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    S01.E15: The Rock

    How I interpreted that scene was that Delilah was calling to see how Katherine was...but she also wanted to subtly acknowledge that Eddie "stood her up" at the store, despite knowing that it was for a good reason. Plus, Delilah probably didn't want to Katherine directly since she was the one hurt, and she knew she would be one of the last people Katherine would want to directly hear from. So, Delilah probably did think of Katherine's best interests, but she didn't call to ask how Katherine was doing; she called to give her her best wishes. But she also called about the baby stuff that Eddie offered to help with. Maybe she meant it consciously or maybe it was a subconscious thing (or maybe me just projecting) but I think her calling Eddie WAS to bring up the subject of the baby stuff, how he didn't show up (no matter how good of a reason he genuinely had, which I don't think Delilah was blaming him for) and how she was essentially forgiving him for not showing up. It was a subtle, yet very narcissistic move to take back the power in the Delilah/Eddie relationship. It's more of the fact that Delilah called Eddie, said "I heard about Katherine" and "Tell her I'm thinking of her" without offering any type of help. Even though Katherine wouldn't have accepted it, a simple "I know I wouldn't be wanted, but if you two need anything..." I mean, thinking about Katherine's well being is nice and all but even Katherine showed a little more compassion in the pilot, when she was more of a one note character portrayed as the worst wife ever by Gary and Eddie. She showed up at the funeral AND the service afterward! But all Delilah can muster up is a "Tell her I'm thinking about her." For me, although this isn't Delilah's worst moment, it's definitely not as small as it's initially perceived. It's still a moderately annoying narcissistic moment of hers. The bigger issue is that I'm still unsure whether we're supposed to see Delilah as the bad person. This particular moment could have been just for plot reasons, to fill in a scene where Katherine overhears Eddie's weird conversation about him only staying out of necessity (and I don't think that's the entire truth; I do believe Eddie cares about Katherine and stayed to help her not just out of guilt).
  2. Lady Calypso

    Characters We Hate

    Honestly, I have her that nickname because I didn't know her name. And I still don't care to remember her name. I THINK it's Taryn or something? I dunno, I think I looked it up a couple of times for research purposes but don't actually care to call her anything else now.
  3. Lady Calypso

    Characters We Hate

    I like Casey because he is the least annoying intern, but yeah, the biggest problem is the show focusing on the exact WRONG interns. Glasses-turned-Contacts is not nearly interesting enough, even before he turned into one half of their first ever male gay doctor couple, yet they keep focusing on him. Roy was absolutely awful and it took them two firings to finally get rid of him, and Intern Amy Schumer is more annoying than Intern Sadie was years back. Casey was given some actually good backstory but now he doesn't do anything because the show is insistent on Contacts turning into the main intern to go to for an intern story. Meanwhile, their other intern Qadri (I think her name is) also has nothing to do and Intern Amy Schumer gets so much more attention for no good reason. No, show, I couldn't give two shits about Contacts and his gay storyline or IAS and her incompetence and crush on Meredith. I'd rather get to know Casey and Qadri but the show doesn't seem interested in either of them in favour of not just the other two interns, but also Owen's 10 season long search for his own kid to have, Meredith's bullshit romance with out of character Andrew Deluca, and Bailey's whining about how she's not Chief and how she can't handle her husband firefighter and how she has panic attacks when trapped in an elevator. At least with Jo's class of interns, they actually were given some legit storylines. This new intern class doesn't get taught anything by any of the other doctors so there's no actual need for them to be actual supporting characters. See: Contacts' awkward coming out scene in the OR where nobody LITERALLY cared because they never share any actual screentime with these interns.
  4. Lady Calypso

    Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

    So, I just got back from watching this sequel to Happy Death Day and left the theater feeling mostly satisfied. It was a lot of fun to watch and Jessica Rothe did an even better job in this film than the first. Tree is such a fascinating main character and they gave her some excellent material to work with. I like the exploration into multiverses and parallel universes. I liked getting some answers to the first film and the time loop. I liked seeing Tree's alternate universe. I loved the twists that came along with that new universe. I think the biggest issue I had with the film was leaving the theater, feeling like I didn't really get WHY Tree couldn't stick around in her new alternate universe. I know logically that she couldn't stay and she had a fantastic goodbye scene at her lunch that kind of explained why, but I didn't feel satisfied with how they dealt with it. All I could think was how that alt universe was overall better for Tree and she could actually have it all. I mean, the choice she was talking about became moot with the last few seconds of her time in the alt universe with Carter. I'll admit the beginning of the film was slow. Once Tree and Carter got involved, it picked up. I didn't find Ryan as compelling of a character when he was thrust into the temporary main lead role. I was just wishing for Tree to show up and get involved. Overall, I thought it was still a solid movie.
  5. Lady Calypso

    S01.E15: The Rock

    I'm actually rewatching now to enjoy the Katherine/Eddie scenes and there actually was a truck on the scene, some blue pickup truck that clearly hit Katherine since its front was all smashed up. And furthermore, no characters have ever called her out for anything she has done, not just about dependency over others. I think the closest was Regina by giving her the silent treatment.
  6. Lady Calypso

    A Million Other Reasons: Speculation

    My prediction is that Katherine finds out about the baby in the finale, likely not from Eddie (it would be too mature of him to tell her himself). This show likes to move through plots at warp speed, especially since they only just got renewed. I also wouldn't be surprised if Eddie takes his first drink and relapses in the finale due to the baby situation blowing up in his face. Maybe Katherine decides to fight for full custody of Theo (not a good look but she might do it in a period of anger). Maybe Delilah also tells Eddie that she's gotta raise their baby alone for whatever reason (or so she can hook up with James Tupper's character).
  7. Lady Calypso

    S01.E15: The Rock

    Well, Katherine brought up Regina/Rome and Eddie countered that with how they don't want kids and that's why they didn't choose them. Which...I guess makes some sense. But I think, as awful as Gary's been, it's about Theo and what's best for him. Theo likes Gary the most out of all of them, and Katherine needed a little convincing to see that Gary was mature enough to be able to take care of Theo. Of course, Delilah might have been the better choice in terms of being able to take care of Theo, but I can see why it's still too raw to even consider Delilah as a choice, even when Katherine and Eddie would both have to be dead for this to happen. Plus, Gary and Katherine have slowly been mending some of their relationship. They even teamed up a couple of episodes ago! That's huge! Gary's basically become the main lead on this show with how much material he gets every episode. He better be damn rewarded by the end of this (which is why they'll never actually kill Maggie and he'll always have some focus in the episodes). I would like for them to get back together...but not any time soon. Eddie has his own redemption arc to go down in order to be close to someone that deserves Katherine. And I think Katherine also has her own growth to do independently. Her workaholic life did take over her for a good period of time so she does need to learn how to balance things out better. Plus, the issue with the stupid baby plotline keeps the two from getting together at this point. It's obvious that it'll blow up in Eddie's face.
  8. Lady Calypso

    S01.E15: The Rock

    They definitely went a typical TV cliche route with Gary keeping the Linda dying secret from Maggie, but it kind of makes sense. He seemed to decide to withhold the information because he knew Maggie was already scared about the surgery and she was finally looking forward to her future. I think he was afraid that she would psych herself out and start believing that she couldn't survive if he told her about Linda, so that's why he didn't tell her.
  9. Lady Calypso

    S01.E15: The Rock

    Regina definitely mentioned something about Rome going to therapy but it was done in such a casual way that it was easy to miss. Gah, I wish the show WOULD take more about therapy and depression and going on or off meds. It does make it seem like Rome has switched so quickly and that everything is just fine. They're not really diving deep into the issue. I don't think it's her usually giving less than her best. More that she took the time to go over the top with being out on the floor, greeting the customers and consistently chatting with them to make sure it was known that she was heavily involved in each person. Typically, a restaurant owner/head chef doesn't have the time to be out in the restaurant all night. But when you know someone important is coming, I think it's either human instinct (or TV cliche) to be over the top perfect. Yeah, in hindsight, I can see why Delilah thought what she said wasn't a big deal. If she had said it in front of Elliot's parents, I could be more outraged. She did say it in public, which I could see making Elliot uncomfortable and terrified for anyone overhearing, but this is one of the few things I don't blame Delilah for. It was a mistake, one that was still fairly small for Delilah.
  10. I know that I was watching both sides jump; at one point, it was 49% for Jake/Amy to 51% for Olicity. Then, when I checked later, it was more for Jake/Amy than Olicity. I didn't see the jump back in Olicity's favour, but I did watch the constant switching for which couple was in the lead, so I guess that's why I'm not surprised. I guess I'm ok with either couple having won it because they're both equally as awesome. But Melissa consistently tweeting for that hour probably is what pushed them over just enough, so I think it was a fair fight. I mean, that last round DID get the most votes so that goes to show how dedicated the fanbases are. I think that's pretty impressive in itself, especially when the polls weren't open for days but merely hours. I mean, that poll at the beginning of the last hour had about 22,000 votes. And by the time it ended only an hour later, it had over 30,000 extra votes. That's just crazy to think about. I'm also just as crazy for Jake/Amy as I am for Olicity so I could also be getting a bit defensive here. I also like this fact. I don't know why, maybe it's because of Stephen, but I thought Oliver was at least a couple of years older. But I guess him being 33 makes sense.
  11. I think that both sides fought hard for the win and it was really a tug of war for that entire hour (I kept popping in to see one couple take the lead and then the other couple would). I'm impressed either way. I think that Jake/Amy's win was well deserved, just like if Oliver/Felicity had won. Both are amazing couples and look at how many people voted in that final poll! Both sides have some pretty fierce fans and I'm proud to be part of both communities! I think, due to the overwhelming amount of votes coming in for the last hour, it took a little time for the website's system to catch up.
  12. Lady Calypso

    S05.E13: Where Are Your Parents?

    I figured they'd come back around on Emmett being a suspect. I didn't think Timothy Hutton would survive the season anyway, so we'll see if he's guilty, and, if he is, if he's killed or actually just put in jail. A nice change would him not dying. It's a shame because I actually have grown to like Emmett thanks to the actor, but I also knew it couldn't last. So no, I was not surprised by the twist. Connor's mom is more awful every time she appears. The worst part is that she's the worst in the most subtle of ways. Nobody has called her out but Connor. That casual piece of information about her letting her underage son (did they say exactly what age?) sleeping with a 23 year old man? And everyone lets that slide by besides a couple of questioning looks? No wonder Connor's so messed up. But hey, at least we're getting a little more on his family. I was worried about Bonnie getting pregnant because of course I could see the show going that way. It seems like that's not true, but we also NEVER saw the pregnancy test results and I can't always take this show for its word unless we see it onscreen. It was nice to see Annalise's mother. Laurel keeping the blanket is dumb, but I do believe it was more because she was thinking about turning it over as evidence to the FBI just in case she needed to protect Christopher. Although her withholding evidence would still look suspicious...
  13. Lady Calypso

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Yeah, the Meredith/Deluca romance is just so...immature that it's hard to see it as a serious, long term relationship. Deluca has now been relegated to creepy love interest who mostly just stares at Meredith. I'm going to choose to believe that this is just a temporary, season-long romance and that it'll fizzle out once the issue of Meredith's kids actually becomes a problem for Deluca (which it will since we haven't seen him talk much about her kids). She even had to point out that she had three kids to him again in this episode. Ok, fine, I'm starting to warm to the idea of Teddy/Koracick. Mostly because Teddy was actually pretty decent in this episode, I love Koracick, and Teddy/Koracick becoming a couple means Owen gets pushed out of the picture a bit, and I dislike Owen. Speaking of Owen, he has a point about Leo's grandparents being unable to just take him, as he is still under the foster care system, but the rest of his behaviour made me loathe him more. When I'm more on Amelia's side, that's a problem. Should she have told Leo's grandmother about her also being an addict? Clearly no, but she did it when she was worried about Brittany and in an emotional state. Amelia genuinely thought she was helping the woman. Plus, Leo's grandmother did seem remorseful when her husband freaked out on Amelia being a drug addict. It's clear about the true reason why Brittany ran away and changed her name in the first place. Not that it's right, but clearly Leo's grandfather still holds resentment toward addicts. I'm hoping Leo gets to go back to his grandparents, regardless. Owen did get too attached and Amelia's right in pointing out that it was always temporary. Owen's just such a manchild that he doesn't see it. I miss old season Bailey. Why do we get stuck with petty whiny Bailey? She's the literal worst. Alex was perfectly reasonable in telling her no. It's not even that he said that he wanted the job forever; he just wants to finish out his six months. So no, I don't care about Bailey throwing a temper tantrum and switching the pictures around. It's why I did like Jo switching them back at the end. Maggie's plot was annoying, her patient was annoying, but I did like how that story concluded, for the most part. It was more about the drama than the case, though. That's the weird thing; before this season, Deluca was a perfectly fine guy. He was actually fairly nice and the description that Maggie gave to Meredith about Deluca made sense....just not for this season's Deluca, who isn't a nice guy, who is a possessive jerk and whose only purpose is to try to get into Meredith's pants. No, show, I don't find it sexy.
  14. I don't think Ryan's declaration that he made two lifelong friends and then wrapping his arms around Jonathan and Joey helped matters. Not that he owes her anything because she started it.