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  1. TLCHP1987

    Spoilers and Speculations

    from the looks of the new sneak peek I see Jesus has a new aid .... or at least for the love everything good .... PLEASE TELL ME LENA IS NOT HIS AID!!!!
  2. TLCHP1987

    S05.E14: Scars

    wait ... something else just hit me. Why did Callie get so weird at the end when Arron told her that he went on a date and asked her if they were getting back together?? Was she genuinely not ready for them to be back together? Was she upset that he went on date? Or was she confused/concerned that fact that she kissed Ximena and hasn't told him??
  3. TLCHP1987

    S05.E14: Scars

    I too, think she starting to figure out the root of her attacks. I think it has something to do with Tess. Like the therapist said, so your crush moved next door to you, do you think that's the cause? I think it is part the cause, but why? Like Brandon reminded her, right before her and Mike split, she had a similar attack. She said that it was because she was questioning her sexuality. If I remember correctly, that was when she first met Lena right?? She was trying to get Brandon into school, and her Lena sorta had this connection. I'm guess all the suppressed feeling she tried to hide manifested into attacks. until she confronted them head on... I'm hoping against all hope, that it doesn't end bad with her and Lena. Because I really think it has something to do with Stef's feelings towardsTess. Does she still have romantic feelings for her? Especially being that they were best friends and she loved her in a way more than friends ... then it comes out that she too actually harbored those same feeling?? I thin that could mess with anyone's mental... especially if that was the first person you ever loved... do you actually get over that, and really when everything was so unresolved the first time??
  4. TLCHP1987

    The Fosters in the Media

    If they gave us Callie and Mariana, why not let us know the last person? at this point why keep it a secret? unless you're trying to surprise us in the finale.
  5. TLCHP1987

    S05.E12: #IWasMadeInAmerica

    I'm also guessing that if she becomes Principal of ABCC she won't be allowed to be his aid anymore. The teacher thought it unethical and unprofessional while she was a VP. I think her hands are pretty much tied at this point. It would be best to hire another aid, this time they should consider someone whose a little closer in age. Someone who can understand and relate to Jesus life in HS. I think if they did that, they would get better results. Plus he'll have someone who he can confide in who will not judge him like he thinks his family does
  6. TLCHP1987

    The Fosters in the Media

    since the spin-off involves marinara, it could mean the cast mate could be Mat, since we saw how they may end up getting back together.
  7. TLCHP1987

    S05.E12: #IWasMadeInAmerica

    I'm really starting to think that stef is suffering from anxiety, which is what is causing her panic attacks. If anyone has ever heard of the Rapper Logic. He specifically talk about his first anxiety attack and how it felt like he was dying. He really shed some good light now how anxiety makes a person feel. He stated in a verified interview, that it happened out of nowhere's and he didn't understand that he was going through was a panic attack. he said that he could clearly things for what they were but something felt horribly wrong, like his body was weak and failing. which scared him. He also said something that resonated, with ste'f situation. Which was that most people don't want to talk about mental health because they feel its a sign of weakness. That's why i feel stef took so long to tell Lena that something was wrong. She was afraid that if she admitted it, she would be considered/feel weak. If anyone wants to hear the song
  8. TLCHP1987

    S05.E11: Invisible

    I'm also curious as to what triggered stef's attacks. Mike had said that he hadn't seen her do that since they were married, which implied this was something that happened in the past. However from the looks of it, she doesn't recall having these attacks... or does she? Is trying to play it off? why hide it now though? Do you think you can cure yourself, or are you afraid to find out what causing them? Either way we can tell that it's bothering you enough that its scaring you, but how long are you going to let it go on... Lena suspects, something is wrong and that's why she keeps asking. I wondering why stef is hiding it from her