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  1. LucindaWalsh

    S17.E01: Premiere

    It's weird to me that they are selling the outfit for less than what the fabric cost on the show. I am new to PR and hope that in future episodes that they show us less talking heads and more of the sewing. Also since I am new to the show and just coming off of Top Chef please tell me there is not a Last Chance Sewing (Last Chance Kitchen)? When they are gone they are gone, right? I thought the cape outfit was a brilliant nod to the picture shown by the judge and it should have won. It had a 1970/80 vibe that was current to me.
  2. LucindaWalsh

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Where can I find this?
  3. LucindaWalsh

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Sunbeam lover here. I bought one about 19 years ago, $20 special edition hand held with a little black countertop caddy to hold it, complete with a little drawer to hold the three different beaters to get me through a roll making frenzy when my other one quit. It was the only choice in the little town close to me. I said I would go get the larger one with the bowl in a few months when I ventured into a bigger town. Well, the damn thing won't quit on me so I just keep using it. I have a perfect selection of bowls I use for different things so it was the best $20 I ever spent. So yeah, a mixer is more important in the legal field than a phone, for me. I think JJ's new doo would be better if it were finessed more and was a low messy bun, instead of the pitiful low ponytail. I do like that she has changed up her style but it needs a bit of work yet.
  4. That Paris tweeting was just... gross. You are a horrible person with your "I won't reveal my connection to her because I would break a confidence" schtick. Just shut up and leave troubled people alone. You don't help any situation. Jeeze you got problems woman.
  5. LucindaWalsh

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The Birmingham lady irked me so much at the beginning that I started to just delete. I am glad I stuck it out (by fastforwarding) and saw the reveal because that was a great bus at the end. A great example of updated retro tiny that would function for traveling for what turned out to be a pretty cool family. Not her, she is beyond irksome, but the husband and kids were sweet. Love the big bear hug he gave to the builder of the bus!
  6. Is this for Dorinda? I thought I was in the wrong thread because I thought the above was the nickname a few use for Dorit on BH.
  7. I was on the fence on whether you were serious or sarcastic with it. With the new emotion buttons, why, why, couldn't Dave have splurged for our often wished sarcastifont ?? Plus also, I wish there were signatures allowed because mine would be: #freebrynn #Jovanni! There is no catalyst. It is standard each season that a housewife, just like it is for those in her off screen orbit, will have Bethenny Frankel go ragey on you. It's what she does. I am enjoying all your details, not boring at all (I didn't quote the post you mentioned as boring)! You and Alfonso can bring all the forensics to the discussion you want, it thrills me. No snark towards her at all when I say that the beautiful Monica Lewinsky will always be the wearer of the best lipstick color ever, during her interview with Barbara Walters, waaaay back when. I am sure that somehow, someway, Dennis was involved in Luann's house issues and I think that is why the lawsuit was brought about. I distinctly remember BF throwing out "I hooked Luann up with Dennis for help with her finances" during the last reunion. I think she wanted the others to ooooh and ahhhh over her comment but it wound up being a toss away line. There is something fishing going on with all the BF/Dennis stuff and I think more things would have come out if he hadn't overdosed. And no way in hell do I believe that BF did not know he was an addict. She is very precise and cunning with her words and she didn't just throw out that precise number of days that she was cutting him off last season. It was a rehab amount of days.
  8. LucindaWalsh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Speaking as a new user of Roku, I am getting the hang of knowing that some shows and movies just need to not be made. And to bring in a bit of overlap with books I will say that the same holds for them. I fight my internal mindset of everyone should be able to fulfill their dreams with Nope. Nope they should not. The book world needs editors. My UO post from the last page about characters not growing is something I have always thought but the most recent incident is the show Mom. The core characters, the moms Christy and Bonnie along with their AA ladies, were lightning in a bottle when the show started and when changes were made to update them, show growth, it made/makes the show not as funny. I think Seinfeld might be the only show (that I watched) that captured the ability to have the core characters never change and it worked. It was probably also the first show that knew when to quit. eta music needs editors also!
  9. LucindaWalsh

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Denver: I couldn't believe she spent $340,000 on a square and would have to add all the pieces to make it a home. Was the interior even up to code? There was nothing of interest in that place except the above noted stairs going down into the room. I do look forward to seeing the finished product and wonder if the other sister did buy the little house that was shown. I loved the Paducah, KY dorks and I loved what they did with the house they chose. I liked all three options that were shown. The income property house and the ranch were really nice homes. Grinning that they didn't start knocking down walls and as a total wallpaper geek I am beyond glad that they updated the wallpaper in the kitchen, instead of just painting. I also loved that they were doing some truly designer touches, modernizing it that way and also updating it with the furniture choices. Even though they changed the colors from the reds and warm colors to a cooler grey color scheme, it didn't look washed out Property Brothers/Fixer Upper/cheap flip at all. There was a lot of depth to their color choices. And again, they didn't knock down walls! Also loved the water fountain in the front yard. And how cute were they swinging on the front porch? From last week I think, the FL couple who chose to go to the courthouse to get married and put money on a house. When I saw they chose the new build, and the model was over $500,000 with upgrades, my first thought was Liars! Your budget wasn't in the $300,000 to $350,000 (him) range nor was it $350,000 to $400,000 (her) range! So I was pleasantly surprised that they spent, I think $360,000? and got a great looking house that had great upgrades, plus a bigger lot.
  10. LucindaWalsh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    American Idol Scotty is on the radio regularly and does concerts. I think he is more grounded in his thinking about fame though because he went on to finish a degree, has a new wife, and a life (career) beyond music. I know a few people who have gone to his concerts. I think he is one of the success stories, if not a splashy one. UO: I don't think characters have to show growth, or change over the course of a show. It's okay to stay in character the entire time, good or bad character.
  11. LucindaWalsh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I had no clue. Huh.
  12. LucindaWalsh

    Small Talk: The Regency Bar

    never mind, I just edited my above post instead for clarity and to take out some sadness about smoking, since I wanted to be encouraging, not a drag!
  13. LucindaWalsh

    Small Talk: The Regency Bar

    From back a bit, Stern: Watch David Letterman's My Next Guest interview with him and you might have a different take on Stern. He gave an honest look inside his life and it was endearing. David sucks on the show, it is pretty much him doing a vanity piece because he inserts his own drama (infidelity) and political views into the show but the Stern interview was pretty good, simply because Stern talked a lot. It's also worth watching the Jay Z one. You don't learn anything new but watching Jay Z's facial expressions towards the end, him remembering Beyonce before the interview to him, DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT YOUR CHEATING!!, while Dave was going on and on and on about his own cheating regrets, trying desperately to get Jay Z to dish and Jay Z is all slowly...riiiight (internal Imma have to beat the hell out of you Dave if you don't shut up) riiight (seriously shut up Dave) yeeeeaaaahhhh (sweat pouring off him, DAVE! SHUTTHEHELLUP!) . I only watched those two because again, they all seemed to be about Dave more than the guests. And I thought it was disrespectful of Dave to want to talk about the infidelity, just to purge his own soul. And what I came to post is that I am going to start lifting up all you smokers trying to quit, successfully quitting! I know it is hard as hell to do so I hope it helps that someone is non-judgmentally encouraging you!
  14. LucindaWalsh

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    Oh my forking gosh! You have got to sign in every episode all season with this! @bosawks I am not stalking you, you are just funny as hell so far! I am waiting until this weekend to watch the show but yes to the poster who said BF needs tissues. I had it on in the background, muted and I could hear the snot being sucked back in.
  15. LucindaWalsh

    S16.E13: Holy Macau!

    @Rai Yes, your points are confirming what I tried to state. And I was also surprised at Eric and Michelle. I think there is a fine line on how you use tv shows and they haven't crossed my criteria yet.