a basic knowledge of current events, not to get a read on her politics. I also know that last year one TCC was asked during her interview how she thought Trump had been performing thus far in his first few months in office. It was pretty clear that they weren't looking for her actual opinion (which would have been a mistake to give) they just wanted to see how gracefully/diplomatically she could handle a potentially divisive question.
  4. In many cases I blame the choreographers more than the dancers -- of course sometimes this is one and the same person. The dullness and sameness that everyone has already pointed out is more of a problem for me than the execution. (I wonder how many women choreograph their own solos vs. hiring someone?)
  5. Longtime lurker, newbie here! Hello, everyone! I love Brennan! Does she remind anyone else of Amy Poehler, just a little bit?