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  1. Kirkydee

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    My 2 cents on the Kevin/John Smiley autograph session- and this should resonate to any Pittsburghers on this board who would be old enough to remember 1992. During the 9 bucks episode Rebecca knew NOTHING about football. The Steelers had just won their biggest game in their history and she had no idea a game was even played. Fast forward to Super bowl XIV and she's at the bar with Jack yelling at Terry Bradshaw through the tv. So she is clearly a bonafide Steeler fan- probably courtesy of Jack. So it's not a stretch she is at least familiar with the other two pro franchises in the city who are doing VERY WELL in 92. The Pirates are the 3 time division champs and the Penguins are 2 time Stanley cup winners. Along with the Steelers who are in the playoffs consistently. Being married to Jack she SHOULD know how important a autograph session with a Pirate (and Smiley was a darn good pitcher then) for a young boy. As for letting in strangers in for a walk down memory lane, IMO Hell no. Too many con artists and scammers out there. The local police are always in the media in my neck of the woods saying 'Don't let ANYONE in your house you dont know" too many people have been robbed either by force or by person #1 distracting and person #2 does the deed.
  2. Kirkydee

    This Is Us In The Media

    But the 1st week of March madness has games Tuesday and Wednesday. Used to be called the play in games- now its first round games. Usually not the contrenders in those games, but still....
  3. Kirkydee

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    For the people who said Kevin should've tried to prove that he was Nickys nephew... Don't forget Zoe said "I know a Congressman". Kevin had no idea that the Congressman would be the ex boyfriend Email guy. Kevin is just looking to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. He already took a looooong flight to Nam- I'm sure his Girlfriend saying 'I can make a call' sounds a lot quicker than ' go prove you're related to a man you've never met ' I also think its important to the Pearsons to track Nicky down because 1. Jack is all about family ( at least his wife and kids) 2. I don't believe they have any relatives. Does Becca have siblings? If not- then no aunts uncles cousins etc.
  4. Kirkydee

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I'm a little confused in people questioning Jack hiding his brother's status. Don't forget Jack told the family that his OWN father was dead, then Becca took the call (with Kate in tow) on his deathbed. Dont focus on the reasons Jack may or may not have. The fact remains that Jack has a history (HIStory) of lying about relatives death status.
  5. Kirkydee

    Love Is

    And now the show is not picked up. After December 18th. It was not renewed after Salim Akil was accused of domestic violence against an old giGirlfriend
  6. Kirkydee

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    About Randall's birth mom... Randall hired a private investigator and found Willliam. I'm sure at some point he tried to find his birth mom. I believe it would've been easier to find a birth mom than the dad IMO. So if she was alive he wouldve found her 1st
  7. Kirkydee


    I had to go back to the dvr.... It was Rochelle. "You whore, I know what you did it Phoenix." It was at Coralies house when Jacob and Grace set Rochelle up. Seemed to take Grace a bit if a surprise. It seemed that Jacob took it is stride
  8. Kirkydee


    I thought the exact same thing...This felt like a series finale. Don't forget about the inheritance and the IRS bill squashed. Glad it's back for another season. Will we see the Skanks again? Will the two cousins go away to college and just be shown every now and then? I wanted little more from Zora and her parents. Nothing on screen was said about Zora returning and no interaction between the 3until dinner at the mansion. Best line- Judas in a bad pant suit!
  9. Kirkydee

    S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    I agree with everybody assessment with William. He was a fine edition and a intriguing character but let him RIP. To the posters who pointed out the silent cracker barrel recon, THANK YOU!! Thst flew past me. Also, does cracker barrel deliver? If not, that means Toby placed an order, left the house, and returned all the while Katiegirl was dropping gynecological knowledge. Unless Toby used grubhub or something equivalent
  10. Kirkydee

    S04.E06: Maternity Leave

    I think a lot of people are looking a little too deep into the Amy/maternity leave/ losing her position thing. Superstore is an over the top farce that shows a cheap penny pinching retail store and their eclectic employees. They're showing how absurd these stores are and how far they will go to screw their assembly line employees and watch their bottom line. Box stores are notorious for giving employees 1 hour less per week to keep them part time. No benifits, no perks. Nada. The FMLA mentioned earlier is a great point, but in the Superstore universe it's not a stretch for the rank and file (including floor supervisors) to get boned.
  11. Kirkydee

    S03.E07: Sometimes

    Thx doodlebug I set that 'yinzer' comment on purpose, figuring the nation as a whole didn't know about yinzers. But I know there are Pittsburghers out there that watch and would chime in. Watching a show about Pittsburgh ( and especially blue collar people like pappy and grand pappy pearson) and it's practically unrealistic to NOT have some yinzer, at least in the background. Similar to Boston and their Baaastan enunciations. Has there ever been a show or movie about Boston without the distinct accent that everyone in the USA recognizes? I can see Rebecca not being a typical yinzer. Her status conscious mama probably forbade it in the home. I can see her mother telling a teenage Becca " You want a good husband? Dont be a yinzer... And dont ever MARRY a yinzer"
  12. Kirkydee

    S03.E07: Sometimes

    THATS THE WORD - SKEEVY That whole scene seemed so hippie communal- definitely not for your garden variety yinzers. Even though when I was on IMDB when they had their forums a bunch of posters on Pittsburgh shows/movies would bemoan that no show ever had a good representative of a yinzer
  13. Kirkydee


    I have to agree about Lady Mae and her dress/appearance. I almost thought she was going to come down on invisible wires as if she's floating down from heaven
  14. Kirkydee


    I know just about everyone was waiting for Patty to blow, but I thought Charity hung with her (would it be too much to say.....outdo Patty?) They slid that Phoenix comment in there as a nice carrott,huh? I just dont see Keith David being killed off, despite the Bishop looking down at the business end
  15. Kirkydee


    I was wondering if she said "bitch" or " bishop" Thx for clarifying- makes for a better line