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  1. maggiegil

    S05.E07: Your Girl Jazz has a Boyfriend!

    That is way way way too shallow a pool for the boys to be jumping into like that! Jeanette was implying that Jazz suddenly being so into having a relationship is odd when Jeanette has been pushing and pushing for years for Jazz to get a boyfriend. I don't trust anyone who contacts a reality tv star claiming to have only just found out about them and then being so willing to be in a long distance relationship with them (see also Brittany from VPR). IMHO he has ulterior motives that he wants to be on reality TV. I found it really disrespectful for Jazz to come in and basically lie down on her grandparents couch and talk to them while practically horizontal. If it was because Jazz was still healing I'd understand it but in earlier scenes she was sitting up so it can't be that, it just seemed rude to me.
  2. I haven't watched the Hulu one yet, glad they addressed it at least. I kind of think some people do need to be hit over the head with who Escobar was, I mentioned it to a friend who I knew had watched the doc too and his reaction was "oh yeah, hes the guy that the film in Entourage was based on" 🙄 It definitely wasn't, the way they talked about it, they 100% thought a connection with Escobar was a bonus. That owner is probably one of the few that actually benefited financially from this whole fiasco
  3. I'm a bit late to the party but I've finally just watched the documentary and the one thing I can't understand is why it being Pablo Escobar's island was a selling point? I find the idealization of someone who caused so much pain to so many people and killed so many people directly and indirectly, gross. Is it that hes associated with cocaine or opulence that has the attraction for people?
  4. maggiegil

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I thought the first woman (basketball WAG) was going to be a nightmare but I appreciated that she trusted the consultant and tried on the dress that she didn't think she'd like. Hated the bodysuit under the dress, just like adding sleeves to an existing strapless dress, I don't think it ever doesn't look like an add on. I never understand people who boast about how spoiled they are, its not a good thing. The 2nd bride was really walking a fine line between sexy and trashy, so glad she went with the dress she did which was venue appropriate and not too revealing. Is it just me or were the dark red/maroon bridesmaids dresses more appropriate for a non tropical climate wedding? The wedding looked super fun, I love it when you can feel the love between the couple and everyone looks like they're having a good time. I love Debbie as a consultant but surely the first dresses you show the bride should be within the budget even if there is potential wiggle room. The eventual dress was 4400 when her budget was 3k, almost 50% more than what she said her budget was is a lot.
  5. maggiegil

    S04.E13: Ghosts In The Attic

    My thought was the crime family who he helped bring down are going to use the gun to in some way implicate him in something especially because that whole thing seemed to be wrapped up way too neatly by him spending a few weeks in witness protection. Part of me is hoping the gun will be used to kill Natalie or something where the relationship can't be resurrected because its just painful to watch the lack of chemistry and recycled storylines.
  6. maggiegil

    You're The Worst

    Being grifters has really brought Becca and Vernon together! Poor Paul I hope he gets a happy ending (in the fairytale sort of way) Will Gretchen care about Jimmy and the florist did? Part of me thinks no but the start of the episode set it up in what I assume was a flash forward that she had left Jimmy or something
  7. If I was running the IRS or a staff member theres no way I'd touch scientology with a 10 foot barge pole, no matter what the show exposed. They know exactly what they're in for with fair game and its probably not worth the hassle to them especially if they'll be attacked personally. I mean hearing about the IRS guy who even after all this time was still traumatised by how they went after him, I don't think many people would want to take them on without a vested interest in scientology ending.
  8. maggiegil

    S05.E06: Operation Complication

    Especially when there isn't an actual need for Jazz to be there, she'll just be tagging along to see people. To even think about going against Drs orders when there has been major complications is crazy! If this conference is that essential they should have scheduled the surgery for after the conference especially given the fact they knew that the surgery was likely to have a long recovery time and there was a high probability of complications. At the start of the episode I really felt for Jeanette when there were the complications with Jazz and then her Father but I felt like she was so unfair to put it all on Greg. Jeanette should not have agreed to this if she could not cope on her own. Jeanette is a person who needs a support network no matter what shes doing and I think it was obvious to most viewers that she would need a lot of support through this, they should have gone with a more local surgeon or waited until more people like her Mother or Greg could have gone with her for the duration of the recovery. Greg also should have seen this coming and held more firm about the surgery not being so soon or made himself more available. The complications and 1 surgery now turning into 2 or probably 3 surgeries made me think of last year when they were getting the consultations and how most surgeons said it would be 2 surgeries but then Dr Bowers/Ting said that it could be done in 1 and that seemed like that was main reason they took for choosing a surgeon, it kind of proves if a Dr is willing to offer you the moon when others say it can't be done, its probably too good to be true.
  9. maggiegil

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    In some ways I wish that Call the Midwife wasn't so episodic with their guest characters (not sure if that makes sense) but I feel like certain characters like Jeanie (the woman who had the botched abortion) should have been introduced last season having her second baby or just attending clinic and being told that Trixie would expect to see her back at keep fit asap or something. We're supposed to feel like the girls have a super strong emotional connection to this woman we've never seen hide or hair of before. I wonder is it going to be that they need to be stopped or will they do something more radical like have Dr T give them advice on how to do it better. Kind of thought they were setting it up that abortion was allowed to become legal and Dr Turner was considering offering them and Sr Julienne or another nun or even Sheila was passionately opposed but I looked it up and this series is set in 64 and it wasn't legal until 67.
  10. maggiegil

    Will & Grace

    I don't like Mary McCormack as Janet Adler, I just don't think shes suited to comedy. I've really liked her in dramatic roles I've seen her in but shes just not good in this and looks far too put together and young to be Grace's screw up older sister. Perhaps its because I thought Geena Davis was a great guest star when she played the role but I just don't find this version of the character funny. Chelsea Handler is also not a good actress, I get that they probably cast her because her and Mary McCormack are best friends IRL but they were the weakest part of a not great episode. Made me think back to the lesbian couple that Chloe Sevigny and Edie Falco played where Edie was really businesslike and Chloe was a lesbian who was only interested in men but that was infinitely better acted and written.
  11. maggiegil

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Usually in expensive wedding dresses you can see why they can charge extra money goes like a lot of bead work, beautiful lace etc but I really couldn't see tonight why that Pnina was 13.5k. Pnina must be raking in the money The returning bride was such a downer in that appointment, no one in her entourage seemed happy for her and she seemed like she was just picking a dress so she could be on the show again, it was such a contrast to the bride from Michigan where you could feel the love and joy. I felt like the dress she chose was wrong for the setting and with such a blingy dress, the jeweled veil was too much. Also don't understand the trend for the giant bouquets with the super long stems, it steals focus so much, thought the bridesmaids bouquets were much nicer. Aron seems sweet and I liked the dresses he picked for his bride. Personally I don't think I'd be comfortable with a male consultant but with him and Shay working for Kleinfeld, a good enough portion of women must be comfortable with it
  12. maggiegil

    You're The Worst

    Same! I gasped and said "no" to no one. It was a good twist but I wish they gave us a time frame for how far in the future its going to be. I kind of thought maybe it was a bit too on the nose, their looks when Gretchen said that they might be turning into grown ups might have been foreshadowing enough. I feel bad for the fate of that beautiful audi
  13. maggiegil

    Aftermath in the Media

    Does anyone know if Rathbun and his wife Monique are still together? I know she stopped her lawsuit against them, I wonder if she joined when he rejoined. I hope not, she seemed nice in going clear.
  14. Was kind of hoping they'd touch upon it but by now wouldn't a certain amount of the police force, local government in Clearwater be made up of scientologists? If I was in the COS and trying to control Clearwater the first thing I would have done is gotten scientologists high up in the police department, etc With regards to the private park, it has to be clearly labelled that its private property. I couldn't just put up a park without any signage that it was private property and then call the police whenever someone deigned to use it. The ordinance that the Lisa McPherson people have to be more than 10ft away from a Scientologist is madness. I wonder how far they took it legally, its madness and I doubt a higher court would find it to be enforceable.
  15. maggiegil

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    I couldn't figure out where they took the skin grafts from, they talked about stomach and groin and going all the way to the hip. Skin grafts are no joke, although I'm sure that those done by plastic surgeons will look better than I've seen regular surgeons do. If Jazz has as much depth as someone who is 6 foot 3, could they not have sacrificed some depth to make sure that the incisions weren't under so much tension and in danger of necrosis? Jazz and Jeanette both coped much better post surgery than I expected. Personally being the center of everyones attention that much would drive me crazy. The drama is kind of lessened considering it was publicized beforehand that there were complications and Jazz had more surgery and came out of it all fine. I sincerely hope that Jazz does not think women pee from their vaginas