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  1. AudienceofOne

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    On Alice's clothing choices - I really feel like the show is walking a fine line between characterisation and fan service. But while I think her clothing is universally awful, in this case it shows that she is at war with herself: The sexual repression caused by her awful childhood and her own adulthood as a grown woman. Alice has always been at war with herself and this episode really exemplified it.
  2. AudienceofOne

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    It struck me during this episode that this is a season about putting yourself back together. Alice has been putting herself back together since she hit rock bottom - first with her Mum and then her being reconciled to parts of herself she hates, Julia is putting herself back together since she lost her Godhood, wizards and hedges are putting themselves back together after losing magic, Elliot is putting himself back together since he lost himself, and even the Elliot monster (may be) attempting to put himself back together too. I honestly found this episode extremely profound in every plot line.
  3. AudienceofOne

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    My Lord Katherine McNamara is a terrible actor. She was bad in Shadowhunters but, oddly, because that show is so terrible it didn't bug me so much. It seemed weirdly apropos like it was a part of the ridiculous Shadowhunters package. Also, Mia has the worst origin story ever. Oh no, she had a perfect upper middle class childhood in an idyllic rural town, ran away from home in a pique because of thecrats and lieths and then got tattoos and did cage fights like some bad movie about rebellious teen lesbians. None of which detracts from what was a surprisingly-enjoyable episode that is clearly the producers' new attempt at Arrow: The Next Generation. Which is to say - this would have actually been an okay pilot for a new show of a rather lame superhero.
  4. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    My favourite is his whimpering little 'Falcor' at the end of the scene.
  5. AudienceofOne

    S02.E04: Point of Departure

    Oh damn this episode was really good and now I've remembered there's only 6 more left and it's been cancelled. Why why why?
  6. AudienceofOne

    S02.E03: Something Borrowed

    I've always found spy craft - real spy craft not silly action film spy craft - to be quite boring. Actually I find the other stuff uninteresting too but in a different way. Real TV spy craft is just people having serious, slightly enigmatic, conversations in darkened rooms. The other stuff - the parallel universe stuff: the stuff motivating the spy craft and the metaphorical and thematic basis of the show - is really interesting and I want the show to concentrate a bit more of that. This episode was far more interesting than episode 2 because Emily is a great character, well acted and her ongoing search for herself is so well done.
  7. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    Oh yeah, I was never going to get that. It just shows how amazingly clever this show is. I laughed anyway, even if I didn't know what it was referencing. Now I think it's even wittier and will become my new favourite phrase.
  8. AudienceofOne

    S02.E02: Outside In

    That's what I think too. It's possible they were the original universe and it's not that Alpha and Prime are copies of each other but that they're BOTH copies of... Omega. I have to admit this show has finally lost me. I got really confused as to several parts of this episode, up to and including Emily Prime wanting Howard Alpha to believe that Emily Alpha was part of Indigo - why? And why think she was part of the plot when she was trying to stop it and Indigo went to such great lengths to try to stop her? I also got confused at the deal Emily Prime made with management. I thought it included Howard's freedom but instead he got transferred to ECHO.
  9. AudienceofOne

    S02.E01: Inside Out

    I think the only reason for management to be so damn weird is if it's a joint management of both worlds. But some of the orders they gave at the end of season 1 suggest otherwise. It could be. But if they're not colluding with each other then I'm not sure why all the secrecy is involved - or why nobody questions that secrecy either. I can't say this was a great first episode. It seemed a bit like a continuation of the previous season, not a new one. That's not necessarily a bad thing for the overall narrative but it does mean that we haven't gotten a new story hook. I never found Cold War spy craft a particularly interesting genre and this is becoming more and more what the story is about. The performances are still excellent though. Really amazing.
  10. AudienceofOne

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    This was just one-liner after one-liner. "Jesus based on the novel Christ by Sapphire" was my favourite even though I'm not entirely sure if it's a cultural reference I'm not getting. Frankly, this episode was everything I love about The Magicians. It was funny, it was true to its characters, it was fast-paced but took time to let moments breathe, it was surprising, it was a bit profound and it treated everyone - even minor parts and guest stars - with respect. I really like how everyone's being positioned leading up to the end of the season too.
  11. AudienceofOne

    S07.E15: Training Day

    For me it's just a case of the writers creating conflict when there is none to fill an episode. Frankly, there was no need for any of this and they could have just skipped to the formation of the unit. Apropos of nothing, though, is anyone keeping an episode by episode list of exactly which people, places and things Dinah seems to want to have sex with every time she delivers a line?
  12. AudienceofOne

    S07.E15: Training Day

    Hey, you remember how Oliver has been working perfectly happily within the confines of the SCPD for months now? No? Neither did the writers of this episode.
  13. AudienceofOne

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    Thanks, I knew we would have been told but I couldn't remember it.
  14. AudienceofOne

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    I'd like it to be explained but I can imagine that it's just the Underworld branch that's special. Penny seemed to be implying that they have some kind of master set that transcends space time and they can't even warn other library branch staff about certain things i.e. they can't warn that librarian that Harriet's mother (sorry I'm spacing on names today) is hallucinating and lying to him.
  15. AudienceofOne

    S07.E14: Brothers & Sisters

    I'm squarely on Team 'This Flash Forward Has Destroyed The Show'. Which is odd, because I would have sworn last season it was NTA.