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  1. HurricaneVal

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Thank you! Cry and cut... I knew I was missing something. Oh yes. I realize HBC is just playing a character there, but HBC herself is the personification of deep quirky talent. Hester needs to learn that quirky needs substance to back it up, otherwise it is just an affectation.
  2. HurricaneVal

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but was this a completely new and innovative PR challenge? I know they've done the "design for the future" comps, but isn't this the first "feature this extreme body mod" comp? It was well conceived and well done. Well, by the show, not so much by the designers....sigh. I do love how Carlie slyly looked at the camera when complimented for the fancy new button bag (box?) emphasizing "It's a whole new Project Runway!" If that wasn't a shout out to the fans who have been complaining about the Lifetime version... After last week, I was pulling for Frankie. I really was. Then I saw the trainwreck this week, and realized that this competition isn't just isn't for some designers. And Frankie is one of those. She probably does really well when left on her own with lots of time to fiddle and fart around to get the perfect fit and structure. I have also never seen an episode where so very clearly the correct design and designer won. Team Neck Ruffles was obviously out in front of all the others, and since Sebastian had not only made (arguably) the best look, but he made the best part of Tessa's look too. I've got to say, that was the best use of illusion netting I think I've ever seen--including on the red carpet and the Olympic ice arena. My only quibble is that it seemed a wee bit restrictive for the model to walk in, but it did look gorgeous both in motion and standing still. Afa's was more subtle, and I really appreciated how the judges remarked on that during the close-up judging. I think Afa's was Nina's favorite on the Runway, because she has a shrewd eye and can see past the flash, so I did like how the judges agreed with her after the close-up examination. I think Afa might have won, except that Sebastian had not only done his terrific design but also the best part of Tessa's design. And? I just like Afa. I love the juxtaposition of this gentle giant of a man making delicately beautiful women's clothes. I'm going to go on record right here and declare that I believe that those designers who are still doing significant work on their designs on the morning of hair and makeup after a two-day challenge will be picked off one at a time. They neither have the skills nor the commitment to vision to make it on this show. Hee! "Cry and sew, my dear. Cry and sew." (Which designer said that to who in what past season?)
  3. HurricaneVal

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Oh my. That would really make EoE camp worth all the camera time it gets. Oh, Survivor gods, please make this happen! I'll make the popcorn....
  4. HurricaneVal

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Oh.... I do so love it when the editors come out to play, and they can have some fun too. Aubry gave good material, but Debbie was a certain sort of special for that, now wasn't she?
  5. HurricaneVal

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I'm going with homophobia myself. Look at how Wardog was with David and how he was with Lauren. He did not want to touch or hold onto David, even though David was probably lighter than Lauren and would have been easier to hold up. I think Wardog was afraid of looking gay if he touched David or held him like he needed to in order to get the job done. He didn't do such a good job holding Lauren up either, but he was a lot more hands on (and I don't mean in a creepy way) with her than he was with David. You do what you have to do to get the job done, and Wardog just flat out didn't do it.
  6. HurricaneVal

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    OMG. Who are all these new people? Have they been there this whole time? I liked Wendy. Yeah, she was hypocritical with the chicken thing, but I've got to tell you, I'd have a problem eating a meal that was just killed in front of me. This isn't the Survivor of old where people were seriously so starving that the gross food challenge was looked forward to, and people literally ate rats. These folks are relatively well fed compared to the earlier seasons. Hell there seems to be huge food rewards or feasts every other week, which in Survivor time is like every three days. I guess I liked Wendy because she was so different. She wasn't the cookie-cutter "pretty girl" bartender/pharmaceutical sales/wanna-be-star that is usually cast on the show. She tried hard in the challenges, and genuinely seemed to be a cheerful person. I'd take her over Reem any old day of the week. The minute I saw her though, I knew she was doomed. Even though Survivor isn't the great sociological experiment I'd hoped it would be, there's still a Lord of the Flies "eliminate the different, homogenize the tribe" mindset that immediately develops. Look at all the early votes in each tribe from the first seasons on. Usually those are the outliers: the oldest, the minority, the quirky. It doesn't matter if that person brings value or not, they're different, therefore they must be gone. It is very predictable, and something I find very interesting.
  7. HurricaneVal

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Am I the only one who loves a bitter jury? I can't stand these kumbaya juries who turn around at final tribal council and are all "Whoa, gotta respect the gameplay, dude. Right on!" Yeah, respect the gameplay, but hold their feet to the fire and make 'em sweat while forcing them to own their dirty tricks and lies. Then vote for them if you want. I think Ponderosa mellows them out too much. I want more edge to my juries. I want the rat and snake speech back! So if this EoE game twist brings on a bitter jury, then I'm all for it. Oh, and I hope Chris does battle his way back in. I think he'd make a great returnee 'cuz he'll still be stinging from that blindside where he proved himself to be ten times a fool. If he comes back, he'll be loaded for bear, and he'll have the challenge skills to back it up for individual immunity. And he's pretty.
  8. I was happy to see Hirsch back in on this episode. I also like that he's being written to be a little less skeezy than he was in the past. Sang Min was fun!skeezy, but Hirsch was always creepy!skeezy. I also liked how he kind of brightened up and straightened up when Tani said she had faith in him. Awww... That's all he needed, a little validation. Whatever happened to his crime scene clean up business? As for the aloha shirt store, if you're really curious, I think that is the same store that Anthony Bourdain went to on one of his shows where Hawaii was the destination so you might want to look that up. I'm sure it is online somewhere. He had a fairly long segment inside the store, conversing with the proprietor, and going into the history of the aloha shirt and why the older ones are so valuable. He ended up buying a classy vintage black and white one as I recall--and it was expensive. Around $3K as I recall. He wore it in quite a few subsequent episodes.
  9. HurricaneVal

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I would love it if the writers could keep some sort of thread of continuity and explore this idea and weave it in and out of episodes like a humorous little coda. I did love this episode. I'm really digging Deeks's mom now that she's settled in to being a competent bar manager and only normally kooky. Back when they wrote her as consistently wacky, it got old, fast. I think Pamela Reed is terrific, and very well cast in the role. Kirkin coming back for one more shot at wooing Deeks had me completely cracking up, as did Sam's resident guard seal. The hijinks throughout the wedding were classically and ridiculously all NCIS:LA silliness, and completely on point. I loved Eric being badass, then freaking out that he was a successful badass, then getting his ass handed to him while he was boggling at himself, only to return to being the badass a little later. That was fun. However, when they first showed Nell in sleeked back tight up-do, I seriously had no idea who that was. No idea. Until she spoke, and even then I had cognitive dissonance. The scene showing Kirkin handcuffed between Nell and Eric also cracked me up. Kensi limping going up the aisle, her bruised knuckles, Sam and Callen's bruises etc. were a bit of realistic consequences we rarely see on this show. The one sour note for me (I've given up on Deeks's hair) was how unrealistic it was for Kensi to have all those close girlfriends. I know they've made reference to her friends over the years as an excuse for where Kensi is, or why she couldn't join them (or just Deeks) after work for drinks, but I always assumed that was just a cover story from Kensi to allow her to go home and have some closeted introvert recharge time. I mean, even though she loves him, being partnered with Deeks has got to be exhausting. But Kensi's band of close girlfriends is supposedly real, and just jarringly out of place. Plus, Kensi's mom was pretty much a total bitch about the emotional pregnant one. No wonder Kensi fled to the closed bar to get some flakey mother-in-law time rather than bitchy mom time. Speaking of the bar. Did they ever name it?
  10. HurricaneVal

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    I know! When we first saw him sitting in that chair, I thought "Man, when Bess isn't home her residential security really sucks....that homeless guy just walked right in off the street. I wonder if that is going to be the plot of the week? Nah, Russell already had the have-a-heart-warming-and-politically-significant-interaction-with-homeless-person plot this season. OMG. That's Eric Stoltz, playing her brother Will. Wow, he's looking rough these days...." The moment with the NASA guy asking about Nadine was nice. The Johnny Depp wannabe plot detail was hilarious. Jay being incredibly competent was also really great. And dammit, show? Don't kill off the only thing likeable about Mike B.! Also, I hate you because you made me cry.
  11. HurricaneVal

    S16.E15: Finale

    I have had boiled peanuts several times because I keep wanting to like them because everyone (local) raves about them. But each time I try, it is a "nope" from me. It is definitely a texture thing, but I also don't think they have much taste. I kept trying, because I kept being assured I didn't try the "right" ones, but after trying three versions of the "right" ones and I still don't like them, I'm thinking it is them and not me. They're kind of a polarizing ingredient, so it was risky to include them in their dishes, but they went for it to showcase their roots. Very risky, in light of the fact that odd and unfamiliar textures had been proven by Eric with that gritty African dish to be unpopular with the judges.
  12. HurricaneVal

    S17.E01: Premiere

    OMG. That's it! Thank you. It was bugging me, and since I've been home sick with the crud and watched Hotel Transylvania 3 just the day before it was really niggling at my brain.virus I think that was a good start. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, and I promise I'll eventually learn names. Right now I can only remember Frankie's name because she was signatures last night. I loved Christian Siriano as the mentor, I'm liking Karlie a lot, Nina is always fantastic, the gal from Teen Vogue has some good critiques (will she be a regular judge, or just the first judge last night?), but I'm not sure about the make designer judge. He needs to find and hit his stride. Oh, how I do miss our beloved Duchess of Orange. One thing I really like about it being back in Bravo is the flexibility a network like that, with the scatter gun kind of shoes they have, has with the programming. They just busted in and made the premiere an hour and a half because they could match that with the Top Chef finale at an hour and a half.
  13. HurricaneVal

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    This was an interesting episode, despite Senior. I do love Palmer-centric episodes. I also agree that we're not done with Ducky. But I'm not happy with the treatment of Tim. He's the published author, but the way Ellie and Torres were getting after him about grammar and spelling was just bullying. If that had been the old days, and it it had been Tony trying that, Tim would have verbally skewered him. And speaking of Senior, it was nice that he was just peripherally involved and was drawn in rather than just busting in and accepted as part of the team. But..........it made no sense that he was in that poker game in the first place. No sense. Supposedly that was a friendly game with proprietors of neighborhood businesses. Senior neither owns a business, nor does he have any reason to be in that neighborhood. I appreciate that the writers tried to insert Senior into the story in a different way, but it made no sense.
  14. HurricaneVal

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Senior!?! Again?!? Why is he still here? He should be off--waaaaay off-screen--taking Talia to the Louvre instead of bothering MCRT. What the hell kind of dirt does Robert Wagner have with the producers anyhow? Now, if they were to bring him in as the big bad for the next season, I could get behind that. Something about how Senior has been working a long con, and all this time Gibbs has known about it and has been giving him just enough rope to hang himself with. I can think of no other good reason why Gibbs allows him to keep coming back and getting involved in their cases.
  15. This? Did not disappoint. I loved it, even though it went pretty much as expected: Danny instructs Steve to be on his best behavior dreading the arrival of his former mother-in-law; Joan Collins arrives and is the diva as expected and fawns over Steve and treats Danny like trash; Steve smugly enjoys it at first to tease Danny then realizes there's a core of actual cruelty and pain there then starts to try and direct and deflect the interactions; then comes the big reveal that Rachel's mom wasn't that bad after all; and Danny really can be a bigger man. I loved it. Joan Collins still brings it, and is obviously having fun kind of mocking her typecast character. She had great chemistry with both Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. That scene where she claims to have picked up Steve's phone from the bedside table implying there had been nookie was delicious and entirely plausible, and the subsequent horror on Danny's face as he followed the trapline to the inevitable conclusion was hysterical. I would have liked to see a little of Rachel's interaction with her mother, but I'm sure the budget was blown just with signing Joan Collins on. I hope we see more of her, as apparently the great Danny and Rachel reconciliation is forthcoming--and I am not opposed. All the scenes with Joan Collins were fantastic, I'm sure she's had "work done" but it isn't horribly obvious, she doesn't look artificially pulled or tight or inexpressive. (*cough*cough*Daryl Hannah*cough*cough*) She still looks like herself from her heyday, just a little...softer and appropriately older. Joan Collins seems to rely on good old-fashioned makeup to achieve her look, and hoolie goolie can she still rock that smoky eye. I also think she must have some special rider in her contract that specifies a special "catch light" must be used to make the reflections in her eyes sparkle and shine and to differentiate her from the other actors. This was really apparent in the last scene in the bar with Danny when they were both in close up shots. Look at Scott Caan's eyes, he had the normal filmmaker's eye highlight reflections, then look at Joan Collins's eyes, she had a very special lighting that make her eyes look more lively and stand out. Joan Collins is old school, and she knows her stuff. Respect. In other news, Tani obviously having no idea what to do in leading her booty busting aerobics class and making it up as she goes along and the students shrugging and following like lame club-dancing was the big new trend in fitness had me cracking the hell up. And Junior kicking all kinds of ass was also amazing. What was less amazing though, was the writers pushing Adam as a master investigator leading the team. I can't remember what scene it was, but all of a sudden Adam, whose qualifications are "former Yakuza scion and former husband of a cop" is a detective extraordinaire? No. And I do love the Adam character, and I do care about his struggles, and I find Ian Anthony Dale to be thoroughly charming as an actor, but the writers are ret-conning and Mary-Sue-ing his character to the point of ridiculousness. Stop it!