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  1. GoldaVining

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Yes. I get why you want to punch him in his (very handsome) face. I find him so so so handsome, but so mean.
  2. GoldaVining

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    Yeah, I didn't mean this season, I just mean the show. I can't explain why she bugs me. There probably isn't a good reason. I just don't want her there, in that role.
  3. GoldaVining

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    Bwahahahaha! Oh my god, true. I take this show way too seriously. Back in the (Tim Gunn) day this show was one of the highlights of my life. I was living alone off grid in an airstream trailer on a remote gulf island with no internet, no cell service or tv (or running water, ha!) and I rented the project runway seasons on dvd from a little shop. I had an electric extension cord provided by a kindly neighbour and a mini dvd player. I loved the creative spirit of the show and it meant so much to me. I still love it but Alyssa and Anne are a drag. Heidi had a lightness that Alyssa is missing. I don't know why Alyssa is hosting this. Does everybody else know how this happened? I know she has inserted herself politically in a public way, so I realize she is somewhat (?) of a public figure now besides being an actor. Perhaps she has a wide circle of influence on social media. She seems hard and didactic in this role. She is the host, not the mentor. When she said Django's look needed to be resolved before it hit the runway, she said it with such authority. That is the look he decided to send. Was it great? Clearly not but that was his design. Personally I thought the white twisted top part looked weightless and elegant and lovely. I didn't like the rest of it, but that's not the point. Alyssa wanted Django to present pants or a dress. He didn't just forget to resolve it, Alyssa, he was trying something different. That was his design. Oh wait, I just said I shouldn't take this show so seriously. Oof.
  4. GoldaVining

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    What the fuck, Anne, what the fuck. Is her role as mentor to make everybody question their vision and shit themselves? Gah. If I were in the workroom she would give me nervous diarrhea. Not helpful, Anne. Not helpful. This was my favourite panel of judges so far this season. They were thoughtful and generous and open-minded. Delightful. I care so much about this show. It gives me such a thrill. It is so exciting to see these creative minds given this chance to show their stuff. I love love love it. What was Georgina wearing? I wanted her to stand up and spin so I could really see it. What I could see of it looked stunning. What was Alyssa wearing? Yikes. Next week Wendy Williams. Nooooooooooooooo. Yes, exactly. I liked Anthony's look (minus the terrible red necklace) but I agree that it did not look like "a wild night out" at all. It looked very Golden Girls, in a good way, but still.
  5. GoldaVining

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    Right? He said a corset was a "symbol of freedom"??? Barf. And he looked so pointedly at the judges while he delivered the quote, "Behind every great man is a great woman". Fart. I could see how shocked he was that this profound quote was not appreciated in the very generous way he intended. So generous of him to throw women that meagre bone. So gross. I live for Bidell but it hurt my feelings when he criticized Dmitry's work out loud, true or not. We can't do that, we're Canadian! And to what end? Why do that? Evan doesn't need to do that. Please don't do that. I am so proud of creative people for actually going for it and throwing themselves and their work out there to be seen. There are plenty of people in the world who will tear them down, why on earth would another creative person pile on. (Just funny how I was writing my response about "the symbol of freedom" at the same time as the poster above me, that's all. No way I could ever believe a corset is comfy but I rip my bra off the moment I walk in the door everyday...)
  6. GoldaVining

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    In Canada, this season is currently airing on BRAVO. I guess not in America?
  7. GoldaVining

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Skreeeeeeee! I'm so happy! Sunny! Evan! So dear to my heart! Oh great, Anne. Dull headache. Is Anthony wearing a wicker trucker hat?
  8. GoldaVining

    Family By The Ton

    I don't live in America but do people really circle up, put their hands in, and shout "Family!"? Maybe just these folks. At first I thought Ed and Casey were equally jerktastic, but Ed is showing all kinds of layers. I was sincerely impressed when he confessed he quit his job as a firefighter because he knew he wasn't able to do his job properly at his weight/physical condition and it could put somebody's life at risk. That's actually noble.
  9. GoldaVining

    Please Like Me

    Here's me in 2019 with my comment. Ha! Welp, better late than never. I am so happy I found this show. I needed this show! There is no way to sum up how much I love and appreciate Josh and the gang, but besides being entertained, this show was an education for me in coping with mental illness in a kind and capable way. Josh was able to care for his loved ones with his whole heart and yet didn't let their emotional crises drain or drown him. I am so proud of him and I hope to feel a little lighter about dealing with my parents' dementia and my husband's anxiety. My top two favourite scenes were: 1. The gang singing "Someone Like You" to Adele, the stewed chicken (although I couldn't watch the actual killing). 2. Arnold and Josh's dad role-playing Arnold coming out to his father. I also so thoroughly enjoyed Josh's joy any time he was interacting with or babysitting his baby sister. I also loved the opening theme song every episode. Although I loved everybody who was a part of this series, it is Hannah who will really stick with me. The very first time I saw her hammering her ankle bone I swear I almost threw up. I still tear up thinking about her self-hatred and the damage she felt she had to inflict on herself. She was so funny through her pain and I love her personality and her style. Hannah feels so familiar to me and I know I will really miss her. I wish I could keep her in my life/on my tv. I know Hannah Gadsby does stand up and I have watched "Nanette" as well as clips on youtube. It isn't exactly the same, but close! Amazing that a show could be this funny and light of heart while it addressed such sad, difficult, and real emotional issues/situations. They handled it so well.
  10. GoldaVining

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Yes, this. I was thinking will they tune that janky piano? CAN they tune that janky piano? Carson and Thom were concerned with how trashed the piano looks, but how about how it plays? Even after the refurb of the keys, you could see during the reveal some of them were hanging low or stuck down. This little girl is a concert pianist! I found a gorgeous old carved piano for free on Craigslist and paid to move it to my tiny log cabin in the bush. My beautiful old piano has a few mushy keys and one completely dead key, but I am playing just for me and the dogs. Anaya needs a real working piano. I know she has a practice piano in her bedroom, but if they are going to use up that much space for a baby grand in that narrow living room, the bloody thing better work. I loved Carson's comment that the brownstone looked like "a small regional airport". Ha! I agree with an above poster who suggested Attika should have been provided with a real old school dad chair/recliner. Attika is a big dad who wants/needs a big dad chair. The chair they chose is beautiful but doesn't do the job. Attika seems like such a sweetheart and he got shafted in the reno.
  11. GoldaVining

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Rich people in ripped jeans. I can't imagine walking around in faux distressed jeans. I mean I do but I'm a poor. And that mansion with the frieze over the mantle and all the white columns.... I wouldn't know what to do with it either. Clearly Thom and Carson knew what to do. I hate that sponge-painted faux-plaster-look Tuscan sunset yellow paint they had in the "before" foyer. The new colour palette is lovely. Unpopular opinion but I love the leather horse. So handsome and fun in such a serious statement house. That house needed it. The mom's comment about wanting the interior design to be perfect -- yes, obviously. It has to be perfect. It has to be perfect. It has to be perfect. I hope she lets her boys play on the horse. But not bloody likely. I swear I am not a snarky person. Where is this coming from? Ha! They could make such a fun family photo with the boys on that horse. Carson's Gucci tiger sweater with the tag on the outside! The dining room looked so good! It was the best of the three rooms. The sideboard did exactly what Thom wanted and looked gorgeous. Carson's DIY lampshades looked grrrreat. I also have an MFA and use it primarily for painting lampshades. The micro zen den for 2500 bucks. Holy tight boojet. Yikes. I mean for this show. Of course that is more than I could budget for decorating my whole house but I use what I can find for free on the street. If I scraped up 2500 bucks I would never think, "I'm calling Carson and Thom to help me spend my monies!" Thom could blow that entire budget on a side table. Are we assuming this number of dollars covers only materials and furniture? We can't be expected to believe a consulting/design fee for Carson and Thom's time (and their helpers!) could be included in that total. "Trim that hinge, bitch!" Bwahahaha! I did like the idea of layering carpets, although not those carpets. Please, no wicker baskets. I agree with another poster who said the room looked more Boho than zen. I would expect a zen den to be less full of stuff. I did not like the skin on the couch. Ouch, my feelings. The low desk is a smart idea with that huge window and amazing view but those wicker poofs with the sheep skins do not look comfortable for working at the computer. The budget is unreasonable so I understand the limitations.
  12. GoldaVining

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Both the bra shop and the apartment redesigns were total successes in my opinion. Gorgeous all around! Johnny and Sebastian's tiny NY apartment was looking large after the redo. The sitting area was lovely with the round table. Adding the mirror around the window worked great and is a really good tip for the rest of us. Inexpensive and achievable for the average person/budget. Baby Vaughn's room is never going to be anything but a closet, but I loved that wallpaper. I think there were too many accessories, but that's fine, all the little stuff is going to change as the baby gets older anyway. I loved listening to Carson speaking German but the best segment was Carson teasing Sebastian in English in a clipped German accent saying, "What a symphony of beauty,,,," Hahahaha! I had to rewind that segment several times. So funny. Happy to see stiff Sebastian laughing along cheerfully as they teased him. The bra shop redesign was unbelievable. What a stunner! It went from average to amazing in under 10 grand?! Now I can see the 'by appointment only' business model working. Before it didn't seem special but now I can imagine people dropping some serious cashish there.
  13. GoldaVining

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Unpopular opinion but I loved that shaggy chandelier. I think the boys did a good job reading their clients. Not only was the wife wearing those tassel earrings, but look at her tunic dress in the reveal shots. I think the woman who wears that tunic would like that shaggy chandelier. I agree with an earlier poster who wouldn't want that chandelier hanging over their food. I think it would be hard to dust and de-cobweb. Maybe better used in a different area. I loved the 1970's leather couch. Bloody cool. I'm glad they didn't reupholster it. Recovered it is hardly the same sofa the man's father sat on. My sister had this ridiculously ornate, old, huge, heavy, comfy couch that she loved. The fabric was embroidered turquoise. It was a lot and it was awesome. My sister died young (27), and my parents made a big to-do about keeping her fabulous couch. They spent almost 3 thousand dollars getting the wood redone and the fabric reupholstered in champagne/beige. It looks nice but what was the point? Now it is just a random piece of furniture that in no way reflects my sister's sweet and quirky personality and she never sat on it. It was important to the husband to keep his father's sofa intact and good on him for standing his ground. I think the brown leather looked great with the other leather items the boys added to the room. The dining chairs with the satchel straps and buckles on the backs looked so handsome. I liked almost everything about this room except for the purple, but that's just me. Purple is a bit nauseating. The woman with the brownstone was a darling with her squeaky laugh and positive energy. So endearing. It was hard to see her changing her home knowing she wanted to move forward but also afraid of losing the feeling of what she and her husband had created together. I'm glad she seemed so happy at the reveal and that the change appeared to be a good one. The room was lovely. That bubbly chandelier she wanted to keep was meaningful and it fit the new glam look perfectly. The only thing I didn't like were the cheap curtain rods. The curtains were plain but pretty. The rods were bargain basement. Did I see right? Weren't they those white cafe curtain rods with the little crappy plastic ends? Ugh. I know those too well.
  14. GoldaVining


    Yeah. I hope nobody was watching this show for the first time. Not a great episode. In the final round, the 60-year-old American costume designer (can't remember her name) was going up against Adam, the 22-year-old Canadian menswear designer, in a bridal themed challenge. I am not pleased with the outcome but there is no possible outcome that could please me because both designs were not good. Early on in the episode, Adam made beautiful garments and won the first and second round. The wrong person was sent home in the second round and the costume designer squeaked through to the final with a very clunky corset outfit that looked like it was made out of cardboard and glitter glue. Ugh. Adam deserved to win the first two rounds. He made a gorgeous Chanel-inspired deconstructed suit that impressed the judges, and a second chic suit in a scrap fabric challenge, but in the final/bridal round, I absolutely hated his wedding gown. It was awful. Truly awful. The bride asked for a mermaid-style gown in red and sand (wtf?) and she wanted it to be non-traditional. Adam made a red gown with satin sand-coloured panels and a giant Star Trek angular collar with multiple torn bandage strips down each arm. That's certainly non traditional. The grandma's bride asked for a boho style blue gown. It was blue but that's it. It was so simple there was not one thing interesting about it. The judges praised it for being well made. I believe the bride asked for "flowy" but it was cinched tight with a wide waistband. Paired with glossy patent pumps, it looked like a prim prom dress from 1955. Snoozle. Adam won with his red and sand mess.
  15. GoldaVining


    It isn't like Project Runway (my favourite thing ever). Stitched is like Chopped, but for sewing. Each round, the designers must make a garment using the materials found in a mystery box (a square room). Each round, a designer is chopped. Each mystery box has a theme like winter wear, lost luggage, paper, florals, etc. Somehow, sometimes Canadian shows look so tragically Canadian. It almost feels like they are using old film from the 1980s or something. How does it look like this in 2018? Is it the set? The lighting? Something is making the set look so crappy and sad. Obviously, the budget, but I am trying to pin it on something specific. It almost looks like the set is made entirely of painted cardboard. But anyway, while there have been some real questionable designers/contestants so far, some of them have been great. Just like on Project Runway, there is a wide spectrum of talent represented. I think some of the contestants on Stitched have shown great talent and made fabulous garments (in just a few hours). I particularly loved the floral jumper made by Julia Passafiume (a children's wear designer from the USA) and the blanket-looking coat made by Janine Stabner (the leather-wear designer from Alberta). Neither of these women went on to win their episodes, but I still think they represented themselves well and made impressive creations. Also, David Wigley (a menswear designer from Ontario who won his episode, I think) produced lovely garments and showed a lot of talent and promise. There were many others who also did very well or at least showed incredible creativity (I just can't remember any other names specifically) along with some total turds.