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  1. I don't dream much, but when I do, it is always DCC-related (I know I'm pathetic).I could never figure out if I'm a fan who won a contest or if I am really trying out for the squad. But either way, I am always completely unprepared. I have no idea how to do the dances or God forbid, jump splits, and I always wake up so disappointed in myself. I don't reach the uniform fittings (thank God). But after re-watching season 9 for the 1.000 th time, now I know how Breelan must have felt :)
  2. Totally agree with you regarding the choreo. TPTB are not utilizing the skill set of these women adequately. They are so talented in so many areas. I realize that the style is Power-Pom, but spice it up already!
  3. That Cassie GIF is pure unadulterated "stomping." The kind of stomping that TPTB supposedly hate. Especially during auditions, when dancers are referred to as "little stompers" while on the field.
  4. My additional three all begin with 'A's" Ashton Torres Amy Trader Alexis
  5. Bridget for sure. Infectious smile and laugh. She seems authentic and humble. Prototype for both the quintessential girl-next door and America's sweetheart. Lovin' her passion for animals and her profession in general- (I am bias though, being a veterinary nurse, as well.) Great dancer. You can stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Marty Kudelka!!
  6. I felt cheated this season. The finale was anticlimatic and the bulk of the season was marred by the omnipresence of VK. I felt disconnected to some of the rookie candidates due to overall lack of exposure from CMT. From what I saw, they all had outstanding qualities. I would have loved to see a show group routine and squad photo day. Ashlee is going to go the route of Nicole Hamilton, I echo my fellow posters. She's sensational. Jalyn won me over when she said "you don't need two eyes to dance." As a fellow Veterinary Nurse, I absolutely love Bridget. Let's hope that next season is more gratifying. Kudos to the new team. I will always marvel the DCC!
  7. I totally agree with the Charlotte announcement situation. The best part of the finale is when Kelli tries to come up with an interesting way to announce the team. This is Kelli's turf (pun intended)- not Charlotte's. Big disappointment. I'm glad that I know this beforehand. If not, I would be throwing metallic objects at my television set tonight :O
  8. Michele Butler

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    Unless it's real extreme editing, Tara's release confirmed the Savannah/Tara break-up for me. I was waiting for Savannah to run up and comfort/hug her. I didn't see her at all, it made me very sad. Even though they may not be "best friends", they did travel from New York together, live together, and survive their rookie year together. I wish Tara well and I really do hope she comes back :(
  9. I always thought that Brianna from New Jersey was the perfect hybrid of Love Story's Ali McGraw and a young Brooke Shields a la Blue Lagoon days. And TCC Madeline was a young Tatum O'Neill look-a-like. One, am I crazy and 2. Am I stuck on the 80"s much??
  10. Michele Butler

    S13.E08: Here Comes Kitty

    Kitty has lost all credibility with me, which is unfortunate because I usually love her on the show. Selina, in years past, got reamed by Kitty about her having a bad day at SQ auditions, and not looking like a DCC. She was not "fat", but "thick." She wanted to cut her then. She also picked Brittany Schram out of the line to tell her she needed to tone up because she was one who was looking "heavy" and "sluggish." Are you kidding me?? VK does not deserve the RESPECT to have more time to lose weight. She is not a 4 or 5 year veteran. She is a TCC!! I guess they assume that she could tone up and look great in a mere few weeks before pre-season? When I envision DCC, I think of well put-together, professional, educated women who have incredible gifts. Victoria looks to me like a girl who left her Girl Scout meeting on a sugar high and showed up at rehearsal. Go figure.
  11. Just a little anecdote for you. While re-watching this episode, I tried to follow Kashara's teaching of the signature dance. After she says- a five and six, arms up and out, I was pretty much done, no such luck. After my family goes to bed, I practice the kick line in my living room. I stop when the house starts to shake and I wake my kids up. My 17 year-old me- "Ma, give it up, you were a cheerleader 30 years ago- you're 48 now. Stop embarrassing the family. Move on !" So, I did move one.......... to the sideline dances!!