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  1. sempervivum

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    She mentioned that on tonight's episode. The problem is Alana is a minor (only a 13 year old child) who is morbidly obese which is very unhealthy, that is not something that should be celebrated. But she and her family do not understand that. I think it's funny that the same mind set 'celebrating' a female's right to feel validated at any weight (waves at Whitney Thore) are often the same ones who want to ban large sodas, tax sugar, etc. (just my opinion) I thought June's agent Gena was scary, but she looks like a damn fairy princess next to (?)Frankie, the red-haired skeletor with the jacked-up face who tottered out to welcome Alana to the casting audition. However, Alana did a good job- I was sort of impressed that she was able to offer 2 different readings of the 'closets full of potions' lines. Jennifer actually looked beautiful in the talking head bit- great job, makeup artists. Below the neck, however: good luck with that, Dr. Curves. (The doctor had strangely red eyes, right?) Lol at Pumpkin's husband falling for the 'modelling' scam. I like him, though, and he and the baby seem to be having a great time together. I was expecting all through the 'big reveal' that June would say she had some health problem, rather than being pregnant. As far as I know, she hasn't had any drug convictions, and I don't really think she'd be smoking crack with Geno if she were actually pregnant. Also, I guess it's better than every other word being an f-bomb, but can he stop with the 'dude'. June is a lot of things, but a dude she ain't.
  2. sempervivum

    House Hunters International

    If they were Jewish and lost their citizenship do to the holocaust than possibly. Well, his last name was Crowe, but I suppose she might be Jewish. My grandparents were German, though not Jewish (well, just a tiny %), but I did research dual citizenship a while back, and was disappointed to find that unlike some other European countries, you can only qualify if your actual parents were German citizens. Did they say what her profession was? Since she doesn't speak German, I don't understand what kind of job she could get there. Also, she was extremely unlikeable 🙄
  3. sempervivum

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    They reminded me of the reptiles that have neck frills, although those aren't really 'ruffled', per se.
  4. sempervivum

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    He's been wearing those coveralls a lot this season. I'd gotten to the point where I never wanted to see them again, then he comes in in the short shorts and I'm like where are those coveralls when you need them? Those are fine in the workroom, but he's far too old and out of shape to look edgy or transgressive dressed like that on the runway, although we have seen some mind-boggling outfits on contestants over the years. I actually thought it was pretty disrespectful.
  5. sempervivum

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    Lola gives the exact same advice to everybody from this show, doesn't she? Either have a talk with the problem relative, or write a letter, which may or may not be mailed. My sister is caregiver to our 97 year old mother; I can't imagine her being 500+lbs., and doing this work. And my mom's in way better shape than Aaron's dad is. When Dr. Now says 'liquid diet', I've been assuming that specifies either clear liquids only, or a brand name supplement like Boost. I would think at the initial phase of the procedure, the less you leave up to the patient's judgement, the better. I still didn't see a huge appearance change by the end, other than in Aaron's face. (It was great that he went from being exhausted just driving his dad to the grocery store vs. hiking in the caves and around the airport hanger, though). I'd still prefer the episodes that end with a dramatic visual change.
  6. sempervivum

    The Fix (2019)

    Well, since there were 2 murders, I suppose Sevvy could be guilty of only one of them, right?
  7. sempervivum

    House Hunters International

    Crawley UK- I LOL'd when Richard dryly said he feared the quiet husband wouldn't be heard due to the wife's 'enthusiasm and exuberance'. Ugh, that woman's whiny, nasal voice! Hubby had amazing eyelashes.
  8. sempervivum

    The Fix (2019)

    Seconded, on both counts. I'm puzzled by some of the choices the showrunners/M.Clark made. Did they think they needed legal protection from libel charges or something? Because why cast a not-traditionally-handsome Brit as the OJ? I always assumed it was OJ's All American hero/dream boyfriend status among black women that contributed heavily to the jury's acquittal. Also, making the floppy haired young enabler a stepson instead of er, whatever Kato Kaelin was in reality? In general, this came across as a fantasy that's been playing in Clark's head for 20+years, and it's not exactly full of surprises. Wikipedia calls it a 'self serving rewrite of modern history', and that sounds about right.
  9. sempervivum

    S17.05: Auditions (5)

    I can't believe I'm writing this, but my favorite of the episode was Jorgie, the gay guy from Israel. I thought he gave by far the most emotionally connected performance, and had a really good, unusual voice. And yes, sooooo many sob stories and country singers. I'm actually enjoying a lot of the interaction between the 3 judges, it seems as though they genuinely like each other. Don't totally understand why we have to keep seeing the 'overcome with lust' stuff, though (looking at BOTH Katy and Luke).
  10. sempervivum

    S17: E4 Auditions Part 4

    Yep. She's (Ashley Hess) one of my favorites, so far, but it's very hard to believe someone that comfortable on stage hasn't been gigging for years (since she's 27). Is she another Voice/AGT rejectee? I also liked the very young Johnny Cash-ish country boy, although I doubt he'll survive Hollywood. Don't care about the egg donor (who wears baggy capri overalls with blown out knees to an audition?) or dead husband stories. Returnee Alyssa was OK, but I wasn't that impressed with her last year, either. The Megan Fox look alike-I'm speechless at her advancing, she was awful. Not a lot of No diversity this episode, huh? Looks like there are a couple of good male singers coming tonight (if you can believe previews).
  11. sempervivum

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    He died, I believe.
  12. sempervivum

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Well, I actually like those ads, because the spokesman is a tall cool drink of silver fox! Makes the Trivago guy look like Archie Bunker, imo. However, it's not unusual for type 2 diabetics to be diagnosed by a GP, and it's shocking how many GP's don't really know much about the disease. I'm a type 1 and belong to a diabetes forum, and it's awful what some of these people have been told/not told by ignorant doctors. Go to an endocrinologist, folks.
  13. sempervivum

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Well, I think you can own a car without having a drivers license, can't you? I assume it's actually Geno's car, so there's no reason why the impound guy would release it to her, though. Her face looks completely different, though. Pretty sure she's missing 2 or 3 chins.
  14. sempervivum

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I tried to listen to that, but couldn't understand anything but the swearing. No idea what she was saying, but even without that, I am absolutely positive of one thing: that she's a moron. Even if they would have released the car, who was going to drive, since she's legally blind?
  15. sempervivum

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Oh, my. I was going to comment (before seeing the latest news) that 'talent manager' Gina was the scariest thing about this show, but... Poor Alana. I guess she thought she'd ride the 'body positivity' movement to an acting role of some sort. It was sad to see her stressing about her future riding on how well she did on the dancing show. Do Pumpkin and whatever his name is have their own house? I don't remember noticing those red walls in June's place. Their baby seems like such a happy little thing- good luck, kid.