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  1. My neighbor has a daughter named Everett and at first I wasnt a fan but they call her Ever/ Evie which is cute.
  2. I’m glad Heather is returning for seniority purposes, I don’t think there will be any fourth years aside from her, Tess, and Maddie. However I don’t see them putting her at point just because if she was that great of a performer and really liked her she wouldn’t be behind Gina in the triangle. I think Heather’s placement in the triangle next season will either be behind or equal to Gina’s
  3. Yea, I'm from California and, I'm not gonna lie, I used to be hella snobby and cocky (I called it confidence but now I know the difference). I don't think Kelli could be point, even the triangle is a stretch.
  4. I can see Heather leaving, especially with her bestie Kash leaving too. I don't hate Lexie but I don't like her either, she seems kind of plastic to me. My vote for point is Amy and the underdog Tess. Amy because she would be a 5th year and is super sweet and has a girl next door vibe. Tess because I think she's underrated, very pretty, and I think her being tall she would def stand out in a positive way.
  5. I saw former TCC Celinda in one of the videos for Jenn A's prep class. She was never a favorite of mine but I wonder if she's trying out again.
  6. I think Malena’s breakdown a human and genuine. Just the reaction of someone who worked hard for months(a year if you include NY Jets) to make a team only to be cut minutes before the final team was announced and was devastated. If she chooses to audition great if not that’s fine too. If she does come back I truly hope that, if she has the skill and memory, she makes the team. Regardless we probably won’t see too much of her anyway, they will probably treat her like Erin last season.
  7. I agree but they probably also wanted a pretty “bouquet of hair colors”
  8. Lauren is on SG but I could see her retiring this year, she’s 28, engaged, and previously cheered for Miami. So I think she probably wants to move on, maybe put more time into her career too.
  9. They probably took Miranda and Savannah because of their hair color lol. I can Tess (hope she does she is a fav of mine and under appreciated) staying and having Amy, Maddie,Tess, and Gina be group leaders. With Miranda, Lexie, and Jalyn, and Daphne being 2nd leaders.
  10. Hers and the TCCs as well. They mentioned how they missed Lilly.
  11. If I’m not mistaken JenA and Kash had their podcast after Kash went to probowl, so they each had their experience to talk about. This time Kash had to talk more because Lacey didn’t have the experience yet. Not to mention that Lacey seems quieter than Kash, personality wise.
  12. I think JennA is a good teacher. I saw that Taylor, Malena, Jasmin, and Kristin from training camp were at her class yesterday.
  13. I don’t see Gina doing anything extra in the video 🤷🏾‍♀️.
  14. Well according to the podcast from last week, she is roommates with Lauren (who is favorite of just about everyone) and is sweet. So I think she has probably warmed up to them.
  15. I could see Savannah leaving, I think she’s on the older side? Also she was a jets cheerleader for a while too. I could see Alexis leaving. She is pretty but a blender dance wise, she could be like Kelsey and just do 2 years. Tasha I could see retiring as well.