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  1. Ray Adverb

    Season 17 Discussion

    Good episode. A little weak, but not as preachy as I'd expected. I disagree with Peter's statement "you're the president: we can't turn you off". Because you kind of can. You don't have to watch the news or read up on all this stuff if it upsets you. It's not that hard. Favorite part was the two sides of Congress alternately applauding Peter and Trump as each landed a punch on the other.
  2. Ray Adverb

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    The approach is turning me off too. Unlike you, it does make me consider deleting from my DVR. I don't watch reality TV to laugh at people. I watch it to see people succeed. The 2017 season was particularly bad with this "look at the pathetic fatso!" theme, culminating in the double whammy of James King and the Assanti Brothers. Very nearly lost it after that garbage.
  3. Ray Adverb

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    I know, right. That's why I'm getting so bored with this show and didn't make it through last night. It's like a sitcom that is always in reruns. Well there are a lot of reasons. It could be that they find the addict easier to control when he is in the throes of his addiction. We've seen some of that with female participants married to "chubby chasers". It could be that the enabler is simply meek and the addict strong and aggressive. I think it's too easy for us at home to think we'd be tough and stand up to the addict, but it's always easy to be tough in your imagination when there are no real stakes or effort. It could be love. It's a twisted love, but some people think that giving a person they love the thing that makes them happy is always good, regardless of the destructive nature of that thing.
  4. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    For some dramatic effect (red eyes = evil) and also, like Cambion said, to further the misdirect. Remember when Castiel woke up in The Empty? He wasn't absorbed into the mass of blackness. He was just lying prone on the ground, like he was taking a nap. Then he stood up, whole body intact. The Empty then manifested itself in his form.
  5. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    Nobody was being resurrected. That was The Empty waking up to take care of some business, head up to Heaven, and claim Jack.
  6. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    Yes. I am pretty sure that was a misdirect. Which makes me happy. I am so done with Lucifer existing on this show.
  7. Ray Adverb

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I just discovered this show. I binged the first 2 seasons on Netflix then the current episodes of season 3 via Xfinity On Demand. It is awesomely funny. Kristen Bell gives an exemplary performance as the bitchy woman trying to be better. Ted Danson's character arc is the best though, since it hasn't been repeatedly reset. Ten episodes is the mid season finale? Didn't seasons 1 and 2 only have 13 episodes? Is this season going to be longer?
  8. Ray Adverb

    Alla & James: An Officer and a Heroin

    Jen, I appreciate your response and willingness to believe. I apologize if I came off hostile. I have run into a lot of hostility when I tried to tell Alla's side, and it has made me naturally defensive. Alla is a friend of mine and it naturally hurts me to see people speak so poorly of her as several have on this show. Some would say that "they chose to expose themselves to the public and thus deserve whatever derision we throw at them". I vehemently disagree with this assertion and do not believe that truly good people watch TV for the purposes of mocking others. I disagree with your claim that the red wine was a problem. Drugs and alcohol are different animals. I've know alcoholics who never touched drugs and I've known drug addicts who did drink, but in moderation. Having said that, there may be a speck of truth to this. The "relapse" from season 1 was really bizarre. She had a real drug incident, but the producers chose to manufacture one anyway. The scene in the bathroom was her having a seizure disorder. She has psychogenic seizures from a traumatic incident in her childhood. I would elaborate on this trauma but it would be a serious breach of trust. I'm only partially sure if it was appropriate for me to mention their existence. The actual relapse (which Alla herself referred to on the show last month) involved taking too much Xanax and shoplifting from a Sunglass Hut. I guess they didn't get any footage of that so they manufactured something different? Using a visible lie to tell an unseen truth seems like a strange thing. Alla is still in this place where she thinks she can do "some drugs" if she stays away from heroin. So she needs to get past that and I think she will be able to soon. She's a lot brighter and more introspective than people give her credit for. Viewers are WAY off base by inferring drugs were involved in this phone call. James inflicted a lot of hurt on her. You all saw a grand total of roughly 50 minutes of a relationship that lasted 6 months (July 2017 through December 2017), plus an additional 10 minutes of the following 6 months (from the followup show). It's immensely insulting that you would say that her anger is unjustified. You know nothing but what one carefully cultivated hour of footage spanning an entire calendar year has shown. So to say that she has unjustified rage that could only be explained by a combination of drugs and psychological instability is horribly offensive. Viewers should ask themselves this: when have you been upset with someone over a bad thing that person did to you? How would you like it if someone then told you that you were crazy and needed to stop acting like such a harassing psycho to the person who inflicted this upon you? Alla was considering giving James another chance in the past, but remember that this segment was filmed 5 months ago. Things have changed. Me, along with several other friends, repeatedly warn her to stay away from him. I don't think she's good for him either. He puts a lot of emotional currency into her and he's never going to improve as a person if he can't move on. I've been in the same space where I put tied up too much of my happiness in other people and it always ended badly.
  9. Ray Adverb

    Alla & James: An Officer and a Heroin

    Wow did you fall for it. James was never over Alla. Chelsea was a rebound relationship who dumped his ass because he was still obsessed with Alla. Remember that part at the end of the episode where they specifically said that James and Chelsea broke up? James could have very easily cut Alla out of his life completely. A single phone call from any Wisconsin DOC facility, you just press "1" to accept the call and "2" to block the number permanently. That's it. Alla isn't Pablo Escobar calling the shots from her cell. James found it useful to keep her in his life because 1) she's an emotional person with a lot of anger who is prone to making rash decisions; James can use this to make her look foolish and make himself look better and 2) he wants her back. Chelsea was nothing to James but a tool to use for this show to give the illusion that he moved on. Alla's not perfect. She's got flaws, like anyone. She's still in the middle of her road to recovery. She's past the heroin since before even the first season of the show. She did kinda get zoned out on Xanax and steal from a Sunglass Hut last summer, which led to an arrest. She's done cocaine. During her free world time last year, she had this idea that she could do "some" drugs, and be okay. So she's not quite there yet. But the journey to clean living and sobriety is a marathon, not a sprint. The guy she was hanging out with.... she really should not have been hanging out with. She did violate her parole and ultimately the responsibility for what happened falls squarely on her. He didn't have to rat her out though. And James, to his credit, did pay money for her rehab and her lawyer following the arrest in August 2017 as well as with the parole violation. The James / Chelsea segment must have been filmed around June / July of this year. Alla was in Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility for about 7 months and was initially going to get out on time served, but her parole officer appealed that decision and she went back to Taycheedah prison. I know these people. I've seen the letters. Convicts are a particularly vulnerable class in our society. Alla being so physically attractive makes her sort of like a used Mercedes. A creep like James couldn't get a woman like that normally, but an inmate is essentially "damaged goods". James is a scary guy. He's very good at cultivating this image of himself as an upstanding hero and valiant Marine when he knows he's being watched. He's very controlling. You saw that in the first season when he needled Alla into that modelling job then showed up at the agency. I don't expect you to believe me. James is a very skilled manipulator. Americans, by and large, distrust anyone accused of or convicted of a crime. But hey, I'll put the facts out there. Alla is a very old and dear friend of mine for many years since before she met James or before this TV show existed. I do what I can to set the record straight. I won't get into some knock-down drag out fight that would probably end up in profanities, insults, and violations of board policy. Too stressful and Alla can fight her own battles when she gets out. Personally, I have been telling her to move past it.
  10. Ray Adverb

    S14.E07: Unhuman Nature

    Wasn't Nick thrown into the cage with Sam and Dean's half brother whatshisname? How did he get out? Where was he during that time 2 seasons ago when Lucifer was hopping around among famous and powerful human vessels?
  11. Ray Adverb

    S14.E07: Unhuman Nature

    As a native Delawarean, I enjoyed that Nick is from Pike Creek, and that he met that reporter lady in Wilmington. We always get a kick out of seeing our dinky state referenced in media. I was annoyed that they misnamed our newspaper. It's "The News Journal", not "The Tribune". I fell asleep about halfway through this episode but it looks like I spoilered myself. Are they seriously going to bring Lucifer back yet again? I liked him for a while, but he had his time and needs to stay the fuck down.
  12. Ray Adverb

    S30.E08: Krusty the Clown

    I immediately thought of "Burn Notice".
  13. Ray Adverb

    Simpsons In The Media: I'm Kent Brockman

    I am glad to hear they are not caving in to a non-controversy by a vocal minority and writing Apu out of the show. In a lot of the jobs I've had, part of our orientation was being informed not to speak to the press on behalf of the show, and leave that up to the communications department and the executive people. This incident and Al Jean's response are exactly why companies have this policy.
  14. Ray Adverb

    Quotes: I Have Misplaced My Pants

    Flanders: "Now Homer, I'm as permissive as the next parent. Just last week I let Todd buy a box of Red Hots with a cartoon devil on the back."