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  1. AntiBeeSpray

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Word. Ironically though, I remember reading something some years back where a person interviewed him and thought he wasn't all that nice. And they thought that David Duchovny was nicer. That said, what a crazy world we're living in at this time.
  2. AntiBeeSpray

    Misheard Lyrics (Mondegreens): There's A Bathroom On the Right

    I love that site! 🙂
  3. AntiBeeSpray

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh Roseanne, STFU. Don't you dare drag Sara Gilbert, she is not at fault here. You are.
  4. AntiBeeSpray

    Favorite Commercials

    I know 😢.
  5. AntiBeeSpray

    Favorite Commercials

    Just heard about this MCI commercial via Tumblr... but I love it! 😄 It has both Star Trek TOS actors it and a TNG actor in it as well.
  6. I can't stand her character on SVU, but I respect her work with charities. As for Ice T, I don't mind him either. His character is ok. I find them to be better actors than some out there. But I wish that Olivia wasn't so annoying.
  7. AntiBeeSpray

    Boy Meets World

    Best pictures ever! 🤗
  8. AntiBeeSpray

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    What Wendy Williams thought should happen to Aunt Becky. 😈 I'm glad that Aunt Becky won't be in the show, and I think that what Wendy Willams came up with is fitting.
  9. AntiBeeSpray

    FYI: This Just In: Murphy Brown in the Media

    Eh. That doesn't mean much in the end though. It's just a tv click bait article. We'll know how things shake out soon enough.
  10. AntiBeeSpray

    Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

    Same here. 🙁 Tv isn't the same without him.
  11. AntiBeeSpray

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    This is me too. I can't stand that commercial. And every time they mention video doorbells... I'm like... I hate them. Internet of things creepiness. Anything good aside, I wouldn't want something in my house that can/could be remotely hacked.
  12. AntiBeeSpray

    Potatoe/Potahto: Cast in other Roles

    Just saw a bit of Spider-Man: Homecoming and spotted Tyne Daly as a police person in it (I think a head one?).
  13. They chose a really nice pic of him as well. I hope he kicks butt in the movie. 🙂
  14. AntiBeeSpray

    What is...In the Media?

    Same here. Grew up watching him, he's like family. Watched it to learn, and stayed due to his good humor and attitude.
  15. AntiBeeSpray

    F-U, Reboot-Mania: Express Your Hate Here

    Loved that show back in the day. Hope they're able to pull it off.