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  1. OMGOSH!!!! I know why wouldn't she use an emjoi or some other hair remover😱
  2. I think the vendors send him samples. I don't know how much he eats, but I think he does eat at home🍽
  3. I don't think David was happy! Dennis looked like he was leaning into David for a smooch, David wasn't having it! Dennis was chowing down on those pot stickers like he hadn't eaten in a week, he ate all David's chicken😤then he started making a plate to go and Jane was helping him!😂David wasn't a happy camper.😄
  4. When I saw UnNecessary Mary on this morning selling jewlery with Erin, it was like they are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, she was so out of her element!
  5. OMGosh she's acting like an idiot with Brooke Shields! She said Brooke and I are were sisters from another Mother (something like that I don't remember the exact saying) She needs to calm down, she's acting like she has a crush on her. Brooke is selling her clothes, she doesn't seem interested in Shawn. Shawn even changed her dress to the same dress Brooke had on. I'm sorry I just can't stand her. I want to scream at the TV Brooke is not your real friend, she never will be. At the end on her shift she said I love you dearly Brooke, when are you back😳she's such a moron!
  6. She looks like she got sprayed in the face and her makeup is running down her face😂
  7. What could Lori do that idiot put her on the spot on national TV! I think she's socially maladjusted, she doesn't seem to have any boundaries!
  8. She looks soft in the belly and thighs to me👙maybe should switch to a one piece. It always comes with age unless your KL. That's why Shawn also stands pigeon toed on camera, KL and JC do too so they have a space between their thighs....JMO🤷‍♀️
  9. Elle820


    I agree they hurt my feet too😫
  10. I read that too, poor me 🙄 I can't be bothered when people leave these cryptic messages looking for attention. I remember her saying years ago on the air long before she was married. I think it was when she was doing the 12 noon with TPV roll it hour, that in 5-10 years she wanted to move to London. I don't know if she was engaged to the first guy, I think maybe he was English🤷‍♀️ I don't understand her, she has everything she's wished for, and she still not happy! I don't feel sorry for her, I think she needs therapy or maybe it's time to grow up.
  11. She'll do anything for attention! She's thinks she's so edgy and cool, she's a hot flipping homely mess!
  12. WTH is wrong with her! Yesterday was a snowy gray cold Feb. day. I enjoyed seeing some of the spring/flower shows! I would think it would be a happy set to go to work on yesterday, and who hates nature! I think she's insufferable! She couldn't sell me a paper clip. I don't know why she's still there it's obviously she hates her job!
  13. Elle820


    Kerstin is acting ridiculous with Martha! She wants her to like her and be her friend so bad. She's grinning like a moron and her voice is screeching! Martha is selling her stuff, that's it. Kerstin is telling her every host has her jeans in the host room because she has the best denim in the bldg! She's so stupid.
  14. Patti Reilly works for IT Cosmetics, she's hosting on the same channels as Albany. I don't think she's had any plastic surgery(jmo), I think she's lost so much weight it makes her look younger.