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  1. TheGourmez

    S00E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    Only laughing at this because yeah, if fire is overkill, then dismembering and setting a guard for 1100 years certainly is. LOL. I'd think fire less of an overkill if we're comparing options. They were definitely going for human chain for a second there - I was disappointed when that didn't end up working out. Of course, I was laughing a second earlier at the idea that the Dalek would just hurl into space on its own, no danger to its host - what a good idea, Doctor! LOL. This was my only big quibble with the episode, and because it kept coming up, it was a rather large quibble. I don't even know what Daleks are left out there to respond to a call! Haven't most been destroyed in various ways? I guess they could respond via time travel... I still think this Doctor is making a choice to try and connect with people more because of how dark her last incarnation went when trying to be isolated and reject the need for companions because of his fear of himself. I would argue that this Doctor is specifically trying to avoid that anger -- she's checking herself, like she did in this episode when she was going on about "I gave it a chance, right, didn't I?" I think she's scared herself a little bit the past couple of incarnations. In a good writer's hands (I'm not sure Chibnail fits the bill for this show), she would eventual find a balance over a season arc, learning to rein herself in without sacrificing her power when that's needed.
  2. TheGourmez

    S11.06: Demons Of The Punjab

    I'm quite happy with the series thus far, though I need to give this episode a proper rewatch, because it didn't have my full attention. But what I saw was interesting - more good aliens? History I'm not that familiar with? Sounds great! It also seemed a bit engineered from the get-to just to be heart-string pulling. Though I grew up on soap operas, I do like those strings a little hidden. But what I'm really liking is how 13 keeps explaining what she's thinking. I think that may be part of what people *don't like*, but I think it's great insight into what we often just see magically happen - the Doctor figures things out on his own and then fixes it. Here, we're getting insight into *how* the Doctor figures things out, because she's telling us. I think it's a change in Doctor personality in that this one seems to have learned that being unknowable, mysterious, removed doesn't actually help her life any or the lives of the people she encounters. She's really making an attempt to connect with her companions rather than shut part of herself off from them. Of course, if we learn she is keeping part of herself shut off, I'll be all the more intrigued. ;) I do love a good overarching plot, and I love when Who delves into its vast wealth of Time Lord history, so I'm missing that aspect. But I think it'll come. Meanwhile, I've only really hated the not-Trump because it was so ridiculously obvious. Not that real Trump isn't as well...
  3. TheGourmez

    S04.E17: Chapter Eighty-One

    I just caught up on all four seasons, and I am Team Michael, but I accepted Team Raphael for the most part. If Season 5 doesn't involve amnesia, I may eat my shorts.
  4. TheGourmez

    Wild Wild Country

    Chiming in that I think this would have been a lot more engaging if it weren't as long. It also, to me, seemed to assume that the viewer would know a fair bit about the Rajneesh ahead of time, and being entirely unfamiliar, I would have appreciated more of an idea of just what they believed. In an interview, the creators mentioned that they had made one segment about what a typical day at the ranch was like for the average believer, but they couldn't figure where to fit it in. I really wish they had, as that would have helped a lot. I think I'd like fewer musical interludes and more recounting of the facts of the scenario. I couldn't decide what I thought by the end - it seems like the ranch was a noble idea, but one that went bad fast in typical us vs them fashion. I was rather amazed by how many people involved were still alive, especially as they stressed that Antelope had an older population of retirees. And I was shocked - SHOCKED - when I realized that the Sheela being interviewed was such a prominent part of the illegal activities we learned about. I'm still shocked she got off so easy. But I think the Bagwhan was a lot more guilty than they ever found evidence for. His recounting of Sheela's misdeeds, as noted above, is a primary reason why he seems guilty as hell. What about those guns they bought and tossed in the lake? What about the potential drug smuggling? What was in the records that the Antelopean board member found in the dump? It feels like the documentary only touched the surface of things, but took its time doing even that.
  5. TheGourmez

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    That's fantastic.
  6. Noted, thank you, Aspburger!
  7. I keep trying to talk myself into liking Franco, because I sure as hell don't want to watch Steve Burton anymore. I don't mind Franco as much as others do. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure I can handle Jason doing anything but rolling off a dock these days.
  8. I have a little time right now to catch up on the GH I've missed....which is a lot. Over the past year and a half, are there any episodes that you particularly remember being worth watching? I wouldn't expect anyone to give me actual air dates, but if there are scenes you think I should catch, I can probably find them. Thanks!
  9. TheGourmez

    Stars In Other Roles: Doppelgangers!

    Ignacio Serricchio, who played the riveting roles of Diego Alcazar *and* Zombie Text Message Killer Diego, is Don West, one of the main(ish) characters in the new Lost in Space on Netflix. He's aged well.
  10. TheGourmez

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    A fan made a nice and LONG in memoriam vid celebrating many of the cast and crew who've passed on from GH over the years. If you have 14 minutes to spend, it's a nice nostalgia trip.
  11. TheGourmez

    S02.E09: Alone

    I do wish the last two episodes had gone on without the not-so-subtle sexual abuse suggestion and the needless Antonio suicide attempt. I'm okay with having Andrew kill himself in the midst of the swat team's attack, acceptable dramatic license for me, but those two inclusions soured the overall whole. I will rewatch - such beautiful shots & framing throughout this finale, but those two elements stopped me from being fully blow away. I would also have liked a tribute to the victims for the final frame, as a final undercutting of Andrew's importance.
  12. TheGourmez

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    As...as a block of wood? /sorry not sorry
  13. TheGourmez

    S02.E06: Descent

    Great insight into Cunanan's mother at the episode's end, @Sarah D. Bunting! You had me cringing at the traits she shares with my own mother and Andrew - hearing the story she wants to her, only honing in on what she wants her reality to be. Luckily, mine comes without the sponge baths and murderous rage.
  14. TheGourmez

    S02.E05: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    FYI @Sarah D. Bunting, I think the picture of Andrew in the Advocate spread was meant to be Andrew pasting his head over Antonio's, not a production mistake.
  15. TheGourmez

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure WGA members just blindly vote GH every year. They've won since forever.