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  1. Dear God, when DOES the new writing start? Don't mind the courtroom stuff--seeing Cricket and Phyllis chew scenery is kind of fun. But the rest? Insufferable! And this is coming from someone who thinks Michael Mealor's Kyle is one of the best additions and keepers in YEARS! Make it stop.
  2. JasonCC

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    I actually liked that dark pregnancy storyline with Ashley and Adam and the sinister Dr. Handsy. Maybe it was the nuanced, talented ED, but a part of me always filled in the blanks that (even if the writers weren't explicitly writing it) Ashley on some level knew she wasn't pregnant and was deluding herself. She was back-slipping a bit to those 1980s nervous breakdown days. She wanted to believe she had one last shot at a baby.
  3. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    Wasn't sure where to put this but watching this week reminded me (courtroom stuff). I have to say--and this may be actual praise for Mal Young--the show the last year and a half features MORE characters overlapping. Bigger crowd scenes, etc. They didn't need each and every spectator in those courtroom scenes but a lot of the cast was there. For a few years there (JFP, MAB) it seemed like only two storylines got advanced at a time, always siloed off, and often with players who should be at least tangential to the storyline no where to be seen. You'd have a lame storyline dropped and revisited only every other Tuesday (African-American storylines, Jill & Colin, etc) in complete isolation from any others. That's shifted the last two years or so.
  4. I definitely think there was a whole other story planned with Kerry that got course-corrected. The actress is definitely a class act.
  5. Does anyone know who is the highest paid woman on the show? Was it Eileen Davidson before? Just curious. I know right when JFP was transitioning out reading PB, EB, JM and Justin Hartley were the highest-paid four men and there was the implication none of the women made as much as they did.
  6. RE: Pylllis, Victor animosity Not to mention Summer almost dying (and Colleen actually dying) because he brought deranged Patty back to town and made her even more unhinged than she had been. Just to fuck with Jack for shits and giggles (there wasn't even some big corporate takeover plot as with Marco was there? If I'm remembering correctly he just found her, paid for her plastic surgery and new identity and set her loose). Phyllis is no saint but her hatred of Victor is 100% legit--and not just for Marco situation!
  7. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    I hate the Rosales extreme saturation, but I want at least a couple of them (including the apartment set above Crimson Lights) to stick around.
  8. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    Not sure if this is unpopular or not but I miss the teen set: Charlie, Mattie, Reed.
  9. They were definitely chemistry-testing Victoria with Nate a couple months ago.
  10. I do know the new fiancé/girlfriend is Russian and they were doing long-distance until she finished her Masters or some other degree/career thing back in Russia. No judgement whatsoever, but I think they were a fairly new item and hadn't truly cohabitated yet.
  11. I doubt they'll recast--probably just insert Nate into storylines that had been for Neil (but would they even need to do that? The Winters family has been so reduced to a shadow of it's former self). It would be a class act if Eileen would come back for a one-off funeral episode. peacheslatour: you must be in Seattle too! The snow drives the local media crazy here (I say as I work from home). I think they should do a somber mention in the credits and then creatively edit what he's done and write the character off the show officially. No recast.
  12. This is just so terrible. I remember thinking his scenes with Devon when he came back from sabbatical were just so good/engaging and thinking he probably is drawing from the well of (I hoped at the time) lessening pain from his loss.
  13. Hi not sure if this link will work but thought I'd try because you all might get a kick out of it. Apologies if this should go in Small Talk, but I think it does qualify as "backstage" because JW does really imply here that Y&R is not her "day job" anymore. And yes I'm the "Jason"--this was a little cute surprise for me over the weekend,. https://www.cameo.com/v/9WLOxjHsD
  14. Charmed was playing at the gym today (I know?!?!) and I saw MM Adam on it!
  15. Agreed with that it's just odd now, and hard to tell if the new regime is starting or what? What's ironic is that I actually think Mal Young was best when he was in his early days as HW, but had still made some of the visual changes. I'm assuming it was still Sally's stories but the pace picked up a little and there were some cool visuals (remember Victoria getting side-swiped in the car accident? I hadn't jumped on a soap like that in years). I think making him EP AND HW was the mistake, but from what I have heard it couldn't have really gone another way. I was at a loss on that survey what to do with Dina. I like her and the character so much, wouldn't mind seeing more, but not sure how they can. I don't have any family with Alzheimer's: would it be good to have her decline just slowed down (but still sad, and eventually have her pass away) or is that too dark? If Marla Adams wants to stay I say use her! On Twitter someone had an idea about the Rosales family overkill and vampy Mia. Maybe she could move out of Rosales triad plots (she only seems to interact with other newbies which doesn't help). They suggested have single Jill back full time in Genoa City, lonely, her meddling not wanted by Billy.….and an unlikely friendship/mentorship develop between Jill and this brash, working class Miami girl trying to get her make-up service off the ground. Maybe then a romantic rivalry or an All About Eve type thing or business stealing an idea plot develops: history repeating itself at the Chancellor Estate.