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  1. Snorfbat

    S04.E11: Blood Memory

    Did anyone else think that the rando woman who walked by on the streets of Parthas (around 18:50) was Black Orchid?
  2. Snorfbat

    Luke Cage

    OMG THEY WENT WEREWOLF! I've been joking with a buddy that the show was going to have a drug-induced-werewolf subplot in reference to Nightshade in the comics, who could use drugs to create and control werewolves. AND THEY DID IT! Thus did this become my favorite season of a Marvel show.
  3. Snorfbat

    Luke Cage

    (Oops. Wrong episode.)
  4. Snorfbat

    S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    My compliments to the costume designer who incorporated the traditional Martian Manhunter costume into the ceremonial robes for M'yrnn J'onnz. They've got that X. They've got the ginormous Kirby buttons. They're just great.
  5. Snorfbat

    S03,E20: Dark Side of the Moon 2018.05.28

    I'm calling it now: Mon-El will regret giving that medical device to the child. Brainiac 5's seemingly-benign gadgets tend to grow into real trouble, to wit:
  6. Snorfbat

    Lost In Space (2018)

    My favorite moment: That little wave that Smith gave her poisoned sister, encouraging her to fall unconscious already. So funny.
  7. Snorfbat

    S03.E01: Nosedive

    Lacie's nosedive really got going when her flight was cancelled because of a "customer incident at the other end". Would I be wrong to wonder if the guy in the next cell at the end was that customer?
  8. Snorfbat

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016)

    I am so loving the actress who plays The Beast. Her nonsense speech is perfectly understandable nonsense speech and her crazy expressions are so crazy and expressive.
  9. Snorfbat

    S03.E09: Beebo The God Of War

    Everybody. The Legends saved Christmas.
  10. Snorfbat

    S03.E08: Crisis On Earth-X (4)

    Just two couples, their friend to officiate and a puddle of vomit.
  11. Snorfbat

    S05.E09: One Fettered Slave

    Coady, Coady. Forgot that Helena is left-handed, didn't you?
  12. Snorfbat

    S04.E21: The Return

    Whoops. You got there first.
  13. Snorfbat

    S04.E21: The Return

    When Ophelia is threatening one of Anton Ivanov's robot bodies (around 22 minutes in) he says, "Destroy this body, sure. It was designed only for killing." Only for Killing? So is he a Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing?
  14. Snorfbat

    S01.E08: Chapter 8

    Like I said. "Rational mind."
  15. Snorfbat

    S01.E05: Chapter 5

    I *did* notice that. I think we're supposed to read something into the fact that he's performing like a puppet. (Okay, Muppet.)