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  1. If you have the right support ...yes. My sister handled the technique issues. Honestly...I'm not sure if I should be offended by this question or not...so I'm going to err on the side of "not being offended". :)
  2. Nope...she was the IT girl for DCC :)
  3. I loved it when she and Kitty did their little entrance down the middle and then did sexy hips with the bunch. I loved the short black dress Tina was wearing as well :) Brittney Evans is what somone posted on the FB DCC page.
  4. No...Tina K. is the one in the short black dress that goes down the middle with Kitty.
  5. Exactly...I coached a college dance team and I was on dance team and in modern dance theatre in school and I was a "good" dancer but not fantastic...in the DCC world I would have definitely been a blender...however, my strength lies in choreography/teaching....I was damn good at putting stuff together and teaching it...so the same thing can be said about a spectacular dancer...they can be wonderful at dance but suck at teaching....everyone has their own niche. As far as KaShara coming back to Ky....I don't know because isn't her boyfriend from Oklahoma?
  6. I so agree!!! Nicole was the quintessential point/IT girl and face of DCC.... and Jacie should have definitely had the point position!!!
  7. You're absolutely correct....I do know people who know KaShara, and she was at EKU at the same time my daughter was. She was in her last year I think, and my daughter has friends who were friends with her both on the dance team and in her sorority. I've said it before, but when they read some of the things said about KaShara here...they are just befuddled, because they said you will never meet a more genuine and kind person. I always like to throw the KaShara love out there since she is from my area and I think she's adorable. :)
  8. Kayce

    Season 15 Discussion

    I love that song from The Greatest Showman!!!! :)
  9. I completely agree with you on Amy L (OMG could she be any more boring?? She seems nice but there is NOTHING that stands out about her), Bess (I always forget her) Kat (she had as much personality as her ball she used in her solo), Raylee (did not like her at all...looks were meh..dance was blah...did not bother me to see her cut), and Simone (I loved her looks but she was always having memory issues). I did like Claire and Jalyn kind of reminds me of her...I was just meh with Jax and Stephanie...not the greatest dance wise...but not awful either. I will say I was kind of shocked when Stephanie made show group her last season.
  10. Amy is the only MEH one to me in this video. She bores me and always has.
  11. Pro Bowl: Lacey, Maddie or Lauren VOTY: Maddie , KaShara, or Lauren ROTY: Brennan or Bridget. I will be tickled with any of these choices :)