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  1. I am so happy for Ariana!
  2. Anothermi

    S02.10 The Growing Good of the World

    Really late to this episode. Have been enjoying the new take on Anne. Quite willing to accept the new take on Anne. I found the later books somewhat boring.
  3. Anothermi

    Strictly Come Dancing

    Pretty happy with the results. I like Kevin but I fear he’s in a very vulnerable place. Wishing the best for him & that Stacey doesn’t do a “tell all “ about him as he seems to be in a very vulnerable place Yeah ... what I said twice but meant once.
  4. Anothermi

    Season 10: All Episode Talk

    I appreciated Josh explaining that although he thought of himself as a Catholic that he didn’t adhere to all the rituals & trappings. He spoke about his spirituality being about his relationship with God. However, with that approach to religion back then he would not have been accepted by Catholics as one of them. That approach was more in line with beliefs of the Protestants of the day. He was correct that the beliefs of the Reformation and the subsequent abuses committed in its name were co-opted for a political agenda - and for money & power. That was Henry Vlll’s reason. If he had articulated his religious beliefs back then it would have been more likely that Queen Mary would have come after him instead of his distant ancestor. However it seems he was appalled at whomever used religious belief against others for political reasons.
  5. Anothermi

    The Last Kingdom

    Haha. Yeah. Health-wise, I was mostly remarking on the fact that the makeup in the trailer showed him greyer than usual and the circles under his eyes were more prominent this time round.
  6. Anothermi

    Murdoch Mysteries

    Well it took me ‘till 3/4 through to figure out the father did it. Just before the reveal I think. This is was a very good episode in my opinion. I was riveted. Very complex. My favourite kind.
  7. Anothermi

    Strictly Come Dancing

    The tiny blurb they put up on the Strictly website blog back in September doesn't tell us much: A poster on a British forum (who's got connections to a lot of dancers in the British Ballroom world and therefor the Strictly world) hunted down a "definition" of Street/Commercial which appears to mesh with what we've seen of that genre to date: I'd say that the Great British Public knows about as much about all these styles as you do - judging from the confused posts I read on a Brit forum.
  8. Anothermi

    Strictly Come Dancing

    I liked this dance, but I had to agree with Craig about the Cube. I had ideas in my head about how the cube would affect/relate to their dance, but in the end it was just there as a prop. I saw a couple of moves that might have informed the reason for it's existence (Faye kinda rushing back to it for... some reason? Maybe?) But it turned out to just be a thing they thought looked cool. Aside from that, I'm really enjoying Giovanni this year.
  9. Anothermi

    S04.E05: Episode 5

    To be fair to Demelza, the lessons learned from life aren't linear. Frequently we choose the wrong life lesson and only realize (after applying that one) that there was another lesson to learn. I think Demelza believed (and rightfully, in my own hindsight) that if you care for someone AT ALL that you should always be truthful to them. Not lie to them, even to spare their feelings (that is a difficult one) as lying to those you care about can never bring anything positive and will come to bite you no matter how long it's been hidden. I personally think that Rosina may be hurt and confused and perhaps feel shamed right now. But she will never have had to go through self reproach and believing she caused her own misery. (This would be from being dumped at the alter - a terrible humiliation, but she actually knows why.) As for Drake's annoying behaviour pining at Morwenna's gate. HE doesn't know what she has endured. They've barely exchanged more than a few sentences all this time. He basically knows she's always hated Ossie, not why. WE know, but this is the very basis of a tragical romance - much as we may hate it.
  10. Anothermi

    Murdoch Mysteries

    I knew we were in for a “special” episode the moment I heard the re-worked spooky version of the opening titles music. They added a bit with a theramin to make it sound other worldly. As a result I enjoyed the whole episode and the little commentaries on the change in each character’s personality. I particularly like George not being able to definitely tell if Margaret had been possessed as her personality was still the same. I did wonder from time to time if it was going to end up being George having a nightmare and think they didn’t go that route because it would be too obvious. Still, next episode George could make a remark about it. However, I don’t think it is necessary. I felt they made it quite clear this was a Hallowe’en episode. Ooh. Hadn’t thought of that. Good one! (It looked like basil to me.)
  11. Anothermi

    The Last Kingdom

    OK. For the most part I recognized Uhtred (Erik look-a-like now), and it looks by this trailer that they want us to think he is siding with the Danes this time. Which he may be. But the last bit "Let it begin" looked so much like Erik! Have they brought him back from the dead? Aside from that. I can't wait. Poor Alfred is not doing well health-wise. How long might he have? (I haven't read the books this series is based on, I only read them when the series is done, so I'm not asking for historical spoilers). And Uhtred seems to have a new woman. (what's new?) I miss this show.
  12. Anothermi

    S04.E02: Episode 2

    Ross was also the son of the 2nd born Poldark - in an age where the 1st son inherited everything. He basically had the name and the heritage (and the charisma). So, while he was better off than most, he was related to people who were rich instead of being rich himself (and his father had not kept up with what they did have.) I'm sure he grew up having to do more work to maintain his holdings than Francis ever did so he wasn't afraid of mucking in.
  13. Anothermi

    The Last Kingdom

    Good to see that Uhtred has adopted the Tribute-to-Erik hair style.
  14. Anothermi

    Strictly in the Media

    Hee. I don't know if this ever happened. I wasn't watching the show when Ian was on. But I certainly wouldn't put it past the gutter press. Now THAT is an example of REAL fake news.
  15. Anothermi

    The Bletchley Circle

    I read that San Francisco (along with other locations around the world) actually had a code breaking circle. So that, and probably production related reasons, would make it a reasonable location.