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  1. AnnieHeights

    Leaving Neverland

    I have thought about this so many times! I wish they knew how many people really believe them and I wish Hollywood would speak out in support the way they have with the #MeToo movement. Shocking how silent they are when it comes to one of their own preying on defenseless children. I understand he was found 'not guily' but that doesn't make him innocent. I watched a show yesterday on Oxygen (?) with some of the jurors from the second trial and apparently the prosecution just didn't make a strong enough case and the only forensic evidence they used was quickly discredited. It didn't help the mother had already hit up Jay Leno and Chris Tucker for help..... A couple of other things and on a much lighter note..... I was jarred by the massive amount of hair Gloria Allred had back in the day..... The Australian Grandmother was very cute......
  2. AnnieHeights

    Leaving Neverland

  3. AnnieHeights

    Leaving Neverland

    This aired on both HBO and OWN so the people who were against this was saying she only did the interview for ratings since she it aired on her network. Just one of the tamer slams Oprah has received.
  4. AnnieHeights

    Leaving Neverland

    Y'all I finished the documentary and the Oprah interview after last night and I cannot comprehend how anyone could watch this and not believe these two young men. James, especially. He was just such a wounded little bird and my heart broke for him. I am going to give some of my thoughts and probably not many of them will be different from what has already been said. Actually the first one is a question.......was it ever said what happened to James's father? James's mother at the very least admitted she F'd up (and yes, she did!), Wade's mother was all about justification and I wholeheartedly agree with those of you who call BS on her husband telling her she did the right thing, how on earth could she utter those words? I think Dan Reed did a really good job of having each person tell their story as if it were the day it was happening......I know it was creepy hearing the mother's tell their stories in this manner but it really (to me) gave perspective into how obviously infatuated they were with the trappings of wealth and fame at the time, I am not sure how I would have viewed them if they told it from a 20+ year removed angle. I think it might have made them more empathetic if they were seething with rage at Michael but having them tell it in a 'real time' manner exposed their willful 'ignorance' (putting it kindly) to a much more truthful degree. Wade is obviously further along in his healing journey and I adored his wife.......he deserved a sunny, positive, protective, understanding partner. I kind of went into this thinking he would not be a sympathetic person but I was very wrong. I wish him nothing but the best life has to offer for the remainder of his. He is talented in his own merit regardless if MJ had never came into his life. It was almost jarring hearing Joy speak how she viewed things and then flip to either Wade or his brother (the sister never really called her out on anything)......like, when Wade's wife wouldn't allow her to come to their home and Joy said she had never had any problems with any family members then cut to the brother talking about his anger for her for breaking up the family then not protecting Wade. I really liked Wade's brother and I wish they would have shown his wife. It was a little strange with Wade's family being Australian and Wade and his sister sounding anything but and the mother and brother with the strong accent. James still obviously has a long way to go and I pray he gets stronger as he goes......he seems SO fragile to the point I am genuinely worried about him. I hope he stays off social media because from what little I have seen, there are many, many rabid MJ fans out there slamming them. His wife was seemed to be everything I wrote about Wade's wife. Both men had incredibly adorable kids. I cannot think of anything I have watched in recent memory that was so truthful and so raw and so heartbreaking. I have grown up on Michael Jackson and like his music and thought prior to this that I could separate the art from the artist but I just do not think I can. I understand MJ had a messed up childhood but there was something so diabolical about him wrapped up in a vulnerable veneer......total wolf in sheep's clothing IMO. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew it was wrong. I love Oprah did the interview with an audience of victims......Like her or not (and I do) she has been a lifelong advocate for this exact thing and I commend her for endorsing the documentary and believing them. I have read folks saying she did it for ratings.....I applaud her for using her celebrity and vast following to give an additional voice to this story. Dan Reed is a hero for not only getting this out there but for doing it the way he did.
  5. AnnieHeights

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    I was shocked at this myself..........The deed is done as far as him winning the election and Beth comes up with this long lost dream after the fact and is pissed because her leaving her new job makes the most sense (again only because Randall had already committed before Beth the Dancer showed up) for their family. They have 3 active children, none of which can drive. I love Beth and yes, she should live out her dream at some point but in all honesty they are both being selfish because there are 3 kids to think about. Someone needs to post a pic of the family spreadsheet......their 'expenses" are laughably low. A friend of mine texted me a picture of it and they have shelter as $650.00, car as $300.00 and not mention of multiple cross country flights. Also those who suggested them moving to Philly might upset Deja's stability. More upheaval.
  6. AnnieHeights

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the commercials for this episode but I had it in my head it was going to be more of a walk down memory lane than this crap. Owen continues to be the worst. I do like Koracik but do understand the skeeviness of him......there is a fine line between showing affection and being all over someone in public. He and Owen both seemed to be 'marking their territory' as someone else put it, just in different ways. I still like Tom much more than Owen. Amelia deserves better than Owen. Meredith making out in a bedroom at a party with DeLuca was ridicules. I guess they didn't want to highlight how far this show has fallen by showing anything from the first several seasons.
  7. AnnieHeights

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I do kind of feel sorry for the kid.....I certainly didn't grow up privileged but there was that one part of me who was still hoping for the brand new car with a big bow in the driveway when I turned 16 (didn't happen). Image is everything at that age and no matter how grateful you should be to even have a car, I think it is normal to be a little mortified to have been given the opposite of a cool car when you are a teenager.
  8. Me too! She apparently is 48 but in some scenes looks much older..... I still think she is pretty but for this show might need a little 'tweaking' and Erika is basically the same age as Denise but she looks flawless (aside from the fake hair)....I think if she stays on the show for any length of time she will become more polished......Second season Teddi fits in more than first season Teddi (without resorting to mumus). I am fair weathered admittedly when it comes to this cast but Lisa V gets a tiny bit of a pass due to the death of her brother when it comes to some things ..... although I did think Erika's note was very generic, like everyone has said, she is a pretty cold person and I would not have expected more than that and might have even been surprised the note was even hand written. Lisa V should have not said anything. I do not like it when Erika shows her anger to the degree she does....it makes me not like her and I really want to because my shallow self thinks she is so pretty to look at during the show and am fascinated by her perfect skin. I still do not like Dorit and totally agree PK was the only one who was bitten by the dog, the other claim was for justification. Rinna, sometimes I like her other times I don't but she really did a pretty spot on LVP imitation and there are plenty of times I do find her funny. Kyle.....she is the only one I rarely ever dislike and I am getting used to her new teeth and love the shorter hair on her. Camille was sweet to compliment Denise on her shorts. I am still liking Teddi.
  9. AnnieHeights

    Home Town

  10. AnnieHeights

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    Oh how I wanted to love this episode given the fact Beth is my favorite but I was kind of bored. I totally agreed with her mother in the practicality aspect of going to college and seeking a career path, not everyone can be a ballerina, actress, model, superstar singer etc.. and there are thousands and thousands of above average to extremely talented people who never make it to the top or even come close. Beth's mother just chose (I am sure out of sheer necessity given she was newly widowed) not to fund a dream as opposed to give her daughter an opportunity to support herself one day. Assuming she paid for Beth's education I have a hard time feeling too sorry for her in this scenario because it (to me anyway) was clear, she had not grown into a top ballerina and it was also clear the teacher had high hopes for her and she was given the opportunity that a lot of girls would have loved to have had. Her mother was practical and loving and caring and a bit stern but was obviously a very good mother and Beth is very fortunate to have had her and her darling, equally caring and loving but more demonstrative father. Not one thing to feel bad for Beth in this episode IMO (other than the passing of her dear father). The casting folks for this show should win awards......amazing how they find these mini me's to the grown actors. The child actors in their own rights get all the kudos for being so believable not only in their physical resemblances but their flat out acting skills. The two young Beth's were so spot on.
  11. AnnieHeights

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    I finally watched this episode yesterday.....I still do not like Meredith and DeLuca - agree with everyone who says he is acting creepy......I would have been extremely turned off if a guy was just staring at me like he "knew" I wanted him (or thinking he was just that sexy - whatever he was going for). Ugh. Maggie now has two guys she was involved with/interested in wanting to be with Meredith? When she and Jackson eventually break up is he going to fall in love with Meredith too? Owen is awful, I think I like the actor but loathe him with anyone he has been paired with. Teddy is the closest one I could stomach him with and that is only because I don't really care about her. I would love to see Koracick with Amelia......they seem to play off of each other nicely and I have said this before but currently he is the only one on the show that I would choose for Meredith as well. I still would pair him with Amelia over Meredith just because I have really grown to like her lately and find her to be humorous and he is too. Getting back to Owen, I get he is attached to Leo but come on......unless NotBetty's parents turn out to be horrible, he should expect for Leo to eventually go with them and should have calmly explained that as a foster parent, he legally has to follow a certain protocol and let them know how it works so they understand. I agree the dad was a bit of a jerk but still. Amelia should walk away from Owen for her own health.
  12. AnnieHeights

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I was wondering about the victims first child as well........I guess this will be a bit of victim shaming but we do not know of all the men she could have been involved with.......I got the impression she had never met the online boyfriend in person yet he was flying to help move her and her children? Move in with him? Also the fellow nurse friend who said she had been told the ex-husband was abusive but confirmed she had not seen any bruising or scratches because she (the victim - I cannot remember her name) was the type who didn't want to worry her friend? What is the difference between telling about the abuse and showing evidence of it? Also 6 years later and the kids remembered more evidence? IMO of course they were coached if not by the authorities then by the family. I have said all of this to say I did have a hard time believing the ex husband wasn't the guilty party but there were way too many questions to convict him.
  13. AnnieHeights

    Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    I think the tapes were alluded to be JFK Jr. in a compromising situation. I think they purposefully left it up to the viewer as to who/what was on them........ I loved this movie and thought it had a bit of a Pulp Fiction flair to it. I meant JFK (not Jr.)
  14. AnnieHeights

    S15.E09: Shelter From the Storm

    Hmmmm.....I have really grown to like Amelia which is why I wish Owen would pick Teddy. Teddy is the only female I can see with Owen (Never bought the romance with Christina) and they seem to compliment each other and she is having his child (which he has been wanting for a very long time). I love Greg German and I think he would be a good match for Amelia (or Meredith - he is the only guy with enough charisma on this show to be able to handle almost any coupling the writers threw at him). DeLuca is very handsome but I do not see him with Meredith. Linc ....... maybe. Glasses and HOAG.....nope, not buying it. Maggie and Jackson, no. I think the only couple I like is Alex and Jo and it is just because I like both of their characters. I have caught a couple of the early episodes of Grey's on Lifetime recently and it just shows how far down this show has gone. I will watch out of loyalty until the end but it pales in comparison to the first few seasons. Count me in on missing Bailey being a bad ass.
  15. AnnieHeights

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I thought the exact same thing! He needed to shred it!