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  1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated for both, and won Best Foreign Language Film.
  2. She made that song sound like it was worth the nomination, which I'd never thought until I heard her sing it.
  3. For me, it's whiskey. If I end up dead from alcohol poisoning, you'll know what caused it.
  4. Man, this Queen cover band sucks.
  5. Demian

    S03.E12: Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale

    The older actors on this show must be having the most fabulous time working on it -- this show is daytime soap crap combined with nighttime network budgets, and that's got to be a fun environment to play around in. (Well, daytime soap crap and nighttime budgets combined with incredibly knowing scripts. which is kinda like catnip to me.)
  6. Demian

    S03.E09: Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit

    "KDK 1 calling KDK 12.  KDK 1 calling KDK 12."
  7. Demian


    This "Documenting Hate" series just makes me want to kill either myself, because I'm sick of dealing with it after 50 years, or all of the hateful bags of shit the series is documenting, because they fucking deserve it. Especially now that I live smack in the middle of red-state Pennsyltucky, where said hateful bags of shit grow and thrive.
  8. Demian

    S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    No. This show is GLORIOUS TRASH, and I LOVE IT.
  9. Demian

    S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    "The Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, as a reminder: Leopold and Loeb both began their sentences in Joliet (home of the Blues Brothers) before being transferred to Stateville, where Loeb was whacked by a fellow inmate in the showers via a straight razor. Archie's screwed.
  10. Demian

    S08.E02: The Morning After

    I'm done -- this is the stupidest season of American Horror Story yet. (Even though it's also the most fascinating season, design-wise, and I still love Leslie Grossman.) Ryan Murphy sucks and is also one of the most intriguing show runners going right now, but this crap is just dumb, to the point of being both insulting and infuriating. Christ, I'm so conflicted.
  11. Demian

    S08.E01: The End

    I already feel stupider for watching this, the most stupid of American Horror Story premieres, but I gotta admit: I never knew that Goth Kathy Bates was a thing I needed in my life.
  12. Demian

    Saint Olivia Benson, Mother to Us All

    I kinda hate saying this, but Mariska Hargitay really, really, really needs to rethink her makeup and hair strategy for the new season. She's really starting to look like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (Or maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trying to look like her. Whatever. Olivia needs a new beauty strategy.)
  13. Wow. I did a stage adaptation of The Waves when I was in college, and it's not really about "a group of friends who are 'bff's' then they go on with their respective lives and then reconnect" -- it's more a story of a group of friends who were BFFs and how they split apart, and then get old in their particular ways, and then die. Esparza's going to be great, I'm sure, but I'm way more interested in how they're going to adapt that particular novel into a musical. Wow.
  14. Demian

    S06.E10: START

    Correction: Putin (and Putin's allies) will protect them, and if Philip/Mischa is smart enough, he'll cash in on Russia's privitization of, like, the domestic telephone industry. And then Elizabeth/Nadezhda can score some ownership points in the formerly state-owned television/mass media industries, and then the two of them will be billionaire oligarchs buying up overpriced real estate in London, New York City, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Dubai. Seriously: Don't you know how post-Soviet Russia operates?