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  1. Starry

    Scheduling & Ratings for The Flash

    I am not an expert so I can't say how quick this decline is. The season started at 0.8 but they already got a couple 0.6s in s4 and the first 0.5 this week. Ratings decline for multiple reasons but my petty side is getting a kick out of the fact that their series low followed an episode full of Snowbarrisco moments that had Barry and Iris separated from each other in every sense of the word. Episode 16 has been a series low in every season so there may be a pattern here. Run, Iris, Run was the only exception, lol.
  2. I don't believe it's a coincidence that Crisis lines up with Arrows ending. The announcement didn't come as a surprise to me. In fact, I called it as soon as it was reported they had moved up Crisis to 2019. According to SA he approached Berlanti to tell him he wanted out towards the end of s6. They announced Batwoman as a part of the crossover at the CW Upfronts in May. Guggenheim also said that they had planned Elseworlds with the next crossover in mind, which makes sense because of the pact Oliver did with the Monitor. Too many things happened to fall into place for it to be coincidental. Even though Flash may end before s10 they could have still kept Crisis for its final season. It was the natural thing to do since it was teased on that show. Between Supergirl and Legends I think the latter is more at risk of cancellation. I personally don't believe the rumors about the Superman show ( or about all those Flash actors leaving after s5 ). This version of Superman is already too established as a hero, a reporter and a man. Are they going to start the show with his wedding to Lois? Where would they go from there?
  3. Starry

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Let me preface that I don't care about the show sticking it to the "just a love interest" crowd. The majority of those people will be disappointed with Iris' story as long as Barry is with her precisely because they are mad she's the love interest. I am all for Iris getting her own plots outside of the STAR Labs dungeon and interactions with non-Barry characters. My point is, if Barry and Iris are supposed to be in this great partnership then there's no way he doesn't know what is going on with his wife after her encounter with Cicada. It's not about wanting Barry and Iris to be together all the time. It's about the show separating them even when it doesn't make sense. Iris was sidelined in a milestone episode like the 100th. She and Barry didn't get a resolution to the crossover plot. She was supposed to bring him back from his rage-fest in 5x11 but her role was split between Cecile and Nora ( TH said one thing, but one other thing aired ). That episode in general spent more time on KF and the metas than on Barry and Iris reacting to Nora's injury. There's nothing wrong about Barry and Iris not sharing screen time in an episode about Icicle or King Shark. My problem is that it has become an accumulation of things. The fact that this is happening in a season that was supposed to be about their legacy, Nora, is even more jarring. Since Nora is such a prominent character they should do way more with her and Barry and Iris as a family. I am also not that satisfied with Iris' journalism because it is not consistent. I think 5x13 was great but the first time she talked about founding her paper was 5x12, which was an episode that was also good for WA and Iris/Nora. Before that episode she was apparently content with blogging and giving the team directions through the comms. It's better than s4 but that's not saying much. The least I say about Barry the better. He barely feels like he's the main character anymore. He has no story.
  4. Starry

    The Flash and Other Superheroes

    That's assuming they don't call the actors back for the annual crossovers. I wouldn't put it past them, especially if Oliver doesn't die.
  5. Starry

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Memorabilia was good but aside from that one the last good WestAllen episode was 5x05. It's also interesting, and with that I mean suspicious, that Barry and Iris didn't kiss in Elseworlds but they made sure to include a random Barricity kiss that was the result of a stylistic choice. I get why, from a story perspective, there was no WA kiss in that moment but the crossover plot deserved a resolution. What happened to Iris being afraid Barry would give in to the dark side? All stupidly dropped. It's not that 2019 has been dry, we got next to nothing after 5x05. There were episodes where Barry and Iris weren't even in the same frame. They were preparing us in 2018. I am pretty sure that isn't a real quote but I agree with the general sentiment you expressed in your post. I don't expect the show to be about romance* but this is 2A level of starvation. A season about WestAllen daughter with barely any WA and/or WA family scenes. Nora has yet to have emotional moments with both parents together. *Even though Barry and Iris are arguably the heart of the show.. I didn't watch the latest episode but from what I have heard Barry and Iris didn't even know what the other was up to!
  6. Starry

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I hope they keep the joke in but at the rate they are going... Why should Iris give birth IN the crossover? Apart from the fact that I don't understand why some want it when we saw what they did to another WestAllen milestone during Crisis on Earth-X, I don't get where the speculation comes from. Let's say they follow the original idea and have Barry vanish after WA had their baby, Nora said that she was little when Crisis happened, not that she was born during it. I don't even think it's comic canon for Iris to give birth during Crisis. You are probably right, they have timed Felicity's pregnancy so that she can give birth in the s8 premiere. Just in time for her and Oliver to have a newborn when Crisis strikes. This is similar to what happened to Barry and Iris in the original timeline Nora comes from. I don't think they are doing a real parallel this time. Olicity are probably getting the Crisis story that was originally supposed to go to WestAllen ( superhero with a small kid/newborn fights enemies during Crisis. Maximum emotional impact ). IMO what could happen is Nora is one of the Crisis casualties and Iris finds out she's pregnant soon after so that Nora can be reborn as one half of the Tornado Twins. Having Iris, or even Felicity, give birth IN the crossover is IMO unlikely. Not to mention crappy since that means they'll be benched the entire time.
  7. That's a repeat of the s3 storyline with a worse outcome. Iris died too many times already. She would also need to give birth to Nora first. If anything, Nora dying in place of the father she is desperate to save would be a real twist. She is in the wrong timeline already, can be reborn as one half of the Tornado Twins and become a superhero in a better future with both parents alive. I honestly expect them to only kill off doppelgängers and characters portrayed by actors who want to leave/whose show is ending.
  8. Starry

    Super(girl) Media

    I read he helped design the ring. That's sweet. Congrats to them.
  9. Starry

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    I agree. I think Nora's presence just gave them an excuse and exacerbated problems that were already there. IMO they officially stopped caring about writing towards WA after they got married. The fact that they got cheated out of a wedding reception is one of the symptoms. We got more in s4 because Barry and by extension Iris were still at the center of some drama, like the Trial of the Flash arc and the Enter Flashtime and Run, Iris, Run episodes. The rest was about them taking care of the team/fighting a villain who had no emotional connection to the characters. This season most of the emotional beats are being given to Nora. It wasn't that noticeable when Iris and Nora were having issues because Barry got to comfort his wife and be there for her, which gave the writers an incentive to lean more into the romance aspect, even though it was still about their daughter. There's potential for dramatic moments that center Barry but the writers are ignoring both his crossover hidden darkness and his future disappearance. IMO one of the reasons why there's less romance is that there's less Barry drama. All the drama comes from Nora, her issues with her mother, her desire to save her father, her secret partnership with Thawne. Another problem is that we are thirteen episodes into the season and I still don't see Barry, Iris and Nora as a real family. They don't have enough scenes with just the three of them together. Nora has a heart-to-heart with Iris in one episode, another with Barry in another episode, then there's an episode of Barry and Iris discussing Nora. Where are the poignant moments with all three of them? For a season that was supposed to be family-centric there's too much disconnect. Even if there isn't much direction in the script they still have a director on set. Shouldn't the director also take care of such things like the tone of a scene/episode? As for the bolded, if there's even a hint of truth in what you are saying...YIKES! Now I'm getting paranoid.
  10. Starry

    S05.E13: Goldfaced

    Jesse L. Martin was on medical leave for a back injury. He's supposed to come back in 5x15.
  11. Starry

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    With people you mean SB fans? Fans of other ships that feel the need to compete with WestAllen for every little thing? Or the WA fans that would rather listen to cheap gossip than hold the writers/showrunners accountable for how they treat their main couple? The argument about the actors having a cold off screen relationship that influences the show rears its head any time WA is not at its best content-wise ( or any time the cast doesn't post click-bait selfies on SM I guess ). Then fans watch the bloopers/cons, are made aware of deleted scenes and edited scripts and pretend they haven't been listening to cheap gossip all along. When writers pen a script they don't ask the actors to rate their off screen friendship on a 1-10 scale. There's something wrong here but that has nothing to do with how close two professional actors are when the cameras arent's rolling. Especially when there are countless examples of folks that hated each others guts and still had to act out romantic scenes. Going by your logic if they were to give Barry a love scene with another actress said actress would have to be a close friend of Grant's. Let's not go down that rabbit hole. It makes me sad to read this kind of comments because IMO Candice is one of Grant's best screen partners. Lately he seemed the most "alive" in the Memorabilia episode with Candice and in the crossover with Stephen. He showed more passion/emotion when he tried to convince Iris that the "bad mom" memory was a fake one than in any dramatic Barry/Nora moment, including the "blinded by rage" one. Todd Helbing was clear that this was the season they were going to show WA as parents, that when you are a parent the romance takes a backseat. What we are seeing on screen is the result of that particular black and white line of thinking. From my perspective, Nora has taken over the show in a way not even Ralph did. She has way more screen time than Iris and more POV than both her parents. I enjoy Nora more than most but spotlighting her and her issues has caused a series of problems, including giving the writers a "believable" excuse to quasi-erase WestAllen as a romantic couple. IMO it's not a coincidence that two of the most romantic WA scenes took place in a Nora-less crossover.
  12. Starry

    The Flash and Other Superheroes

    They acknowledged Iris' existence in another Arrowverse show? I'm shocked.
  13. Starry

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Actually, I've just read an interesting theory. Maybe it's future Iris that will be in danger, possibly because of something that Eobard does, and Nora has to go save her. That's why Barry won't be involved, because he's still in the dark about Nora's secret alliance with Eobard. Now that I think about it, if Barry was working on the cure with Caitlin she would have been mentioned in the synopsis. But let's pretend for a second that Barry and Caitlin are working together, filming those scenes doesn't require much time because there are no stunts involved. They would still be accomodating Grant's absence. Also, the writers are not writing SB romance scenes but they are aware that a portion of the fandom is happy when they share screen time. The illogical/nonsensical conclusions they come to any time Barry and Caitlin are in the same frame are of no concern to them. A writer wouldn't care if some fans see something that it's not there. As long as they keep watching they will be finding reasons to give them crumbs. OTF is not canon either but there have been enough Barry/Caitlin/Cisco only team-ups to keep their fans interested.
  14. Starry

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    It was AJK who decided to give Joe and Cecile a baby. Joe and Cecile are also supporting characters who can disappear off screen to deal with their kid more often than the Flash can. I think we will see Iris get pregnant and give birth on the show but it will be in the final season. This way they won't have to worry about what to do with the babies once they are born because the show would soon be ending.
  15. Starry

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    That's exactly what it means. They are giving SBs a Barry-and-Caitlin-breathe-the-same-air episode when the A plot is about Iris being in danger. Gotta love the irony. Maybe Barry will pat Iris on the back when he comes back. Hugging her would be too scandalous.