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  1. Neveragain

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    I remember when Jenna first came onto our TVs because she was Jays ex-gf in Real World Explosion, where the concept was the seven houseguests get surprised in the house by their exes moving in like a week later. (This is the season with Cory and horrible Ashley as well) While they were original houseguests, Jenna was one of the exes. I just looked it up and it’s from 2013. Here is a screenshot of the description of Jenna. If you substitute the word Zach for the word Jay, this could have been written today. She hasn’t changed at all. Which is a shame on many levels, but especially because she’s now 6 years older, with reality fame of her own. She should have progressed by now. This snapshot doesn’t show half how badly Jay treated her, I think I remember he would only see/speak to her on Sundays, stuff like that. And she cried and begged for forgiveness over and over, just like now. Plus let’s not forgot what a shit she was when Jonna was heartbroken about Zach, and Jenna and him were new and she would cuddle and kiss him constantly in front of her. Jonna had been living with Zach before he ended it with no warning. it was a real relationship. I don’t dislike Jenna but she’s not as sweet as everyone thinks, and she’s also making this choice about Zach with her eyes very wide open. This is clearly who she is, and I don’t intend to spend another second feeling badly for her.
  2. Neveragain

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    All of this! I’m sure she controls herself very well in front of her family bc that’s what important to her And I love that you said it’s up to him to not cheat, no matter how many women allegedly throw themselves at him. The choice is his. If he doesn’t want to, or holds the same values she always professes they do, then he won’t. If he wants to, he will. My mom always said you can’t take a man who doesn’t want to go. Throwing themselves at him makes it easier access but doesn’t change the choice. But Jennifer appears to be totally the kind of person who blames the other women and leaves the husband blameless Amazing to me she holds herself to be so old fashioned and proper and then makes the jerkoff sign in front of her dad and brother, talks about sucking that monkeys asshole that marge brought up, and several other really vulgar words and mannerisms. To be clear these mannerisms don’t bother me, the hypocrisy is what I detest
  3. Neveragain

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Omg this is poetry! And undeniably true. Great post
  4. Neveragain

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    Oh, I forgot about that part, that added to it too! So unusual for that show..Such a fun episode! I think you just put your finger on what I’m feeling. I couldn’t articulate it but you nailed it. She feels real finally. And I’m finding her reasonable and relatable and I like it. I never cared for her before
  5. I’m in jersey too, my kid went to penn State. Are you saying Alabama is too good for Gia but penn State is not? Hmmm I would have to disagree, and honestly except for my daughter, I’m not even a PSU fan. But I sure don’t see Alabama as too good for people who are good enough for penn State
  6. Neveragain

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I have to say that I loved this episode! I found it so entertaining, after years of boring episodes that I half watched or fast-forwarded, here was one that I kept rewinding to see or hear some portions again. Of course I have opinions on who was right or wrong, who’s a horrible beast, who is cheating or being cheated on, who’s phony, who I like, who I don’t, etc. but the point for me was this was a wild ride with crazy shit happening or being said, plus beautiful scenery to get me through this freezing weather, and I loved every insane minute of it! This is what I want and expect from my escapist reality tv, bring on some more, you crazy women
  7. Neveragain

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Agreed! Although she’s no badass from Utah lol like she thinks, she did used to charm me a little with her attitude. But now it’s just beyond phony and put on, and so juvenile. “My man is an ass man, oh yeah he’s also a vagina man and a tits man”etc etc she just sounds vulgar now, not cheeky or funny. “Oh my (whatever is in the shop) I had to take my man’s rolls, I like it I think I’ll get one too” come on girl you sound stupid and I’m sorry but where do her looks go? She used to be quite beautiful. Is it the dark hair? Is it being engaged and not trying any more? Something’s off
  8. Neveragain

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    Oh, right, remember that? Disgusting ugh ...ps I agree with your husband regarding hot food...
  9. Neveragain

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    A carriage return!!! Hahha girl are you old like me? I actually could hear that sound when I read your words. Nice to be reminded of these things sometimes. Brings me back...
  10. Neveragain

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    Literally threw up in my mouth watching her “serve” the Brussels sprouts, with her nasty fingers, ugh. I had to rewind to make sure I didn’t imagine that. I would to have had to walk out if I were her dinner guest.
  11. Neveragain

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    True lol but you were asking about the chicken or the egg not the dinosaur
  12. Neveragain

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I don’t think it can be the egg. An egg without a rooster to fertilize the hen will just be an egg and never becomea chick. So there had to be a chicken first. (Two of them actually). Also I think the egg has to be sat on by a chicken and kept warm to stay viable. So an egg by itself will not further evolution. A fertilized pregnant chicken, that’s what had to come first
  13. Neveragain

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I hear what you’re saying and agree to a point. But need to state that scheana one hundred percent was a part of the initial group. In fact she was the star and focal point and was there from before the first minute. Brandi Glanville was at that time on RHoBH and scheana was her ex husband’s former mistress, the one she blamed her divorce on. In one RH episode if I remember correctly, Brandi confronted scheana at a restaurant, scheana walked away, into the kitchen or something, and that was the kitchen at Sur and the opening moment of vanderpump rules. Nice segue, it was kind of cool which is why I remember it to this degree. She was always in the show, but she got outshone by the others also Lala was not there at first, yet she wound up feeling like a true cast member, to me anyway But I take your point, some people just feel shoveled in, like Billie and James. I won’t count Racquel just like I don’t count carter or beau or any SO except Brittany who went on to become a cast member
  14. Neveragain

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    Some ramblings on things that set me off (disclaimer: I don’t like James, I’m hot and cold on Sandoval, and don’t know enough about Racquel apart from her relationship with James to really have an opinion) 1. How come James is in more trouble for joking out loud about the bad thing Jax did than Jax is? Brittany want James out for humiliating her? It was JAX who humiliated her! Yet the opinion seems to be that Jax gonna Jax, what can you do, she gives him the obligatory “you’re a bastard, get out” speech, then she “angry” fucks him, throws him a birthday party and also takes him and the gang on vacation together to further celebrate. She’s got to “follow her heart”. James is an insensitive idiot, who definitely brought it up for the drama, but he’s not the one who hurt you, Brittany. That was your FEE ON SAY 2. And Sandoval is the worst most awful best friend ever, because he dared suggest that Jax might be behaving differently/better because he’s still in grief mode. Jax wants him off the best man job. Yet Jax fucked Sandoval’s girlfriend, in Sandoval’s home on Sandoval’s couch, while he was asleep in the bedroom. I’m having a hard time getting this scale to balance. One seems just a bit more bad-friend-deed than the other! Why would they even still be friends in the first place. Not to mention that Kristen and Jax girlfriend at the time, Stassi, are friends again too. Wtf? But Sandoval is the worst friend ever in history. Okay. 3. Racquel was busy in school for the last few years. No doubt James was dogging her behind her back but she wasn’t paying that much attention. Now she is 21, and moved in with him, and trying to really make sure before she walks out. We know it’s true, but she doesn’t want to know it, I do have to give her props for speaking up to the witches and holding her own. However, she comes from California and can easily move back home without damaging her life. Yet she is considered the biggest moron ever and they verbally abuse her and pile on her. If they’re trying to help her see the light, there are kinder ways. Contrast this with Brittany, who everyone just adores. She found Jax on social media, contacted him, met him, then packed up her car and drove across the entire country to move in with him. (Still remember his face when she showed up, with all her boxes, to his tiny apartment, he looked like he couldn’t breathe.) Jax has continually lied, verbally abused, and cheated on her. He has not only cheated but disparaged her to the girl he was cheating on her with. She knows all this and never leaves him for more than five minutes, yet the entire cast rallies around their brave trembling heartbroken Brittany. But shits all over Racquel. I don’t get it. I know they’re making a tv show, but come on
  15. Neveragain

    S09.E09: Communion and Confession

    Hey guys I am a little behind in my queue and just watched this episode last night. Not enough time today sadly to read all the comments. Maybe someone pointed this out, but I was wondering if anyone mentioned Jennifer’s son who was choking his brothers? Mine is a girl family don’t know as much about boys. I get there’s a different kind of male horseplay. But the hair stood up on my neck when that oldest kid, the one with the face mask on, tried to “stand his brother up by the throat” (his words). He actually had his hands wrapped around the kids neck and the younger one was very upset and screaming for his mom. Then soon after, they showed the oldest doing it to a different younger brother who also didn’t like it. The look on his face squicked me out. I was a little alarmed. Is this just typical boy/brother play? Maybe just crazy editing? Like I said, I don’t know much about boys