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  1. I'll never forget coming across these pics of Meredith & wondering about the idea behind this shoot. #odd
  2. Yep, she's posted about it herself. In her bottom half. "Hair by Chrissy" who added her recent hair extensions had a photo on their live story showing her figure. It was a bit of a shock when I saw it. The photo disappeared super fast. But I'm not saying she looks bad. As stated earlier, I think some of the girls look healthier for the weight gain.
  3. Many former DCC have gained weight to varying degrees. Kelsey Lowrance Smith has. I think some look healthier for doing so.
  4. Until you asked, I didn't even recognize her. 😮
  5. Still haven't seen anything. I hope everything is okay. 😟
  6. Re: the SWITCH AND SPLICE EVERY SECOND - Amen Sister! I abhor when CMT does that. Makes my brain & visual focus mechanism hurt. Re: the "hos" GLs - LMAO! 🤣😉
  7. Yes! This is another wish list item I forgot. More footage of the solos please and thank you!
  8. Katy is about to pop and is due tomorrow. Hope everything goes well.
  9. Random thoughts... Auditions: I don't need to see this dragged out over 3 weeks plus an orientation meeting. I'd rather see more of the process once actually IN TC. By that I don't mean the 3-5 second snippets of dancing. Music: I wish there was a way to see the TC routines danced to the actual music they were choreographed to. I am so sick of the same repetitive music they use that is obviously not the actual music the choreographer used. The Season: I would love to see more beyond their first opening game. I get it isn't financially feasible to have a CMT production crew follow them all season long, but would really love to see more than just their initial game. The show always feels at least 3 episodes short for me. Agree with all the comments about seeing more of the group leaders, the GL & group choosing process and GL's teaching and working with their groups.
  10. Ditto. I also like how she kept her sense of humor when being teased by K&J for her dance choice to the wrong music (country I think) that was aired on MTT. She laughed it off and kept her composure which greatly endeared her to me.
  11. I'd love to see either Shelly or Marshall brought in for an interview. Marshall would be a hoot. Gap mouth and all.
  12. This video has now gone viral. It's all over SM.
  13. From Jenn Colvin's class at 1 Vibe Dance. This guy gives me life! 🤣
  14. Jen Colvin's latest prep class. @ShellyB has something on her live story saying look quick or you'll miss her. Is that Shelly around the 1:19 mark in the full youtube video link I posted down below? Full video here: https://youtu.be/Namx_cVXih4
  15. Not the best quality as this is a screen grab from Lauren's live story. I'm guessing this was from a rehearsal dinner or somesuch.