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  1. ECM1231

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Was gonna suggest AJ may be hypoglycemic. My easy going hubby gets like a bear and nasty when he is hungry. Took me a while to figure out why he went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in a second. Kate's friends are as appalled as we that Luke has told Kate MANY times he is not attracted to her.
  2. ECM1231

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    I'm unspoiled but hate when the show previews who goes hometown before the epi airs. Thanks, show, for showing Hannah Beast on a hometown and apparently on a fantasy suite date. And what the heck was up with Cassie leaving in a car? Thought for sure she was in the final 2.
  3. ECM1231

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    Guess Sydney figured out she was next to be booted so she decided to leave and save face, I guess.
  4. I was kind of surprised she was a dance instructor who had owned her own school as she did not have a dancer's body. The apartment she chose had no oven and was very small. Even though the loft had no privacy, it was only her living there. A portable a/c unit would have solved the heat issue. Likewise, a countertop convection microwave/oven could have been purchased for the place she chose.
  5. ECM1231

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    THANK YOU!!!!
  6. ECM1231

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    I'm a little bit tech-challenged and don't want to sign up for the free trial. I'm trying to figure out how I can watch this online as I can't seem to find out if my cable provider carries this station. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts but have not seen it there. Any ideas?
  7. ECM1231

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    Wow, really? What network? So Cassie is wrong reasons, too? Color me surprised! She had me fooled!
  8. ECM1231

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    Besides Kirpa's unfortunately placed bandaid, I'd like to know who the chick was that Colton abruptly left to investigate Nicole and Oyneka's quarrel. I don't think I have ever heard her speak before. Sydney"s sexual innuendo went over Colton's head. 😄 Cassie and Colton in the ocean...whoa! Serious lust! I just wish I knew what was drawing him to her, as someone posted upthread. She is not the prettiest one there, imo, so it has to be something. I liked her interaction with him in 1st episode; she was playful and seemed normal. She is more girl next door to me.
  9. ECM1231

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    I was surprised that Kristine makes 3x the amount as a realtor that Keith makes. I wonder how he feels about that? Is he studying to be a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse? RNs in my state do quite well and new hires need a Bachelor's degree. In other states you can become a RN with an Associate's degree. Idk if dialysis techs need a degree but Keith may not realize a better earning potential for quite a few years. I was happy to hear on the after show that Keith IS doing some of the cooking!
  10. ECM1231

    S23.E04: Week 4: Singapore

    I did not get the impression Caelynn had been drinking excessively, but rather that her drink had been tampered with. She said her 2 friends had drunk the same wine and all 3 had been sexually assaulted. I wonder why the 1st hospital refused to administer a rape kit? Very strange.
  11. ECM1231

    S23.E04: Week 4: Singapore

    Her swimsuit was fab! And I agree...Hell no to a bungee jump!!
  12. ECM1231

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    But didn't Keith say in his into that he is going to school for nursing? Right now he works as a dialysis technician so maybe he is just living with grandma so he can save money for tuition. I really don't find anything wrong with that. And honestly, if he is happy being a dialysis tech, nothing wrong with that either, imo. Some folk don't have big dreams or aspire to great wealth. After a hard day at work, he likes to unwind watching a little TV. It's on the experts to match applicants with others with similar interests, goals, religious preferences, etc, but we all know how that goes!
  13. ECM1231

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought that in her intro package it mentioned that Jasmine is 30, financially stable, owns her own home and is looking for a life partner so that she can begin a family. Perhaps her intention is to become a SAHM once she marries and in that case there'd be NO income on her part at all. Somebody has to pay the bills. I'm old, married almost 36 years and a former teacher. My mom was a SAHM as was her mom before her. My mom's advice to me was that when I married, I should learn to live on my husband's income as soon enough I'd be home with a family of my own and we'd have to rely on just one income. I was fortunate that my husband did own his own home when we married so we didn't have to save for that. I had no student loans so we were ahead of the game. I owned my own car free and clear and had some money in savings. I worked for 2 years and then stayed home when my first born arrived. When I did work my paycheck went into savings and I did learn how to budget and live on one salary. Of course this was back in the 80s but we were fairly frugal. I cooked every night except for Friday pizza nights. We never ate out as my husband preferred home cooking. I realize nowadays many couples need that second income. However, Jasmine rushed that conversation and I'm still not sure what she expected of Will. Was she going to get pregnant right away and stay home? If not, they need to sit down and draw up a budget and I don't agree it should be 50/50. They should each contribute a percentage based on what they each make. I also wanted to add that watching folks like Danielle and Amber from last season made me realize how low maintenance I really am. All that make up, all those products! The eyelashes Danielle paid for on a monthly basis! Yikes! I didn't start pampering myself with mani/pedis until my early 50s. It just was not something I had grown up with.
  14. ECM1231

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    So this is totally o/t but your post got me thinking about a long ago TLC show. Was wracking my brain and had to Google search but pretty sure it was A Dating Story. It ran for a few seasons, from around 1999 or 2000 on. This was when TLCs A Baby Story and A Wedding Story also aired. Well one season it was set in Philly. This native New Yorker has never been. We were coming back from checking out U of Delaware with our son. We took a wrong turn and did not realize it. Suddenly I realized we had gone a different direction and told my husband I thought we were in Philly. Sure enough we were. He asked how I knew and I said the city looked familiar to me from A Dating Story. 😄 This was way back in 2002 or so. Anybody remember that show? It's not listed on Wikipedia.
  15. ECM1231

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend, hyacinth.