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  1. ctlady

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    And - as usual - everyone gets a decent plot, except Wendy. I'm really sick and tired of the writers making her the doormat. Right from the opening scene where she said she had an announcement and everyone - her supportive AA friends - just ignored her. It was only saved slightly at the end when she got the text at the end that the heart was beating Bonnie and Christie pretending to be a lesbian couple to cop a free meal squicked me out Tammy's character is growing on me. The writers are giving us the right dosage of her without her overpowering the core cast. And - AGREED about Andy icing out Jill. This opens up a good growth opportunity for her and hope to see her coming to terms with getting rid of her toxic friends from her past Marjorie had my idea of a perfect evening - watching a good ol' rom-com while eating take out. This past Valentine's Day I came home from work to find that hub made broiled chicken legs, served it up to me in the living room while we watched The Walking Dead mid-season premiere from last Sunday On Demand. It was bliss!
  2. ctlady

    S04. E10. The Big Reveal

    No judgement here - not sure why you would think there'd be any. I really liked her (and the HI references) on the two eps she was on of LMS.
  3. And THIS. Not to mention they're all skinny-fat. Slim, but not an ounce of muscle tone because all that peddling away ate away at their muscle as well as fat Now, onto my real reason for coming here - Kelly Ripa - will you please STFU with your fake Italian accent because your DNA test showed you had an nth of Italian in you. And if you're going to appropriate the culture at least not act like an ignorant, naive twit by calling the place you supposedly came from 'the tip of that sexy little boot'. It's a country you flaky tool - not fashion! Grrrr, every time I see that commercial, my napolitano temper wants to put the toe of my sexy little boot through her teeth
  4. ctlady

    S09.E4: Blackout

    I can't believe, in this 'me too' climate, that the writers had a male boss say something like that to his female subordinate. If a higher up at my company said something even remotely along that line to me, I'd be marching directly to the HR department. The ol' 'ill do this for you, but you'll have to do this for me' is harrassment. And....I'm confused about the resolution to Danny's case. I felt like there should've been more. So we're just to assume Ben's ex decided to throw herself out a multi-story window rather than face murder charges? I was waiting for something more - like maybe she was pushed by the real killer to make her look guilty by committing suicide rather than go to jail. Something just felt missing at the end, Jamie and Eddie can really just go the eff away. I NEVER wanted them to get engaged because, like what shows like Castle taught me, it changes the dynamic of the relationship, putting the man in the 'It's my job to protect you' mode, and the woman in the 'I can take care of myself' mode. It's just really tiresome and it's only the 4th episode. I have a feeling that no one at their precinct knows they're engaged yet, but when they do......yeah, not good.
  5. ctlady

    S06:E03: Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook

    Certainly not with Christy's children. They don't even exist in the world of the show anymore. Not that that's a bad thing. Well Gus did make an appearance in the premier staring down Christy while she was trying to read her law book in the living room. I love it! And can the writers PLEASE give Wendy a storyline of some sorts - rather than being a target of snarky, snide, sarcastic comments and ribbing - mostly by Bonnie? Everyone of the ladies, besides the two leads, have had their stories from Marjorie with her cancer and husband's stroke to Jill's rehab stints/foster parenting/ weight gain/loss? I want to know more about her background, how she got into nursing and what led her to becoming an alcoholic/drug addict
  6. ctlady

    S02.E02: Never Say Die

    Agreed. The annoyance level of most of the characters on this show is seriously trying my ability to stick out S2 First off - if Alana dies, can't say I'll miss her. I don't know what it is about how writers write female characters in some of my favorite shows, but I have absolutely ZERO empathy/compassion for her. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she did marry Jason knowing fully well he was military and what the responsibilities of his job would entail. Same if someone were to marry a police office, fire fighter, etc - you know there's a chance they may not come home one night. You also know that there are going to be situations that will affect them emotionally and mentally (PTSD, etc). What pisses me off about Alana is her complaining about it even though she knew what she was getting into by marrying a SEAL. "You're never there, Jason. You're not there for us, Jason. Oh, you're phone's ringing - guess you gotta go, Jason" STFU! And the daughter during the campus tour - triple STFU! That snide comment to her father when his phone rang about [paraphrasing] remind me never to get a job that's going to wind up screwing up my kids' life. That's okay, dad - go to to work. I'll ask mom to finish the tour with me' OMG, you passive aggressive little witch! That's right - he has to go to work so he can pay for YOUR college tuition. Okay......breathe.... Stella doesn't bug as much as last season so I'll leave her alone. And Mandy is more tolerable with less screen time And then there's Sonny. Really, dude - ENOUGH with talk of Ray being able to walk on water. I get it - Ray's your guy. You miss Ray. You want Ray back. You're giving Jason aggots for demoting him (of sorts) and making sure Clay doesn't get too big of a head for taking the #2 spot. I get it. We get it. No you can STFU as well. Right now the only characters I can handle are Blackburn and Cerberus!
  7. ctlady

    S09.E3: Mind Games

    Agree with the baby Garrett part, but I've been in 'bitchy' Erin's shoes. I was 110% on her side. It's not easy going from being colleagues on the same level to being supervisor/subordinate. Anthony's passive-aggressiveness with Erin has always bugged me. "The old Erin would've...." Newsflash, Anthony - she's not the 'old Erin' anymore. She's a boss. She has to make decisions based on facts and not hunches or emotions and she certainly doesn't need you making her second guess herself by throwing her new job up in her face. It reminded me so much of ThirtySomething after Michael got promoted at DAA to Creative Director and tried to keep that buddy-buddy relationship with Eliot who acted like a total dooosh. Yes, it all worked out in the end (On BB and TS), but every job has policies and procedures to follow and Anthony went rogue with the new information about the gun rather than follow protocol and bring it to Erin first because she's, I don't know, his boss! UGH, I need to stop myself. I was really hoping that Garrett wasn't being left out of the emergency bunker other than the fact that he just wasn't there when the drill occurred. But how he acted when they couldn't talk about it made even Anthony look good. I understand we all like to be validated for our service on the job, but he acted like a demoted popular girl being disinvited to the cool lunch table. Note to wardrobe people - please stop dressing Eddy in big, flouncy dresses/skirts. They do her figure no justice, not to mention she could've given everyone an eyeful on the windy mini-golf course. And, yeah, I'm NOT happy about her change of heart going to work at Jamie's precinct. As for the last scene - points for Eddy for her 'code blue' payback. I wanted to kick the grandfather in those horrible dentures for stopping her in the middle of grace to chastise/make fun of her effort. The right way to handle it would've been to let her finish, say nothing, then for Jamie to speak to her in private after they got home and teach her the correct verbiage. As for the 'gaslighting' case - yeah, it was interesting. Finally saw that movie a few years ago. I can understand the PHD doing time for actually drugging the wife and pulling the trigger, but why would the husband 'go away for a long time' just for being in on it?
  8. ctlady

    Chesapeake Shores

    I'm still watching, but only for Treat Williams and his steely business approach. He'll always be Dr. Andy Brown to me. Trace's storyline is eh, but I like the tension between him and Mick regarding The Bridge. I do have to admit I kinda like Abby and Ms. Marvel hitting it off. Megan and Kevin are tolerable. Everyone else annoys me to the nth degree - right down to Connor and Kevin's gf's. I don't know why, but Danielle really bugs the most. The actress has a harsh look about her that makes me unable to warm up to her. David - RUN. Run as fast as you can away from that childish trainwreck known as Jess. How she managed to 'manage' the inn, even with help from assorted others is beyond me. Even Brie is becoming a bit insufferable with all of her twisted contorted facial expressions and overdramatic reactions to things The morning breakfast ritual needs to stop. First of all - I would think Abby has a bit of a commute before she's in Baltimore for, let's say, 9 To have it look like it's mid-day sun outside that early in the morning when everyone's oh-so- casually and cutesy popping into the kitchen all dressed and ready for that first cup of coffee and gran's fresh baked goods (that she would've had to have had started around 6am) makes me want to hurl. Two people at the table, then Brie comes in from yoga, then Jess pops over (even though she has her own place) with some excuse to be there, then Kevin (who has his own place) shows up because he has no food in the fridge because he's too lazy to shop...then they all fit themselves into the conversation by finishing someone elses sentence or saying something quippy while pouring coffee from a decanter that can't possibly hold enough for all those people. This formulated syrupy sweet scenario needs to stop, like....now!
  9. ctlady

    S08.10 Managing Partner

    Yeah, I thought showing him dancing around and fist pumping in the promos was a bit too much, but I'm hoping it's some sort of dream sequence. Louis is a brilliant financial lawyer and I'm so sick of the writers making him out to be the firm's buffoon. The way Alex and Sam quibbled, whined, complained and foot stomped about being named partner had me hoping that it would end up with neither one of them having their name on the wall. They're too full of themselves over what they think they deserve to have that honor. Katrina deserves it more than them
  10. ctlady

    Mayans MC

    I know I'm supposed to give this show more than 2 episodes before judging, not to mention to stop comparing it to SoA, but it's really hard not to. My thoughts after viewing the second episode: - You can tell Sutter really needs the popularity of SoA to be this show's hingepin. I know SoA and Mayans interacted, but with Gemma's cameo in the pilot and now Chucky (whom the actor only ever got a part, albiet useless one, because he's Sutter's friend) it's clear that he may spend the first season with SoA-verse dropping into the show to keep die-hard SoA fans watching before he starts to pull back and let the Mayans characters stand on their own. - Other than Coco (who, IMO, is shaping up to be the Mayans 'Tig') I find the rest of the members eh. Bishop (who tries to come across like a tough president, but is overshadowed by Alvarez' Il Padrino,) is NO Clay. EZ is no Jax. Taza looks like he could be the Bobby of the group. Angel is meh. The rest....Gilly, Hank and.....whoever. I know I'm still learning their names, but even after the pilot of SoA, the members really stood out individually. It's more plot heavy than character-centric, but it I want to care about these guys, I'd like for them to pace the drama/cartel stuff, etc. better - Emily. I found her character to be more compelling this episode, however the actress looks like she could pass as a 16 year old cheerleader. - Any and all scenes with EJO are fantastic. Him conversing with his dead wife really got to me. - Miguel. A little bit more background on him and his family. Cornell graduate. In-house consigliere trying to keep him on daddy's path. Mother keeping secrets about his older brother who was kidnapped as a baby. Again, a lot being thrown at me which was one of Sutter's problems, especially in later seasons of SoA when he couldn't keep the episodes to an hour and had to run over. But back to Miguel - maybe it's his youth, but I'm having a hard time to buy into him as a force to be reckoned with. The torture scenes 'on the pew' aren't really necessary - especially after that guy getting his arm chopped off last episode. And now pouring hot oil on some guys' face then threatening to do the same to his 10 year old son? Really??? I get it, Miguel - you're a bad ass so I don't need to be reminded just how dispicable your ways of extracting intel are. And dress appropriately for such scenes rather than putting a raincoat over your designer duds, ala the Boxcutter episode of Breaking Bad. You are no Gus Fring! - Back to Coco. I like him. I really like him. The actor pulled off hiding how he was really processing the information about finding out his younger sister may be involved in porn. He puts a club face on around his brothers, but deals differently when no one is looking. He works in the scrap yard and his mom's a hooker! So far a good two-dimensional character - To expound what I said above about Bishop - if I'm going to buy him as a tough leader of this charter, then they need to back Alvarez off. - Not much to say about EZ. His '....and Emily?" to Miguel seemed way out of place - and out of line. What happened to the 'only speak when spoken to' rule he broke that got him punched last week? Yeah, he rides flank in the formation, digs ditches and washes bikes, but I feel he's being given too much of a pass for his prospect position. Half Sack was scrubbing toilets and sawing deer out of windshields! Oh, and EZ has a Mike Ross from Suits memory. I wonder if that ability is what helped him get into Stanford and, of course, I want to find out how it all unraveled - I was waiting.....waiting during the scene between Emily and EZ for him to bring up their baby and what happened. Did Emily abort? Give up for adoption? Anything? Bueller? - Pure speculation here, but I have a feeling about Miguel's mother and the consigliere - that something may have gone on between them in the past. That maybe he's the real father of Miguel's brother (Cristo....something) who was kidnapped. - Finally - This coup against the cartel/club led by Alita is not interesting me one bit. I think they introduced this plot way too fast. Something like this may have been more believable for later seasons, not the pilot. I want to see the unity and brotherhood of these guys and already dissension has been introduced.
  11. ctlady

    Mayans MC

    Finally uploaded to On Demand and was able to watch today. My thoughts: - From the opening scene, I immediately thought, 'SoA 2.0' Same symbolism - main character riding alone while the carcass of a crow is getting picked over (and I'm hoping this thing with the dog isn't going to be some lame symbol like the bag lady was) - Gemma in the flashback. Not surprised since KS hasn't been able to get/keep any work since SoA (Sutter's Bastard Executioner only lasted a season and Superior Donuts was cancelled after 2) If the flashbacks become a 'thing' we'll probably see more of her, I'm guessing. - Aren't very familiar with a lot of the members and their names to try to compare them to their SoA counterparts, but I'm getting vibes about Coco having a Tig-like manner to him. I find his sniper skills fascinating and wonder if he was in the Army/Marines. I'd like to see that explored down the line. However, after his third 'My bad' , I was like.....'Okay, I"m over it. Not cute anymore" - The ex-gf is meh. I thought her dropping the 'f' word in the first flashback seemed so out of place and forced and could've sworn I sensed a Canadian accent. And where is their baby? Did she keep it? If she had that ultrasound in the flashback the child would be 8 by now. - Alvarez is no 'Il Padrino' - love it! - Seeing one of the Sons' charters ride up to back them up in the cemetery made me squee. - I understand the storyline with EZ - making a deal to spy on what Galindo is up to in exchange for his early prison release, but I'm a bit confused as to what Angel, Coco and Gilly are doing behind the club's back with Adelita. I'm interested, I'll say that much. SoA kept me in until the beginning of S4 when everything began to unwravel. I watched it on and off after that.
  12. ctlady

    Chesapeake Shores

    Cue Mick and Megan getting back together in 4,3,2...... It's so obvious, what with Tom and his wife renewing their vows and Megan seeming to be the one whose always there for Mick to fall back on, helping do this and that and the waitresses comment about them being on a married date. Just don't get me started on Jess. Man, even Brie is acting like a slightly less tweenish version. Do people /other siblings really interact with each other like this? And Abby - STFU about your daughters' photos being online. You're dating a country music star. Having sneaky photos taken comes with the territory. It's not you were all in compromising positions. Connor still needs a massive slap. Boo, hoo, hoo - my daddy didn't apologize well enough for my liking.
  13. ctlady

    S04.E09: People Like Us

    :: grabs empty cereal box and cuts up/measures to make homemade Scrabble board:: I love John Dorie even more for this - double kudos that he did it in an attempt to bring that little brat out of her shell. And I second that I want Charlie to be zombie chow. Or....maybe have a run-in with Carol in a flower garden I have a severe girl-crush on Al. I have a severe urge to make suave-Strand switch teams. Dang, that man can bring the debonair to despair If Luciana and Alicia didn't have permanent resting bitch faces I 'may' have some empathy for what they're going through, though Alicia did score points with wanting to help a total stranger. Yes, Morgan - head back to Alexandria, even though they all may not be there by the time you make it back (unless Al's SWAT tank race back before the time jump) Are we going to just have to 'assume' Madison didn't survive the walkers converging upon her in the mid-season finale? Are we going to find out how they came upon that mansion? Did I just hope for flashbacks???!
  14. ctlady

    S08.E01: Right-Hand Man

    My recap of of this episode: Harvey: "Trust me" Alex: "Do I have your word?" Harvey: "You have my word." Five minutes later..... Alex: "But you gave me your word, Harvey" Harvey: "I know....but...." Alex: "No buts, G-D**mmit!" Harvey: "I'll fix it." Alex: "No, it's my account. I'll handle it." Harvey: "You had your chance to get in the ring and fight, but instead you laid down" (or whatever smarmy boxing references they made last night Ten minutes later..... Harvey: "This is MY firm, Robert." Zane: Pffft. You mean...WAS your firm." Louis: "Can I just....?" Harvey/Zane: "NO!" Pause..... Harvey: "At least we agree on something." Zane: "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" But then...... Samantha: "I want named partner." Harvey: "Bulls**t" Samantha: "I deserve it" Harvey: "You've been here like......five minutes" Samantha: "But I rock my designer clothes and can kickbox like a bad-ass bitch. Named partner is the least you can do....for now, until I decide I want my name on the wall." Louis: "But....." Harvey/Samantha: "SHUT UP" Oh, I could go on and on and on and on like the script writers did with everyone giving and breaking their word and everyone but the janitorial crew wanting to be named partner. Katrina was the only saving grace for me. Donna can sashay herself right to her office, shut the door and stay there. And when will they please stop treating Louis like the office buffoon? If it wasn't for his idea Harvey and Zane wouldn't have come up with a way to go around their conflict of interest. I'm really getting tired of Harvey and now Zane treating Louis like he's less than them. As for Heigl, I didn't mind her as much as I thought I would. Yeah, the 'I box so I must be bad ass' was over the top. I want more legal/court room scenes and client interaction and not just the office staff barging in and out of each other's office whining about what they want or flinging a file folder with a 10 page document at someone who speed reads it in a matter of seconds or making a host of 'you better or I'll...." threats
  15. ctlady

    Season 8 Discussion

    Just finished watching the episode and, I have to say, that I actually thought the show might've had the cajones to 'go there' and kill Eddy. When she got out of the car to get her and Jamie coffee, I thought she may have been the target since the victims were loved ones/ close to those individuals responsible for the wrongly incarcerated men. Now that I'm wrong and they're engaged, I'm not at all displeased as I would've been with previous season Eddy, whom I found annoying at times - especially when she got demanding of Jamie whenever he didn't constantly share and open up with her. And YES to getting Frank a lady-friend. I was sad for Monica and was looking forward to her reaction over Erin's admission that she and Jack were dating. Which, now that I write that, I kind of wanted that tidbit to come out at the dinner table, but I guess they didn't want to ruin the Jeddy/Jamko - whatever moment. I am in complete and total disagreement with the continuing to be partners. That will be recipe for disaster for their marriage. There' needs to be some degree of separation. I love my hub to death, but to work and live with him I'd find extremely straining.