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  1. babyhouseman

    "The View": Week Of 2/23/2019

    I'm from Eastern NC. My parents and grandparents grew up on farms where the women and men worked hard. I grew up with Hee Haw, The Nashville Network, and country music. Meghan is just a spoiled, tryhard, wannabe cowgirl.
  2. babyhouseman

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    The Fenmore's diaper purse is all the rage in GC.
  3. babyhouseman

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Shelia Carter? Rose DeVille?
  4. babyhouseman

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Does that mean she's going to wash that man right outta her hair?
  5. babyhouseman

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I knew they had a song, but I had forgotten what it was. Theme songs for soap couples in the 80s were so popular.
  6. babyhouseman

    Kate Plus 8

    Last I heard about them, they talked at a Pennsylvania hearing about children in reality shows. That was a while back. There was a law passed where children got more money.
  7. babyhouseman

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I read the series and thought the quality declined. I read somewhere the original author didn't write the last books.
  8. babyhouseman

    Kate Plus 8

    It was Kate's brother. I don't know. I hope so through Jon. The brother and sister in law seemed nice. Jon's mother is still alive as far I know. I've read the children have seen her during visitation visits with Jon. The last I heard of her was when the Hannah news came out, and she said Hannah was being treated unfairly by Kate. It's an article from 2017 so it was before Jon got custody of Hannah. https://hollywoodlife.com/2017/09/13/kate-gosselin-punishing-hannah-taking-jon-side-interview-grandmother/
  9. They have to sing I Got You Babe as Cher and Doug Henning.
  10. babyhouseman

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    The storyline of Jay and Cam bonding over football on the show was good because nobody else in the family(Gloria, Manny, Jay's kids) cared about football, and it showed a gay man interested in football defying the stereotype. But last night's storyline was just lame.
  11. Jessa is definitely her mother's daughter, posting a pregnancy picture while lamenting someone else's miscarriage. Condolences should be done in private, not in patronizing social media messages.
  12. babyhouseman

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story

    In the live chat, somebody called him Lil Now Now. This is Lil Now Now and his bling.
  13. I read a recap of the show. Dylan wasn't mentioned. That's probably for the best.
  14. It's good they were included. I had forgotten Greg.
  15. babyhouseman


    I wonder if this was filmed. Dale, Crystal, and their kids were there.