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    S31.E28: The Good Girl (Michael Sinclair)

    I knew Michael Sinclair. We use to work together. He was such a sweet and funny guy. He was respectful to everyone. He was not an aggressive person and he came from a good family. I was so mad when I found out that this girl got away with her part in his murder. Then I found out she did an interview blaming everything on everyone else and just said sorry to his parents who lost their only child. The things she said I don’t believe Michael would have said to her . If you know Michael you know he would have never asked her to be his girlfriend. Micheal probably was being his usual nice laidback self and she took it a whole other way.She knew Michael did not give her the STD that’s why she did not want to talk about it, but she could not tell the boyfriend who really did. She could have stop the whole thing from happening and did not. Thank all of you from seeing through her bullshit! To his parents Mr. and Mrs Sinclair. You raised an amazing man. He was so proud of both of you. He told me how his dad was a teacher and had his PhD and his mom was a computer specialist. I use to tease him and say he grew up like the Huxtables. I am so sorry you loss your baby ,but know that every person that came in contact with him saw what an amazing job you did as parents. To those three friends that talked about him thank you. That was Michael. When I saw you speak about him I felt so much better. I was so mad at this girl but seeing you three made me feel better. He is the one that gave her herpes. I agree. I think she wanted more from Michael than he was willing to give. She wanted the relationship and he didn’t.Girls use to fall for Michael hard and I think that what happened here.She went back to her boyfriend knowing how jealous he was and lured Michael to die.She is a manipulator for sure. She is crazy. Im waiting to hear the real story because what she said was bullshit.